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Forget an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket

02/06/2008 6:13 am 34 comments
Democrats across the country are abuzz over the possibility of the “dream ticket” featuring Sens. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama running for the White House in November.

In the words of one of “The Sopranos” characters, “Fuggetaboutit!”

Look, this might sound exciting and history-making to have a woman and an African-American competing against the Republicans, but there are multiple reasons why this won’t happen.

1. Clinton will not be overshadowed by an underling. Clinton is hugely popular in Democratic circles, but truth be told, that pales in comparison to the love and affection showered on Obama. This is a guy who brings people to tears just by speaking, and attracts folks on the left, right and the disenfranchised.

When you have the children of elected officials putting pressure on their parents (Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill is one example.) to support this guy, you know he is touching people in a place others haven’t in 40 years. The role of a VP is to be supportive of a presidential candidate, not someone who overshadows them.

2. Obama would not want to carry Clinton baggage. He has offered a vision of change, and having to answer to the years of strife under the Clintons would be too much. It would make sense to have a fresh face serving as his vice president who doesn’t engender anger among some in the Democratic Party, and definitely the GOP. An Obama run would be about going after Republicans and independents, and Clinton being on the ticket would make that very difficult.

3. Way too much bad blood between these two during this campaign. A lot of folks say that George H.W. Bush rankled Ronald Reagan by declaring his economic plan “voodoo economics.” That didn’t keep Reagan from adding Bush to the ticket. But Bush was one of these loyal guys who would have done anything for the party … and himself. I don’t see that for Clinton and Obama.

Sure, their attacks on one another are what you expect in a campaign, but it has gotten very personal. Obama says she is a return to the “politics of old,” and that doesn’t bring a smile to her face. The race-baiting Southern Strategy used by former President Bill Clinton and the surrogates of Sen. Clinton have absolutely angered Obama’s camp. There is too much blood on the floor, and you just don’t forget that.

4. Being No. 2 is unthinkable for Clinton. She went through the behind-the-scenes battles with Al Gore when he was her husband’s vice president. She’s not interested in second fiddle and doesn’t want to have to fight to be on the stage. For her, it’s all or nothing. She’s also 60, and being VP to Obama means that if he wins two terms, she’ll be 68 running for the highest office in the land. It’s not outside the realm of possibility, but she’ll have to confront the skeptics who are snipping at the heels of Sen. John McCain, claiming he’s too old.

5. Obama doesn’t want to be an LBJ. When Lyndon Baines Johnson was the vice president under President John F. Kennedy, he was ostracized and marginalized because of the influence of Robert F. Kennedy. With Bill Clinton serving as consigliere to a President Hillary Clinton, Obama would be on the outside looking in. He knows the likelihood of him doing anything of substance and having influence in a Clinton administration.

Former Democratic candidate Sen. Joe Biden of Delaware, when asked if he wanted to be her VP, he said competing with Bill Clinton isn’t his cup of tea. Some would say that serving as VP two terms under Clinton would give Obama administrative experience, and he would be 54 when he could run, but I just don’t buy it.

Now, as a way out, I would expect to see these two on a ticket only if Clinton is the nominee and they run the numbers and determine that the best chance of winning would be with him. She wants to be president that bad and would discount the bad blood. Then they would hope he accepted or accepts it.

I just don’t see any of it happening. This might be seen as a dream ticket, but it is not a match made in heaven.

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  • George

    I was a high-school senior when JFK selected LBJ as his running mate, and you cannot believe the kind of invective that these two campaigns had traded. from that experience, I have learned to not rule anything out. McCain is by far the strongest candidate that the Republicans can nominate, and the election of a Democrat this fall is far from assured if he is the candidate. Then factor in the possible selection by McCain of Condaleeza Rice and you have a formidable team. So I would advise that we should not rule anything in or out.

  • http://CNN Lori Chandler

    Re: Conservatives vs McCain;
    If McCain will vow to secure the border AND enforce the laws that we already have perhaps conservatives will re-think their position. If our government had enforced the laws already on the books, we would not be in this mess. We can blame the government for lack of enforcement & employers for not obeying the law. If there are no jobs, the people will not come in droves.

