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Listen to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon

03/21/2008 8:47 am 116 comments

It has been discussed around the nation. So what EXACTLY did Rev. Jeremiah Wright of Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago say in the aftermath of the devastation on Sept. 11, 2001?

This sermon was delivered on Sept. 16, 2001 and is titled, “The Day of Jerusalem’s Fall.” Note that the “chickens coming home to roost” comment was attributed not to Wright but former Ambassador to the Iraq, Edward Peck. It comes around the 20-minute mark.

The point that I have always made as a journalist is that our job is to seek the truth, and not the partial truth.

I am also listening to the other sermons delivered by Rev. Wright that have been the subject of controversy.

And let me be clear: Where I believe he was wrong and not justified in what he said based upon the facts, I will say so. But where the facts support his argument, that will also be said.

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  • Amrit Bandy, College Park,, MD

    Roland, I heard you say it last nite. Read the blog. I just hope that you manage to get the word out to even 10% of the people who saw all video mashup.
    I believe that there are two kinds of radicalism.
    One is born out of people who are inherently evil, and pull others to their side, like terrorists.
    The other is radicalism of speech, and views which is born out of years and years of not being heard. A person starts saying something sane in a normal way, no one hears them, and then they step it up, and no one still hears them .. and finally they take it way too far, make it offensive, just to be heard, and by the time they are heard, they sound like and have become a lunatic.
    We need a government that listens to the people. After 10 years of not being heard, I am sure there are thousands of voices, that are moving from sanity now slowly into radical anger!

  • Dee

    Roland –

    The media owes this Rev., his congregation and the voters an apology for a lack of thorough reporting that resulted in a controversial firestorm that could potentially end a candidates campaign.

    Please hold CNN accountable to getting this story out.

    Many thanks!!!

  • Jorge

    My first language is Spanish.. So please forgive my grammer in my comments as I still having problems with the English Language…
    Sean Hannity Bill O’Reilly Rush Limbaugh and other so called conservatives are having a great time attacking Senator Obama for comments made by his minister.
    Regardless what that minister may have said, and who he chooses to endorse or support, I can’t seem to find any evidence of physical damage this minister has done to any American citizens.
    If Fox news considers the comments made by the Minister to be offensive, as offensive as this mans comments may have been, he does not speak for Senator Obama and all Black people.
    The minister’s comments as offensive as it may sound, has done no physical damage to any American Citizens in comparison to the damage done to African Americans in the 80s and 90s by Military officer now a current Fox News employee, that never spend a day in jail for his crimes against minorities. (Link )
    Let me remind Fox News of book written by Gary Webb Title Dark Alliance { Link } Corroborated by Former CIA Agent Robert Steele { Link ).
    The evidence is very clear, that Fox News employs a person that was once involved in supplying drugs to American Ghettos were most of the residents were African Americans. I encourage Fox News and the so called conservatives, to look into their own closet for skeletons before attacking Senator Obama.

  • Jorge

    Congratulations: Ms. Greta Van Susteren, Mr. Sean Hannity, and Mr. Bill O’Reilly, you, have just ignited the 21st century race war on American streets. The continuing reporting of your inflammatory, vendictive and racists’ rhetoric against Black American religious and political leaders, have Infact poured more gasoline into racial fire that’s been buring for decades. It’s a matter of time before the underprivileged Blacks and Hispanics take to the streets to vent their anger, by means of violent acts.
    This time around, there is no James Brown or Cesar Chavez to extinguish this well fueled fire…
    Again, good job at starting the new race war for the 21St. century!!

  • W Johnson

    OMG!! And you and Wright and all you other hate mongering racists spend your lives trashing WHITES?!?!


    Freedom for Zimbabwe
    March 21, 2008; Page A13

    As the March 29 election in Zimbabwe approaches, the cards are clearly stacked in favor of President Robert Mugabe and his ZANU-PF party. Draconian legislation has curtailed freedom of expression and association. Daily, the representatives of the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC), the political party that I lead, are harassed, tortured, imprisoned without trial and even killed.

    Economic mismanagement by Mr. Mugabe’s government is an even more serious problem. Zimbabwe’s inflation and unemployment rates are 150,000% and 80% respectively. Infrastructure is crumbling, and education and health-care systems have collapsed. Life expectancy is now among the lowest in the world, having declined, since 1994, to 34 years from 57 years for women, and to 37 years from 54 for men. Some four million of my fellow citizens have fled the country, taking with them both human and financial capital.

    Out of the many reasons for Zimbabwe’s decline, three stand out. First is the ruling regime’s contempt for the rule of law. The government has repeatedly stole elections, and intimidated, beaten and murdered its opponents. It has confiscated private property without compensation and ignored court rulings declaring such takings illegal. Such behavior only scares away investors, domestic and international. Current circumstances make it impossible to have a growing economy that will create jobs for millions of unemployed Zimbabweans.

    The government of Zimbabwe must be committed to protecting persons and property; and the restoration of political freedom and property rights is an essential part of MDC’s economic recovery strategy. This means compensation for those who lost their possessions in an unjust way. It also means striking a healthy balance between reconciliation and accountability by establishing a Truth and Reconciliation Commission along the lines of the South African TRC. And it means restoring the independence of the judiciary.

    The second reason for Zimbabwe’s decline is the government’s destruction of economic freedom, in order to satisfy an elaborate patronage system.

    Today, Zimbabwe ranks last out of the 141 countries surveyed by the Fraser Institute’s Economic Freedom in the World report. According to 2007 World Bank estimates, it takes 96 days to start a business in Zimbabwe. It takes only two days in Australia. Waiting for necessary licenses takes 952 days in Zimbabwe, but only 34 days in South Korea. Registering property in Zimbabwe costs an astonishing 25% of the property’s value. In the United States, it costs only 0.5%.