    I also would love to hear McCain address economic issues and be more specific than he has been. He is focusing way too much on the war & security issues. He has got to make people believe that he can & will change our domestic situation.

  • Scottye

    I don’t know about anyone else, but if she wins the nomination this will be my first time not voting. I will not vote for her. I don’t appreciate their gutter strategy and for the record, Bill is not an honorary Black anything – wake up folks, he regretted 800,000 Rwandans being persecuted after the movie came out. Just because there are crumbs at the table and someone loves jazz, don’t make them an honorary ‘brother’. An honorary brother would have never played the race card 3 times, hoping to appeal to the ‘conservative’ arm of the Democratic Party. No he should not run on their ticket and she shouldn’t be on his, period.

    For the record, in NY she won by 17 points (should have been a landslide). We know what she did in New Hampshire (not to mention Nevada). Obama campaigned in LA for less than 2 weeks and lost by 10 point. Go Obama. If this movement continues, this will be her last group of states (8) with or without the arrogance of the Latino voting block. The American people want change and they don’t want the hold Corporate Guarde of the past (Billary).

    At least now the press will stop saying only Blacks are voting for (as though he has no other appea), what a crock! A whole lot of folks are voting for Obama. It has been a rough ride for him. He has had to stand up to Hillary, her husband, the Thoms and ???? Be they are standing strong because the message is strong.

    You never know, there might be a time when the “LATINOS” need our vote. Well, well, well, time will tell.

  • JL


    Two comments, first on your blog entry about a Obama-Clinton/Clinton-Obama ticket. We must have heard the same voice as I recently discussed this with my husband (not an American) about a week or so ago. I agree with you, it will never happen. I’d add that for Hillary it would be to her detriment not to ask Obama to be her VP, even if she felt he’d turn it down (and surely knowing that she REALLY wouldn’t want him to be). She’d definitely have a fight against McCain, if he ended up being the Republican nominee for President, if it got out that she didn’t offer. There could be a number of Obama supporters who might look to McCain out of distraught and distain.

    As for Obama, I think he’d her, so if she turned him down and he ended up with someone else, hmmmm John Edwards perhaps, it could help him defeat McCain, and definitely any other Republican nominee.

    Last, part of why I think what I do about the Clinton-Obama/Obama-clinton ticket not being possible is also based on points you made in an CNN commentary titled, “Conservatives’ hatred of McCain makes no sense”. I soooo agree with you! I live in France now and I’ve been combing the net to size up the candidates on key issues, biography, past choices in politics, etc., and the more I thought about it I’m pretty sure I’ll vote for McCain, even though I’m a “conservative Republican” (if you can capture all of my viewpoint on issues in that applilation). My husband often points out that we’ve got to get beyond the labels (but if I had to label him he’d be a conservative socialist. Ha! Go explain title that to an American, or even a Frenchman!).

    At this point I can’t see any differently that to vote for McCain. On those issues most important to me, he solid, and he’s got the common sense to stand up in areas where traditional Republican conservatives (if that makes any sense) aren’t as conservative 5true sense of the word economically and ecologically) as we need to be, such as spending or environment. Besides, America has become so liberal in soooo many moral and societal arenas. He’s our only chance to defeat ANY democratic nominee!

  • MikeyB

    As unlikely as it is, what would it take to see a McCain/Obama ticket (or Obama/McCain, take your pick)? Most of America has moved AWAY from the extreme right and the extreme left, even though they are the most vocal segment of our population. McCain and Obama represent what is BEST in both their parties, and are closer to the ideal, bi-partisan leaders that this country needs.

    McCain can only be painted as a ‘right wing’ candidate when compared to the most vocal and liberal groups opposing him. Obama could only be considered a ‘left-wing’ candidate by the most rabid right-wing conservatives. In truth, they are both fairly centrist, even if they are on opposite sides of the center divider.

    I, for one, would relish a bi-partisan ticket winning the White House. It would return sanity to government, and encourage cooperation and bipartisanship BY EXAMPLE. It would also nullify the live-or-die, winner-takes-all dogfight that extremists on both sides of the political spectrum have turned our government and political process into.

    Maybe it’s a dream, but it’s a good one. Women once dreamed of the right to vote. Blacks once dreamed of freedom from slavery. British colonists dared to dream of an independent country, separated from the domination of the Crown. Dreams can come true, if enough people share the dream and commit to making it happen.

    Is there any reason this dream couldn’t happen as well? Does anyone else see the value of such a ticket to the country?

  • Jorge Silva

    Why don’t you talk about Hillary Clinton’s Lawsuit in California? the Peter Paul vs The Clintons case? She is running into Money problems and some one needs to point out what she did in California on the race to the senate!

  • W Johnson

    More Oatmeal….

    Who cares? Your Wife? Your Mom?

    Certainly no one ese.

  • Katriba Wada

    Hey, oatmeal is good for you!!

    I eat it almost everyday with bran.

    Helps me have bowl movements.

  • Frank Tillery

    It is unlikely that Mrs. Clinton would accept the Vice-Presidential role for any President after spending eight years witnessing Al Gore’s plight. Also, Mr. Obama would probably not be able to endure eight years of being Vice-President to the Co-Presidency of Bill and Hillary Clinton. By the way, does a co-presidency even have or acknowledge a vice-president?


  • C.Cramer

    How refreshing to have someone write a column that is not all about just what they think but a here are the facts and this is how I see them. I also found your commentary on the conservatives hatered of Mccain very good. Thank You

  • jeff baggett

    Roland, why isn’t anyone talking of about obama’s slam dunk in idaho? he won 81% of the dem. vote, at the caucus i attended, in blaine county, 86% this is idaho. probably considered the whitest state in the country. the blaine county caucus had 1,100 voters, 99.999 per cent white. and barack recieved 940 votes. idaho assuredly disspells the myth that white america will not support a black canidate if they feel he is the best canidate for the job

  • M Banks

    Hillary absolutely needs Obama if she manages to eke out the Dem Nod. Everybody knows that, except the Hillary supporters who still have there heads in the sand. The only good thing McCain has going for him is if he is able to run against Clinton. In fact, now that Romney has dropped out, Republican conservatives, even though the are not in love with McCain, they will do whatever it takes to win the white house, and running against Hillary is their only shot. Conservative circles are now starting a movement to prop Hillary up, in light of her recent campaign funding woes. Check this out, taken from Rush Limbaugh’s website.

    Here’s the proof the GOP is running scared of Obama, and are calling
    conservatives to prop Hillary up. There slogan is “keep her in it so she
    can win it”


    Considers Hillary Fundraiser

    February 7, 2007

    Listen To It! WMP | RealPlayer

    Audio clips available for Rush 24/7 members only — Join Now!


    RUSH: All right, folks, I need to ask you a question, personal question
    from me to you. Do I sound like I need cheering up here? I’m getting
    e-mails from friends, “Boy, you sound like you could use a little cheering
    up.” And they’re sending me these stupid little Internet jokes, “for you to
    smile,” like an Internet joke would cheer me up. Spam would cheer me up.
    But do I sound like I need to be cheered up? I can’t wait ’til the
    Drive-Bys get hold of my thought, my consideration of helping Hillary raise
    money. They’ll miss the reason. They’ll just publicize, “Limbaugh is so
    upset at Romney getting out, he’s thinking of raising money for Hillary,
    period.” But the reason for raising money for Hillary is because that
    apparently my party is relying on fear and loathing of Hillary to get the
    nomination, to unite Republicans, who are, some of them, off the
    reservation. The Republicans do not seem to be relying on leadership in
    their party to unite the party. They seem to be relying on all these
    external things, nobody is going to vote for Hillary, negative turnout
    factor. What if she’s not the nominee? We’ve got make sure she’s the
    nominee if the Republican Party is to be unified. What more loyal thing
    could I do than to run a fundraiser for Mrs. Clinton? You watch, though,
    you watch how that will be questioned.