    The MDC is committed to slashing bureaucratic red tape and letting domestic and foreign entrepreneurs improve their lot and, consequently, Zimbabwe’s fortunes. We will open economic opportunity to all Zimbabweans. Unlike the ZANU-PF dictatorship, which has destroyed domestic entrepreneurship, we consider the business acumen and creative ingenuity of the people to be the main source of our future growth.

    The third factor responsible for the country’s decline is the size and rapaciousness of the government. Today, that size is determined by the requirements of patronage. But a government that provides hardly any public services cannot justify the need for 45 ministers and deputy ministers, all of whom enjoy perks ranging from expensive SUVs to farms that were confiscated from others.

    The Central Bank too has departed from its traditional role of stabilizing prices. Instead, it dishes out money to dysfunctional, government-owned corporations that are controlled by the ZANU-PF and are accountable to no one. The result is runaway growth in the money supply, and the highest inflation rate in the world. Zimbabwe’s potential for economic growth cannot be realized without macroeconomic stability. Hyperinflation must be tamed, in part by taming the government’s appetite for spending.

    The MDC plans a complete restructuring of the government, including a reduction of the number of ministers to 15. The government will have to live within its means. It will not be allowed to inflate its way out of trouble. To that end, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe must become independent of the government and given the sole task of fighting inflation.

    Most state-owned companies are woefully inefficient, a strain on the budget and a much-abused vehicle for ZANU-PF patronage. They will be privatized or shut down.

    This is, of course, not an exhaustive list of reforms necessary to set the Zimbabwean economy on a path to growth. Our tax code will also have to be made simpler and flatter to encourage thrift and enterprise, and our trade and investment regimes will have to be reopened.

    The people of Zimbabwe hunger not just for food, but also for political change. MDC rallies draw enormous crowds — even in areas where the risk of being murdered by government agents is highest. A recent independent poll, conducted by the University of Zimbabwe, puts my candidacy in the first place, with Robert Mugabe’s a distant second and Simba Makoni’s third.

    There is still a chance that the election results will reflect the popular will. Then the people will have the new Zimbabwe they deserve, under a government guided by the principles dear to free people everywhere.

    Mr. Tsvangirai is a presidential candidate in Zimbabwe’s upcoming elections.

  • RonP

    Unfortunately too many of us will with our esteem and inferiority complexes stay stuck on Sen. Obama’s relationship with Trinity Church of Christ and Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr. until it’s dealt with in a healthy way. Too bad it’s the senator’s campaign that has to bear the brunt of these vicious attacks but, thank you Barack for taking the high road in spite of it all.

    At last here is an opportunity for the news media to do what their profession expects from them; search for the truth, report it and take to task colleagues who threaten the integrity of the profession.

    Below are links to the Christmas Day 2007 Sermon at Trinity Church of Christ by Rev. Dr. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., which FOX News acquired and disingenuously used to intentionally create a false and unrepresentative caricature of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Jr., and by association Barack Obama. This was the service with the Hillary comment towards the end of the sermon.

    Unfortunately people are too lazy to think critically any more, and continue to fall prey to news commentators with extreme mal intent who continue to treat us as immature children who allow others to think for us.

    Part 1 –
    Part 2 –
    Part 3 –
    Part 4 –


  • Bob

    Just by printing this hate mongers entire rant does not prove anything. Wright is dead wrong. He is trying to justify the death of 3000 innocent people on 9/11 who were just trying to make a living. All kinds of people white, black, jewish, christian, muslim, men, women….
    Bottom line we did not “deserve” to be attacked, those people did not deserver to die. Ridiculous arguments like Hiroshima are not even relevent. That was in a war where the Japanese were killing thousands of our military and 100′s of thousands of civilians in their attacks.

    With Qaddafi this is the same guy who bombed a night club and blew up a 747 over Lockerbie, he deserved to have his house bombed. If anything is out of context its all of Wrights statements and distortions. He twists the truth to breed hate and anger. He is no better than Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who tried using 9/11 in the same way. So Liberal or Conservative these preachers are all fakes, all users of people’s fears to promote their agenda. Roland you didn’t prove anything. Wright is exactly what we all suspected, a man full of hate.

  • Barbara

    Thank you Roland for trying to put things in perspective. Unfortunately, “there are none so blind as those who will not see”, so your words will probably never reach the very people that would benefit the most from hearing (reading) them.

    I do take exception to one comment on your part. The Reverend Wright did not use the N word casually. He was quite correct in his observation on the point he was making. He was speaking to a congregation that was probably more familiar with the word than anyone should have to be. He was simply speaking another truth.

    I am a 66 year old white woman who remembers all too vividly that word being used visciously, hatefully, and sometimes just plain thoughtlessly. To my great shame, often by members of my own family. And sadly, it is still being used today by fearful xenophobes.

    I do believe that Senator Obama is a moment in time that must be taken if we are to survive as the higher species that we believe ourselves to be. He seems to be the genuine example of thoughtful intelligence, tolerance, and leadership that is desperately needed in our fractured society today. He faces a difficult task, hopefuly he will rise to the occasion and lead our country back to being one nation, undivided.

    Thank you again for sharing your work, your words and your honesty.

  • Bo

    Mr. Roland,

    I am a Hillary Clinton supporter. I am a typical, white grandmother. Until this election, I have never watched CNN, MSNBC or Fox for longer than a few minutes. Pretty disappointing. I admired Martin Luther King. I watched the fight for civil rights from afar. My heart went out to the people struggling for their rights. I shed many a tear and vowed my children would be taught differently. I can proudly say, they were.

    I just needed to tell you how disappointed I am when I watch you on CNN. You’re blinded to Barack Obama and his Reverend. It was a shock to see the theatrics that go on in the Reverend’s church, and yes, the poison being taught to the young. I believe all this has created racism where it never existed before.

    Does it matter this typical white woman thinks or feels? Not to you or, from what I’m seeing, a good majority of the people of this church.

    Every time I witness you coming to Obama’s defense in such a blatant and bias way, I become more determined to reach one more person to support Hillary Clinton. Every time you interrupt so rudely and condone all the things about this church that is wrong for this country, you convince another typical White grandmother.

    We support the right for the people of Florida and Michigan to vote. We resent Obama’s methods to block their vote. In your hearts, you know he’ll lose.

    You can not explain or rationalize the words of a man like Reverend Wright.

    This typical white grandmother, my family, my friends and associates along with many others in this country will never vote for Barack Obama. I repeatedly hear that Hillary Clinton can not win without the African/American vote. Obama can not win without the vote of a typical White/Hispanic/Asian, grandmother

    Thank you for reading

  • tom

    Let us not distort history. 9/11 as a consequence of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? I wonder if survivors of the Bataan death march would agree with this assertion?

  • J Bell

    Are you sure the “chickens coming home to roost” line is attributed to Edward Peck? It reads to me like the “violence begets violence” etc. part is actually what Wright is attributing to Peck. A Google search shows no Peck connection to the chickens line other than yours, as it has now been repeated on many blogs. If you are mischaracterizing that attribution you are doing a grave disservice to the truth. Finally, no matter who said it first, it’s absolutely and dumbfoundingly stupid if it’s meant to imply that America deserves 9/11 as some kind of inevitable payback of state-sponsored terrorism. That thought is juvenile at best, betraying a complete lack of understanding of the nature of terrorism, and is far from the level of judgment that any credible Presidential candidate could endorse. Even if Wright were repeating Peck’s views, which at this point I doubt, that fact subtracts nothing from the vacuity of Wright’s obvious agreement and vitriolic sentiment.

  • Sarah from Iowa

    Mr. Martin,

    Thank you for digging into details of Rev. Wright’s sermons and for your balanced approach. I saw you on CNN last night challenging CNN to be the leader in providing balanced thorough reporting. God bless you!

  • The Blacksmith

    Roland let’s put this story to bed. It’s cool to continue to monitor Americans views and opinions on race but, please resist hosting this story. It only perpetuates the division. I’m sure it will find a place in future discussions on the topic of race relations.

  • Mulugeta

    Mr Roland, I am short of words on how to thank you. I was redirected to your site after I saw this compelling story today on diggs. I myself kind of thought that there was something wrong mentally with the preacher himself. Just like most people I was sold by the media. I don’t watch fox news but I do watch CNN and others which I am finding these days to be completely biased. But then my hope is not completely dashed because there are people like you who stand up for the truth. Your remarkable, eloquent, and courageous commentaries are just awesome. Some of the CNN garbage hosts at times try to shut you down when you are hitting their nervous. I hope they won’t use this as an excuse to fire you. Anyway, It was a fantastic news to hear and you are absolutely right the context of the speech does matter. I hope and pray that may be when you get a chance you will say something on the air on CNN because I believe the public need to hear this.

    Thank you and God bless you sir!

  • Dawn


    I have now invested 37 minutes of my life listening to Obama’s “race” speech and 36 minutes listening to Wright’s “9/11″ sermon.

    The media coverage of these events bear almost no relation to reality. Thank you for making this sermon available. It was inspiring.

    You have to get this to the public.


  • Sugarxane

    Thanks so much for sharing this audio. I’ve been waiting for it for forever* I think it’s terrible that televised media were able to run wild with such a small segment of the sermon. Can’t the reverend sue for that? Defamation of character… They kind of twisted his words and made them out to be something that they weren’t. I think that’s illegal….

    His sermon was very far from being all about Blackness and all about Whiteness. I heard a lot of what it means to be an American. I guess it depends on whose listening.


    Thanks so much again* You rock*

  • Stacey Ellis

    Thank you so much for placing the entire sermon on your site for me to hear. Please x1000, tell the world that there is more than the sound bites. It is so incredibly irresponsible of the media to promote this story w/o giving all of the facts. It is sabatoge. Where is our fair and balanced media? The media is supposed to report the news not create the news.

  • jimmy scott

    i am very thanki ful for time you took to get this information out please try and get coppies of this sermon out in all the news papers so that this country can see for them selves how onesided the media is it is time for people to know the truth. the fact is this man told the truth and the media doesnt like it .

  • BabyBoomer of Howell, Michigan

    Can you talk with Lou Dobbs.. He seems to be slanting everything he can regarding the Rev. Wright issue. I think he needs to read the full sermons of Rev. Wright and realize there are many sides to a person and a sermon (although the Reverend went too fari some of them). I think that Barack Obama disagrees with him on some of the illegal immigration issues, so Lou has gone off the deep end trying to play politics. I agree with Dobbs regarding the war on Middle Class, and some of the immigration issues, and am totally against George Bush, but Barack Obama is not Reverend Wright and Dobbs goes too far.

  • CeCe

    So, the profanity was not a part of the original speech? Then why was it shown that way? I thought people actually watched the total video before blasting it all over the networks day after day after day. . . So, the idea that Obama was not there to hear this is actually believable since this was not the same sermon as before, right?

    Well now. This does make it difficult to believe anything that you watch on the news, doesn’t it?

    Thank you sir for shedding some light. I appreciate it.

    And thank you for the other post discusses whether Senator Obama should be held responsible or should justify a relationship that has clearly not affected his politics. I’ve been wondering that myself.