    RUSH: I’m dead serious about considering this. I mean, you may think this is
    a joke, but it is obvious. I’ve read things. I’ve seen things. I’ve heard
    people say things, pundits on our side, “Don’t worry about McCain, Rush.
    Hillary is so hated and despised and loathed and so forth. That alone will
    unite our voters: the fear and loathing for Hillary Clinton.” It appears
    that may be what our strategy is. Rather than get leadership, conservative
    leadership for our own party, it may well be that that’s the thing — and
    she’s in danger of losing the nomination. Folks, here’s this rookie who’s
    been in the Senate for two years, and he’s smokin’ her on fundraising? He
    is doing everything that he can and is succeeding, and she’s had to borrow
    money and so forth? If our electoral victory in November requires her being
    in the race, we gotta stop him; because there’s no fear and loathing on
    Obama. You can’t run against Obama fearing him or loathing him or dissing
    him. It isn’t going to work. He doesn’t have the personality that makes any
    of that fit. So we need to keep her in it so we can win it. I’ll have more
    on this as I give future thought to this.


    RUSH: For you Drive-By Media types that end up talking to Mrs. Clinton, you
    know, she’s had to borrow $5 million from herself to fund ongoing campaign,
    it might be wise to just point out to her or ask her, ask her a question,
    Mrs. Clinton, you’ve borrowed $5 million from yourself. Do you appreciate
    the lower tax rates that you and your husband are paying that helped you
    amass that $5 million?” Because a higher tax rate, I mean, she’d have had
    to earn more money to get this $5 million. So it was the Bush tax cuts that
    helped Mrs. Clinton amass the $5 million she could loan herself. Now, this
    will never occur to her, but an enterprising reporter, if a reporter is
    going to go out and ask her, “Mrs. Clinton, do your unpaid staffers have
    health coverage?” “Do you realize, Mrs. Clinton, that Bush tax cuts enabled
    you to amass this $5 million easier than otherwise?” I also want to go back
    to this piece — I missed this, but Snerdley caught it — I want to go back
    to this Politico piece by Jim VandeHei and Mike Allen, “The Five Reasons
    Hillary Should be Worried” piece.

    Listen to this opening sentence: “Hillary Clinton survived a Super Tuesday
    scare. But there are five big reasons the former first lady should be
    spooked by the current trajectory of the campaign.” Now, in certain
    quarters of America, that’s code language. And these white reporters — I’m
    sure this is inadvertent and does not indicate any latent and institutional
    racism — “Hillary Clinton survived a Super Tuesday scare. But there are
    five big reasons the former first lady should be spooked by the current
    trajectory.” Who’s on the trajectory of the campaign? Obama. She should be
    spooked by Obama. It totally slipped my mind because I don’t think in these
    terms. Mr. Snerdley, who is an African-American, very, very, very, very
    much attuned to this stuff, and he is offended by this blatant Drive-By
    racism, referring to Mrs. Clinton’s opponent with code language, “spooked.”
    Thank you. I had missed this.

    All right, we have a campaign slogan here for Mrs. Clinton, because
    obviously the best shot for Republicans winning the White House is Hillary
    as the nominee, so I’m thinking of doing this fundraiser, the slogan: “Stay
    in it so we can win it.” Well, now Obama needs a slogan. If our slogan is
    “Stay in it so we can win it,” Obama’s slogan is “A vote for Hillary is a
    vote for McCain.” It would work. It would absolutely work. The
    Republicans want her to be the nominee since that’s the best shot for
    Republicans. How is that any different from McCain wanting Huckabee to stay
    in because that was his best shot at beating Romney? So if I was advising
    Obama, I’d tell him that by adopting “A vote for Hillary is a vote for
    McCain” as his slogan over the next couple of months, he could increase the
    chance of beating Hillary while constantly reminding disgruntled Republicans
    of the similarities between McCain and Hillary. We’ll see. I’m not running
    anybody’s campaign here, just thinking about this fundraising effort. She
    loaned herself $5 million. We all know that the Clinton Library and Massage
    Parlor is a virtual Fort Knox of donations and so forth, and of course
    there’s obviously a Hsu deficit, that would be Norman Hsu deficit in the
    Clinton campaign. He’s out there, this rookie is raising all this money,
    she’s borrowing $5 million from herself? Folks, if the Riadys won’t float
    her any money, if the Lippo group won’t come forward, there’s obviously
    something seriously wrong inside that campaign. And how about the
    dishwashers and the janitors in Chinatown? What happened to all that money?