  • Linda W.

    Roland I applaud you for doing what so many journalist obviously where afraid to do, by that I mean presenting the facts before reporting an item as factual. I found listening to the sermon more telling than reading the blog and am grateful for having access to both. I intend to encourage my family and friends with access computers to read the blog and/or listen to the sermon. I found nothing divisive or racist in Rev. Wright’s sermon. Thank you for seeking the truth and helping us to access it.

  • Mwotor

    As a “typical” African American, I was not surprised by the refusal of so many White brothers and sistres to utterly refuse any hint of critically analyzing the reporting on this story about the reverend and his comments. The vast majority of Whites have NEVER been truly interested in or capable of honestly, openly, and objectively discussing the legacy of race and racism in our country. Like every other African American, I’ve come to accept that and move on with my life. I was heartened though by Sen. Obama’s attempt at appealing to the inner most parts of all of us as human beings. For a moment, I thought there was hope for us as a nation and as a collective family. I confess to having deeply underestimated the concrete resolve that many in this nation still harbor to resist any movement toward truly creating a society where we are all our brothers and sisters keeper. I guess to do that would rob some people of their undeserved but observable priviledge and in a society built on indiviudalism, some simply cannot let priviledge go. So thank you Roland for sharing this sermon. It sounded like any given Sunday to me but I understand how and why most Whites simply don’t get it.

  • Daryle Brown

    As a member of Trinity United Church of Christ, I am amazed at the negative coverage of our now retired pastor, Dr. Jeremiah Wright.

    With all the studies that link future success with a positive self-image and self esteem, I have seen the wonderful effect of my own children understanding that black is indeed beautiful, and that their history didn’t start with slavery. Their confidence in their own abilities, even if they don’t look like the majority of Americans. That they have a rich heritage as Africans in diaspora, just like Italian, German, Japanese, Mexican, or any other immigrants.

    At any rate, Rev. Wright was right about the current Iraq war being a mistake, just like when he was a young man, he was right about the unjust affront to humanity of apartheid in South Africa.

    People often want to put others into a box of their own definition. My children have learned to define themselves, for themselves, and a large part of that is from the teachings of Pastor Wright.

    It’s too bad the media is on this outrageous witch hunt. A simple “investigation” that entailed learning a bit about the actions of our church, versus these outlandish accusations, would yield an understanding of the depth of our commitment to justice, fairness, to the poor and as Jesus says to “the least of these”.

    I am very happy that you have taken the time to listen to his entire sermon, instead of pulling the most tantalizing sound bites from it. GREAT JOB! Perhaps now others in their coverage will take the time to provide additional depth of coverage so that reasonable people, can indeed make reasoned judgments. Talk with some of his peers in the Black church and the UCC denomination, some his students, people in our congregation. In other words, get the “real story” instead of not even skimming the surface of a man that has devoted 36 years to his church and humanity.

    At any rate, I appreciate you providing real journalistic integrity.

  • Bruce W

    I see absolutely nothing wrong with Jeremiah Wright’s sermon. Is America so afraid of the truth that they do not wish their shameful acts to be brought to light? Historically it’s been swept under the rug. I always advise the youth I come across of the truth and not some text book subterfuge. It time that men (especially black) be men again………….

  • Not Happy At All, Houston, Texas

    I think I can speak for most Americans who are very ready for the racial divide in America to be resolved and stamped out. Although this will not happen overnight, we can’t do anything by covering our eyes and hiding in a hole. With that being said, I’m extremely concerned that neither Hilary Clinton, nor John McCain has addressed this issue. Before we vote, shouldn’t we hear their views on this topic? Are they just going to hide out until the smoke clears? Do we need a president who plays dumb when the tough gets going? (we already have one of those!!!!!!!) The issue is out on the table now. Take ownership of one the major issues that have plagued our nation since it existence!

    In addition to that… why do we never get the entire story about anything? They are turning this election into a joke!! Does that mean we are in for another joke of a president??

  • Not Happy At All, Houston, Texas

    One more comment:
    IF Hillary or John McCain were to win this election without addressing race in the country, we are sending at least two horribly damming messages to future candidates:

    1st message: “You can indeed be president as long as you don’t address important issues that concern me when deemed a bit too controversial.”

    2nd message: “More directly, you don’t have to address anyone’s community, black, white or otherwise. You can continue to pretend that you don’t see color or the problems that exists as a result of….and that’s just fine with me.”

    Trust me, if they will hide from the issue of race, that’s not ALL that they will hide from!

  • David E

    Can anyone find a copy of the transcript typed at the blog below? I can’t seem to find any quotable source online.

  • Jan

    On today’s AC 360 post you quoted former Amb. Edward Peck from a Fox News interview that was given on October 10, 2001 in a segment entitled “The War on Terror”. You indicated that Rev. Wright was quoting Peck. However, Rev. Wright gave his sermon on September 16, 2001. How did he know what Peck would say nearly a month later?

    If you have some additional facts that Rev. Wright had indeed quoted Peck, please let me know. Thank you.

  • steve c

    The Reverend has said statements much worse than “The chickens have come home to roost”. Anytime you need to write an essay to cover an explanation for something a preacher has said, it means that the sermon was bad. This guy isn’t some prophet, he is a regular guy that has an opinion. I would be curious to hear the other rational for his other statements. Roland- continue to enlighten us!

  • Jim Ray

    After the 30 second clips first started on the TV I decided to track down more of Rev Wright’s sermons and his history. Within an hour I knew, without a doubt, that Rev Wright was being unfairly turned in to an icon of evil. Virtually every TV pundit was part of this shameful episode. Not once in following five or six days has there been even the slightest effort to learn more about Rev Wright. Why has it take this long to even listen to the sermon from which the sound blast was taken?