  • Greg Jones

    Due to the under-handed tactics and inner-party polarization of Hillary Clinton, millions of Obama supporters WILL NOT support her should she become the nominee. This, in part, is due to the fact that many feel that she is already trying to cheat her way to the nomination by claiming victory in Michigan and Florida. (By the way….how did her name appear on the Michigan ballot anyway ?) Hillary Clinton has totally alienated even her own party members. This is sad….but true. She will not win the Presidency without full Democratic support. Your continued support for Clinton is actually a vote for McCain. Sorry…..these are just the facts! The really sad thing is….we used to like the Clintons ! In addition, there is a groundswell of support to draft Bloomberg as an alternative if deemed necessary; but Americans will not support corruption in this election, even in the name of Party loyalty. NOTE: Did you see that Rush Limbaugh is starting a fundraiser for Hillary called ‘Keep Her In-So We Can Win!’

  • J M Allen

    W Johnson and Katriba Wada: GROW UP! This blog is reserved for intelligent individuals who admire the tell-it-like-it-is approach of Roland Martin.


    Thank you for shedding light on this. I never thought about the “dream ticket” the way you explained it. I just assumed that they would go with each other to give the party a “sure foot” in. This is the first time in my life that I have ever paid attention to politics. And I must say, my eyes have truly been opened. I am starting to understand my role as a citizen in this counrty bit by bit through this election.

    I love the way you think! Keep on keeping on…

  • Shae Smith

    I AM SURE HILLARY WILL TRY TO SEAT Florida and Michigan Delegates:

    However, Michigan is NOT a clear win for Hillary . . .

    Regardless of the absence of campaign presence or the preexisting party agreement – neither Edwards nor Obama names appeared on the ballot. How can this be fairly declared as a “Victory” for Hillary??? Obama and Edwards were represented together on the ballot as “UNCOMMITTED”. Many POTENTIAL voters knew this and surely this influenced the turnout. So, how can Hillary seat them???

    Even more importantly, why are none of the discussions highlighting this fact about Hillary’s attempt to merely seat the Michigan votes?

  • W Johnson

    JM Allen – SHUT UP!! I have a right to my views and I will express them!

    What are you the chief of censorship?!

    Rolands writes oatmeal stuff. If you believe it is Roland is the light, that is your issue.

    I do not.

  • Miss Linda

    Brother Roland… I’ve heard that Tavis Smiley is pushing for Obama to attend the “State of Black America” hosted by Smiley. I for one, believe that this forum is unproductive and a waste of energy… too much talk; we need action.

    I also believe that Obama should not and must not attend. It adds no value to his campaign. I’m still struggling as to why Hillary would attend… but to each his/her own.

    Roland, what are your thoughts?

    Any other thoughts on this…

  • rawdawgbuffalo

    Only an idiot would have proffered such. Lol, anywho, nice post but this is what our history should be about to me. The father of Jim Crow

  • W Johnson

    I think what I like about Obama the most is that he says he can fix ALL the problems in our country.

    Thank God!! So many have said it and failed.

    He’s got my vote! Because I’m so stupid I believe he can do it just because he says he can!!

    He’s my MAN!!

  • J M Allen

    W Johnson:

    Clearly, you are a first class idiot. And anyone with eyes can read that. Enough said.

  • W Johnson

    JM Allen – Clearly you are correct, I am an idiot and that is why my vote goes to Obama!

    Clearly, you are a Village Idiot!


    “Give the people a light and they’ll follow it anywhere.”

    Get on line to follow the light with the other Village Idiots, JM.

  • nic

    “I think what I like about Obama the most is that he says he can fix ALL the problems in our country.”

    Whatchu talkin about Willis? He hasn’t said anything like that. In fact, one of the many reasons I like the guy is because he seems realistic about the practical solutions he’ll be able to provide. For example – Hillary’s answer for “universal health care” is to mandate insurance plans we may or may not be able to afford. Obama’s answer is to increase access to health care – without promising he’ll make it universal, and admitting that he most likely won’t.

    There’s idiots everywhere man, but that doesn’t mean everyone is an idiot.

  • W Johnson

    nic!! OMG, haven’t you listened to him?!?! Maybe they run different commercials in your part of the country?!

    Maybe not ALL the problems, but ALL that anyone cares about right now!!