    Is there some way we here in the grassroots can ask for the media to apologize for this character assassination?

    Jim in Portland OR

  • Sherry Hardaway

    I am a Obama supporter, again he’s had to stop his message on cleaning up eight years of a disasterous mess of our educational system, economy and the war, to explain how Rev. Wright’s “partial” sermon soundbites that CNN and others have been so gracious to play over and over again, does not reflect his views nor his stand on racial growth and developments of today. I think Mr. Obama did a wounderful job to clear up any questions of his views and beliefs. My question – could the Min. Rod Parsley & Min. Haggee talk (McCain supporters known for their hurtful words towards jews and catholics) die down any faster?? I could not help but to notice the Media did not build it up i.e; find tapes of hateful soundbites, nor ask Mccain about his church visits and and if these ministers had any effect on Mccain life etc..Hillary better hope no one checks some of the black and white churches she has attended or supported, for similar sermons out there to be distorted.
    Sherry Hardaway

  • Denise, Nebraska

    Is there a possibility to get a transcript of Rev. Wrights sermon? To be honest, it is hard for me to get past the delivery and hear the message. I am a Missouri Synod Lutheran and traditional services are calm and even toned. In fact, last nights service (holy week) ended in total silence, with everyone leaving the church without saying a single word, in quiet reverence. Talk about culture shock hearing and watching services from Rev. Wright. Words on paper give time to digest, and they are probably words we all should hear.

  • Troy L. Dorch

    Roland Thank you for giving the full text. This country is passed race divison it is a greater divide in intellectuals. Intellectuals should be able to have a health debate on issues that impact Americans. This no longer seem to be the case. In the Paris Hilton, Brittney Spears and Whitney Houston news age people no longer want healthy debate, they want to take it to the gutter and the sad part is that this is the type of dialouge the people want. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and their Fox cronies would not be on TV if people did not want to watch this type of filth. If we could have a healthy debate with the full text of Pastor Wrights speech, we would see that his speech was not America Hating, but America protecting ask America to help its sick, poor and starving instead of comitting to violence. This does not seem like a person who hates his country, but loves it. But with the 30 second snipits on the news most American will not know this, because as my Politcal Science professor once told me, Amercians are ignorant when it comes to politics. We only know what the media and politicians tell us. When we become intellectuals again, this country will be able to have that adult conversation Mr. Obama called for.

  • Suzette

    What would Jesus do? If Rev. Wright were brought before God to be tried in the courts of the Almighty what would Jesus do? I can imagine the media, politicians, the black church, the white church, public opinion and others would play snippets of his messages, would talk about how inflammatory his sermons were, would talk about how we, as a nation, are trying to move away from our dark past and embrace change, would talk about how this doesn’t foster love but hate, they would recall speeches by John Kennedy and Martin Luther King, and I’m sure those would borrow from their own lives and their own experiences. I can imagine Rev. Wright’s parishioners and fellow colleagues and clergy talking about the people whom he’s helped, the inspiring sermons he’s preached, the benevolence he’s shown. I can imagine the God who knows all and sees all would allow everyone to speak and not interrupt not once. Then I can see Jesus, stooping down and beginning to write in the earth. I can hear people begin to argue that Obama had to know that his pastor was divisive. I could hear others debate that you can know someone for years and still not know them. I can see Jesus still writing in the earth. I can imagine a Black son angrily refer to Whites as “you people” and tell God about how his father was lynched just because he looked at a white woman in passing. I can imagine a White woman talk about how she took a risk and hired a Black worker who stole from her. I can imagine a Latino say that no one gave them nothing in this country and he had to work at jobs where he was taken advantage of, working hard for menial wages. I can imagine a Black man rebute and say that he can’t get a job because of illegal aliens. The complaints and the blame would become almost deafening. Then Jesus would slowly stand up and say “he who is without sin, cast the first stone.”

    Across the wide expanse, everyone would begin to see a reenactment of Biblical history. Jesus would show that this same thing happened hundreds of years ago when a woman caught in adultery was brought to him. I can see Jesus walking up to each person, offering them a stone to throw at Rev. Wright. Then in the blink of an eye, each one would become aware of his or her own biases, shortcomings, failures, hurtful comments, off-handed remarks, indiscretions and the secret intents of their own hearts. He would say again, “he who is without sin, cast the first stone at her.” And one by one, every person would drop their heads and walk away. Then Jesus would turn to Rev. Wright and ask, “where are your accusers?” Rev. Wright would look around in disbelief and say, “there is no one here, Lord.” And Jesus looks into his eyes, into his heart, into his soul, into every memory of racism, into every memory of his military service, into the very core of where all his beliefs and opinions reside and say, “Neither do I accuse you. Go in peace…”

    We fear what we don’t understand. It is my hope that with the help of peace-filled people, who aren’t afraid to talk and to listen, that we can grow beyond the past and begin to write a new chapter and then another until we’ve created a new history. A history that embodies the vision of MLK where white children and black children, red, yellow and brown children can join hands. A history that doesn’t judge a person by the color of their skin but the content of their character. I applaud Roland Martin for endeavoring to do just that.

  • Elizabeth

    Mr. Martin — Congratulations on this work and on the sense you’ve demonstrated on recent TV appearances where you’ve been questioned about this subject.

    Has anyone determined precisely who spliced the video snippets together? I know that ABC (Brian Ross?) said that he had listened to the tapes when first reported about the “chickens” and other offensive statements. If in fact Rev. Wright was quoting someone else (or even simply claiming to quote someone else), shouldn’t that have been mentioned? I’ve sent an inquiry to ABC but who knows if they will respond. — And Fox News is even more to be questioned! If the words were okay for them to allow to be said from their television studio, then why is it so wrong for Rev. Wright to say them from the pulpit?