    Bring the troops home, bring all people together, health insurance for EVERYONE! I’ll have to get the exact wording and get back to you. But, his implication is healthcare for EVERYONE!

    Yes, healthcare is a huge issue in the US. The richest country in the world and not everyone has healthcare. Hospital after hospital is going bankrupt. Used to be the doctors stole all the money, now it’s the insurance companies.

    The Canadians I know don’t feel state sponsored health care provides the best health care.

    But, when no one else can, Barack is going to solve the problem! Yeah, RIGHT!!

    Are you kidding?!

    I don’t like the war either, but to just bring the troops home would be a disaster for Iraq and the US. Ever read what Musaraff says about the US? That he is afraid to give us all his support because the US has a history of abandoning it’s allies. Can you says Afghanistan? Can you say Vietnam?

    I didn’t start calling anyone an idiot, but if someone calls me an idiot, I’m calling him an idiot, too.

    Read the NYTimes today? Seems his dodging his race is becoming an issue. He is bi-racial, regardless of what bi-racials have been called in the past. He is bi-racial, isn’t he nic (Roland)?

  • nic

    Aw man, you just won’t let that one go, will you?
    dodging his race? Man, that’s funny.

    Who ARE you gonna vote for, W?

  • W Johnson

    nic – Let what go? Facts? His race is bi-racial. You act like there is something wrong with that. I don’t. I think it is something to be very proud of.

    nic – Democrats tax and spend money, Republicans borrow and spend money.

    Democrats spend it on social progams and dislike business. Repulicans like business and dislike social programs.

    Business creates jobs, social programs create entitement mentality.

    THERE IS PLENTY OF WRONG WITH BUSINESS. But, between the two evils, I think more gets acomplished by jobs than social programs.

    I don’t know who I am going to vote for. I did not vote for Bush or Democrat in the last election.

    I lean toward Republican, but I will vote for the person who I feel will do the best for our country.

    Although I was totally against the Iraq war, I don’t feel pulling out right now is in our best interest.

    What DO YOU have against being bi-racial?

  • nic

    nothing man, i’m proud of it too.
    but your charge, that to call myself black is somehow dishonest, is no less insulting now than it was last month.

    it’s not for you to define who is black, that’s for us…sorry man.

    social programs create more than an entitlement mentality. They create opportunities for folks who wouldn’t be provided for through private endeavors. The Republicans’ notion of proper government is just as unrealistic as communism…you can’t privatize everything & expect your people to thrive. it’s simply impossible.

    i have no doubt that, come november, you’ll make the best choice for your family…i bet you will vote for Obama, whether you truly like him, or you just discern him to be the lesser of two evils…keep me posted, huh?

  • W Johnson

    nic – Issues you have with your white half are not my concern.

    Issues Obama has with his white half are my concern.

    Although I was against the war in Iraq, I feel that to pull out of Iraq now would be disastrous for the US. I feel the country may disintegrate into anarchy with an Iran like fanatic taking over. It could become a breeding ground for more terrorists. It will futher strengthen the radicals Muslims belief that they can attack the US and the US does not have the belly for a prolonged fight.

    If we had sent more ground troopes into Afghanistan, Bin Laden would be dead. Now, at least partly because our reputation for deserting our allies, Musaraff won’t go into the mountains after him.

    Anyone who thinks the radical Muslims won’t attack again, I feel are disastrously mistaken.

    Because of these two issues, I doubt I will vote for Obama.

    I don’t recall the Republicans looking to privatize everything. I am not entirely against social programs, but feel they have gone way too far. Over the past few years NJ has limited the number of children it will supply welfare for to two. Too many people were having children just to get more welfare.

    I’ll let you know who I decide to vote for.

  • Tyler Pierre

    While several of the folks that have commented above do have some interesting observations, they fail to recognize a couple of things. First, it should not be ignored that Clinton defeated Obama in Massachusetts by double digits, despite the support of both US Senators from that state: former democratic presidential nominee John Kerry (which many argue hurt Obama) and Sen. Ted Kennedy, the only surviving brother of the historic trio. Many politicos talk often about how great of an influence Ted Kennedy has, but if he had so much influence, why did the voters who elected these two guys soundly reject the presidential candidate whom they supported.