    I’m not saying the words aren’t very offensive or that the story isn’t a legitimate one. It is and the burden is on Obama to reply (which he has). But showing the video snippets without any context and — most egregiously — not saying that in one of them Rev. Wright was quoting someone else shaped the story and created the scandal as much as Wright’s statements did!! I think that is far too much intrusion by the press and those who heard the scandalous version should hear about the context.

    Another blogger has posted that the “damn America” statement was made only in connection with recent policies, given after praise for America’s achievements at other times and that “damn” was clearly meant in the sense of “woe unto”. That, too, changes things significantly. I can’t think of any context that would minimize the ugliness of the other statements, made in 2007 I believe, but those are things said after his decision to retire had been made and when it’s quite clear Sen. Obama wouldn’t have been present.

    Again, thank you very much for your contributions …… and concern for the *facts.*

  • tim d

    The problem is not the preaching of theology by Rev. Wright, it is the preaching of hate, anger and sedition towards ones country.

  • Robin

    Mr. Martin,
    I really not sure how begin. I am a woman that grew up in the segregated south and the intergrateted south. I had a great grandfather that lost his farm because he co-signed a loan for a black man. The man defaulted on the loan and the bank took my great grandfathers farm. Most likely the black man was run out of the county by men in white sheets. When my great grandfather died many of the black farmers that he had loaned money to, as hard as it may have been for them made every effort to pay back his widow. They were good men.
    Another great grandfather, a farmer and deputy sheriff hid a young black man in his attic to keep him from being hung by a mob. But then I had one great grandfather that I knew very well and he hated blacks. I never understood why and was once embarrassed by him yelling at a young black man for walking across his property.
    I grew up living in a trailer for several years because my father worked for T.V.A. I do know what it’s like to be called trailer trash or poor white trash. Although, that’s not what we were. When my parents stopped traveling with T.V.A. (and I did live in Mississippi when the civil rights workers went missing) we settled in a small town 40 miles north of Memphis Tennessee. We continued to live in our trailer where the street divided the black section of town from the white section.
    My friends were both black and white. It was the middle of the 60′s and I had never known anyone with an afro, I’d never seen an Ebony magazine much less heard anything about Africa. I remember my friend telling me with a smile that Ebony meant black. My black friends introduced me to a new world. We were all of 8 to 14 years of age. We played basketball, football and baseball. At one point a white girl in the neighborhood told me if I continued to play with my friends then she would stop playing with me. I continued to play with my black friends.
    I remember when Dr. King was murdered. I lived near Memphis. I remember the heaviness that seemed to fall on my friends. I was 10 years old at the time.
    By the time I was in 6th grade the schools in Tennessee integrated. It was right out of the movie “Remember The Titan’s”. The riots, the fighting and the police at the high school everyday. Even at the middle school level, the racial slurs, on both sides and the fighting. The white kids in my neighborhood never had a problem because we had so many black friends but my white friends and my black friends where at odds from the start.
    It took far to long for integration to come full circle. What I mean is although we were integrated we were still segregated for many years. It was process of getting to know one another, to begin to trust one another. I experienced it because of where I lived. My white friends and my black friends had to go through this process. Unfortunately some still have not gone through it and some do not want to.
    I am so saddened by the Rev. Wright’s comments. And yes, I did read the context. It changes nothing for me. Although I do not believe that Senator Obama holds Wright’s preaching dear to his heart. I believe Senator Obama is to intelligent for such outlandish statments. May I make a point about intelligence, regardless of Rev. Wright’s intelligence or degrees or doctorites, does not wisdom make. Which Rev. Wright has so elequently proven. Wisdom is the ability to apply that intelligence within the context of the divine creator that Rev. Wright professes. It seems to me he left God out of the equation.
    I know both sides of this hate speech. First from ignorant white people and now from a few black bigots . I will not let this stand. I will not tolerate it and easily dismiss it or try to explain it away. I have lived through it in the south, can’t we get beyond this? I will not put it on Obama’s shoulders but if the black community does nothing to stop this kind of hate speech it will stagnate this country and we will not move forward.
    Mr. Martin, I understand your wife is a minister. Read Gal. 3:26-29 You are all sons of God through faith in Christ Jesus, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor freee, male nor female, for you are all one in Crist Jesus. If you belong to Christ, then you are Abraham’s seed, and eirs according to the promise. (black or white)
    I saw the best of this country in Obama. New, idealistic, hopful and I like him. Now where will you stand Mr. Martin. With those who want to excuse or those who want to put a stop to hate.

  • Andre Cliff Cliff

    I can’t believe how beautiful that sermon was, in comparison to what has been reported about it. I should have known better than believe the media’s reports on this (especially Faux “News”), not that I was offended but the out of context snippet anyway but I took it all for how it was presented. Sean Hannity owes the American people an apology for this witch hunt he started. I won’t hold my breath though.

    -Andre Ramone Cliff

  • jrzshor

    it IS all about race. when 90% of a race votes for one guy who happens to be of the same race, then it IS race based. you cannot deny that. be honest!

  • Marizza

    Thank you for finally finding the TRUE sermon of Rev. Wright. I am a 19-year-old strong college student and strong Obama supporter and am happy that someone with some sense and an open mind commentates on CNN.

    It’s a shame the way race is played in this country (almost as bad as being a black history class in which the student must educate the teacher on “Black Wall Street) and it is nice to see a respectful black man speak about politics intelligently.

  • Gamel (Jamel)

    It is obvious that Pastor Wright is a man of God. It is unfortunate that those who have not the spirit of God are judging him based on the eyes of flesh that they see this man through. This particular sermon was clean cut and holy spirit filled. Unfortunately, certain folks can’t handle the truth and he is preaching the truth. Regardless of what he has preached, Senator Obama should not be held accountable for it. I too look forward to a country that has less racial hostility but can not see the day coming soon. We are fortunate to have men of God preaching as fervently as Pastor Wright and I look forward to listening to some of his other sermons. Thank you Mr. Martin for taking the time to post this sermon. I consider it a blessing.

    G. Robinson
    Pittsburgh, PA

  • Lyvoid

    Roland, Thank you! Thank You! Thank You! May God bless you for letting me have a small view of this GREAT man of God. I weep for what we as a people have allowed to happen. It is reprehensible!
    But, thank God, it seems some citizens are starting to “think” and be turned off by the extremes in our society.

  • Albert Johnson Jr

    The most disappointing thing about the Rev. Wright incident is the complete failure of our news media. I was familiar with Wrights preaching before the brouhaha, so when it happened I was truly puzzled. How could anyone draw an opinion of a mans, and especially a pastors words with just a 10 second sound bite, and from that sound bite draw the conclusion that the speaker is hateful, or a racist. I knew then that no one who did actually had seen or read a Wright sermon.

    What was insidious about the Rev. Wright story is that every report of those videos on TV, and in the reports of print media the description of the sermons as hateful etc were repeated over and over again. Many Americans view the reports of the media as actual truth. So regardless now of the actual context and meaning of his words he will be forever thought of as hateful and the career of a stalwart man of God is forever sullied.

    That should disturb me, but I think I can estimate the heart of the Rev Wright. If only one soul is saved by hearing more than just 10 seconds of the word of God he will consider the condemnation worth it. That the storm over his sermon led to Obama’s speech on race he would consider a blessing.

    These so called responsible journalist and not just those who represent the right wing owe both the American people and the Rev. Wright an apology, and the pledge to refrain from viral journalism.

  • Randy Thompson

    I read an analysis that you did on the Rev. White’s 9/11 semon. I had a fair bit of his points and build up. I can not find it now? I read so much doing the day, I forgot. Can you direct me to it, and the others as you do them.

    His Peace be with you,


  • Namgeun Jeong

    Kudos to you Roland!
    Although I am an agnostics, I almost utter “damn America” every minute when I watch Fox News.
    I get to restore serenity by listening to you arguing with almost everybody around you, typical whites, not-so-typical whites, and some self-loathing African American.

    As a South Korean, I am pretty sure that the sermons by Rev. Wright resonate around the world outside this country.
    BTW, is the fact that Israel supported South African apartheid regime in 70s and 80s off limit topic in CNN?

  • media_lies

    Thanks Roland! I watched AC360 tonight and CNN again only take the words out of context! The full truth will never be revealed on CNN!

  • T. Tomlinson

    Roland – PLEASE point out that Falwell and Hagey both said that God damned America for its sins. Falwell said that God damned America through 9/11 for condoning homosexuality, among other things. Hagey said that God damned America through Katrina for New Orleans’ sinful living. Rev. Wright said that God would damn America for killing innocent people. There is no difference in message, but there is the difference that McCain RAN to get both Falwell and Hagey’s political endorsement during the campaign. Obama did not seek Wright’s political endorsement. To me there is a big difference in that it was McCain that injected this type of rhetoric into the political realm, not Obama.

  • Hope

    I have listened to Rev. Wright preach for over 25 years and have been blessed by the message of the “Good News” of not only eternal salvation but the understanding that Jesus identifies with the suffering of his people.

  • R. Shindler

    Roland. Please read James B. Bennett’s article “Obama’s pastor’s words ring uncomfofortably true” launched 03/20/20-08 in the San Jose Mercury News AG Class ’48

  • Chris Muflam

    While I feel uncomfortable as others listening to Pastor Wright’s words on TV and YouTube , how does one compare the impact of these words that “Obama did not have the courage to condemn” at the time they were said – as Pat Buchanan suggested on AC 360 tonight- to the impact of McCain’s support to invade Iraq? The politics of judging presidential candidates on the basis of their association with others who used inflammatory language is something dirty; yet, we give it so much attention. In the long run we would have missed the point of focusing on what most hurt Americans. America, please grow up!

  • R. Shindler

    Corrected my address in previous posting. Sorry

  • Bill

    Roland –

    I just saw you on AC360 with Bay Buchanan, talking about the Wright sermons and putting them in context of white pastors who preach fire and brimstone.

    You have nailed this point. Keep bringing it, and let it sink in. And don’t talk so fast. Your words need to be heard!

  • Peter

    thanks for shading more light on this issue. i knew from the beginning that there was more than meets the eye but the media just wanted to make Obama look bad; shame on the media, and all those that promoted this lies. can someone please tell me what we are teaching our kids from all these stupid actions of ours just to make a man look bad.

  • Stephen Thomas

    Rev. Wright’s comments on HIV/AIDS as genocide are not as “far out” as the CNN commentary makes out. Consider the following:

    Belief in AIDS as a Form of Genocide: Implications for HIV Prevention Programs for African Americans

    “The belief that AID is a form of genocide is rooted in a social context in which Black Americans,
    faced with persistent inequality, believe in conspiracy theories about Whites against Blacks. These theories range from the belief that the government promotes drug abuse in Black communities to the belief that HIV is a manmade weapon of racial warfare.”