    Secondly, democrats shouldn’t forget about Florida! The fact that several hundred thousand more people (again double digit percentage points) voted for Clinton than Obama in the KEY state when it comes to electoral votes, should be indicative that Clinton is strong in Florida and Florida is a must for any nominee to win the Presidency. It should also be noted that Clinton carried Arkansas (no surprise) and also Tennessee. Neither of these states voted for a democrat president since Bill Clinton, and Tennessee has a sizable number of electoral votes, and if it was close Arkansas could throw the race for a democrat, oh, no that would be Clinton. These two state would not vote for Obama in the general election, as neither Al Gore (whose home state is Tennessee) nor John Kerry carried either of these states, or Florida for that matter.

    Thirdly, Obama wins in caucus states, meaning that the people that go to vote must devote an hour and a half (1.5 hrs) to the process. Many senior citizens and working class people can’t attend because they are either working at that time, or they can’t travel late in the evening. Plus, many working class people only have a small amount of time to spend with their families because they work more hours, so they don’t want to give up at least 1.5 hrs to caucus.

    It should also be noted that if the Democrats operated their delegate allotment like the Republicans, Hillary Clinton would already have sealed the nomination, as she and John McCain have pretty much won many of the same states. And she has won most states by double the number of votes that were cast for John McCain in those states. Clinton is by far the strongest candidate to face John McCain because most moderate democrats look at Obama’s “ranking” as the most liberal democrat in the Senate, and say there is no way they will vote for him. I mean my God, how can anyone be more out-there than Barbara Boxer? Clinton has the know-how, the toughness, and the drive to beat the Republicans. Plus, the Republicans have already slung all the mud they have at Hillary Clinton, and barely has a rock been turned with Obama.

    I support Sen. HIllary Clinton and in a few years, I will gladly support Sen. Obama!

    *I would like to say thank you to France24 because the US media has been SO biased against Senator Clinton, that I consistently turn to France24 for news about the Presidential election because I despise the blatant and admitted bias of most of the media in the US. I’m proudly from the Commonwealth of KY*

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Forget an Obama-Clinton or Clinton-Obama ticket, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • Freddie Smith

    There is no good luv between Clinton and Obama, none, bad blood has been created int his campaign, if Hillary prevails who want tobe VP of the shedevil? Not Obama Michell wouldn”t alllow it.

    Ps Mr Martin I seen U on CNN talking about the Canada, Obama, NAFTA meeting this could have been resolved quickly if CNN, FOX, MSNBC had shown the argument on the Canada Senate Floor with the Democrates arguing the conversatives interfering in the democratic campaign by setting up a Obama operative and giving this to the clinton campaign to use against Obama.

  • Dezi

    Roland, I cannot say this loud enough. I will NEVER, EVER, NEVER, support a hillary nomination. I pray that Bro. Obama reject a V.P. consideration, if it comes to that.

    I agree that there is too much bad blood between Obama and hillary. This nomination process will not end well, there will be hurt feelings for a long time to come, mainly because hillary is looking out for her self interest, instead of the partys interest. The clintons are already setting up obama to snatch his nomination. With their recent wins, they are now aggresively looking to put Florida and michigan into play. The Congressional Black Caucaus being the aunt jamimas and uncle tom that they are, are supporting Hillary.

    Barack’s team needs to come up with a stratgedy, because the clintons are going karl rove on his ass. Barack we need to see that intestinal fortitude, NOW! Because, I need to support an Obama /Edwards ticket, and would like to see Al Gore as sec. of state.

  • W Johnson

    I find it VERY INTERESTING that Obama comes out so strongly that he IS NOT MUSLIM, but Christian but won’t CORRECT those that call him black and African American since he is…..BI-RACIAL.

  • W Johnson

    I find it VERY INTERESTING that Obama comes out so strongly that he IS NOT MUSLIM, but Christian but won’t CORRECT those that call him black and African American since he is…..BI-RACIAL.

  • Margaret

    W. Johnson – what exactly is it that you’re looking for here? I am tired of your critical scrutinizing of every small matter.

    Hillary Clinton is a liar who stated that “she mispoke”. Give me a break. But no one is scrutinizing that.

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