    The Tuskegee Syphilis Study, 1932 to 1972: Implications for HIV Education and AIDS Risk Education Programs in the Black Community

    African Americans’ views on research and the Tuskegee Syphilis Study

    “A signicant number of participants mistakenly believed the men in the study had been purposely
    injected with syphilis, echoed here in one man’s comment, “I heard people were given syphilis, that they were injected with it, to see what would happen”.

    The results of this study offer suggestions to overcome this distrust and to increase knowledge of research that ultimately may enhance participation by African Americans in necessary clinical and public health research, improve access to care, and impact the disparities that in¯uence the quality of life for many African Americans.


  • Owen Scott, III

    Roland, Thanks for your intelligent and grounded reporting and commentary. If it weren’t for you and David Gergen, the CNN team would have trouble making the claim to be the best. DG is so wise and compassionate, he would be a great choice for UN Ambassador or another position of leadership. Anyone who has access to David would be smart to take notes and try out anything he advises. He’s an outstanding human being.

    I appreciate your pointing out to the public that most of the comments about Rev. Jeremiah Wright are being made by people who have no idea what the man has said or done. It’s sad how willing people are to be manipulated by ruthless politicos who are not the least bit interested in the truth. Some of these are so cynical they probably don’t believe there is such a thing as truth. I’ve read people’s blogs citing the sermon “The audacity to hope” as an example of a racist diatribe! In reality the sermon is just a gentle and lovely paean to faith with no anger to be found. I enjoyed your open-minded statement that you will accurately report elements of Rev. Wright’s prophetic sermons that are offensive. I’m looking forward to reading your comments on what your research reveals. I expect you to find that Rev. Wright is an intelligent and complex man who wrestles with both angels and demons.

    A good indicator of whether a consumer of punditry warrants credibility is if she or he is respectful and speaks to the audience as if it were composed of adults. You certainly pass this test. Kudos to those in politics and the media who are strong enough to take the audience seriously. That’s obviously one of the reasons Barack Obama appeals to youth and those with relatively more education. It’s not just a matter of holding a degree because plenty of highly educated folks seem to have forgotten how to think for themselves. They may have even forgotten how to learn. That’s the old way of politicking that I hope is dying. The youth of the world are so much freer than most of my fifty-something peers. They like to research things and don’t feel the need to fit themselves of other into neat categories. I’m grateful to be alive to see this happening. A race between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain would give us a clear choice and a debate that would have a chance to rise above the old politics that assumes we’re all sitting numbly waiting to be manipulated. Thanks again for this post and keep up the good work.

  • Arlene

    What happened to journalists researching a story and fact checking it BEFORE they report it? What…would checking on the validity of what is reported make it too hard to fill the 24/7 news channels’ air time? I started out with no problem with the mainstream media 2 months ago. Now I no longer watch CNN and only watch the occasional show on MSNBC and that’s it. All I have to say is thank God for the internet.

  • Racheal

    What about Hillary’s religious beliefs. She is a “friend” of but not yet a member of, The Family. J

    eff Sharlet’s book, The Family: The Secret Fundamentalism at the Heart of American Power.

    1035 the group organized in reaction to… 1980’s death squads in south America supported. Network of evangelical groups as anti-New Deal coalition against organized labour. Clinton’s Tax records reflect donations to the family.

    The Family believes Hitler, Lenin and Mau –were dictators, but they are leadership models of authoritarians who organized correctly but put themselves in the place of Jesus. (Totalitarians)

    Only powerful people are in these cells. They believe in the privatization of everything. Biblical capitalism. Economic conservatism.

    Moral Conservatism regarding abortion and homosexuality is also part of them. Hillary lost support of NY lesbian, gay, bi-sexuals because of these conservative views.

    Listen to detailed information on CBC Radio Canada at:

  • Michelle
  • beverle

    Here’s another article worth reading.

    Andrew Sullivan of writes in his article – The Daily Dish – the following:

    Wright In Context
    21 Mar 2008 10:25 am

    This strikes me as worth a look. Here is Jeremiah Wright’s sermon from which one Hannity clip has been culled. After 9/11, Wright is making a classic pacifist case against what he calls “the insanity of the cycle of hatred.” I don’t agree with it, and he clearly equates the death of innocents in American warfare with the deaths of innocents in 9/11. But it does fall within the boundaries of a certain kind of Christianity. It does not seem to me to be Chomsky so much as a left-wing Biblical pacifist message. He is also self-critical, which you don’t get from the edited version. He is calling Christians to examine “my own and your own relationship with God,” in the wake of a moment when we all sought to fight back against the evil of al Qaeda. I don’t agree with his moral equivalence. But I do see the roots of this message in a version of liberation theology and Christianity, rather than hatred of America as such. He includes himself as someone who needs to examine his own conscience and consider what he regards as a cycle of violence. I think the cable news clips are a little distortive and make more sense in fuller context.

    Let me add that I do not believe that patriotism means never criticizing one’s own country, especially if one criticizes one’s own complicity in its failings. That’s especially true for Christians who are sometimes called to make their fellows very uncomfortable in their loyalties. In the days after 9/11, I would have been furious about that sermon. But from a distance, I do not see it as political so much as a form of radical Christianity. Anyway, see for yourself and make your own mind up.

    The video is on

    “Obama’s Pastor Loves America and is more than just a sound bite” on YouTube, of at speaks to the numerous things this church has done.[

    Roland, you seem to be the only one with national media exposure who is willing to stand for that which is right. I am so thankful for you and wish there was some way we could all speak with the strength of our voices about the injustice that is being perpetrated against Rev. Wright and by extension Senator Obama.

    Thank you

  • jay herron

    I find it very interesting how folks have been upset about the Rev.Wright-yet their criticism and sounds of alarm prove to me none of most have ever opened the Holy Bible ( especially the King James) and read-say for example ‘Joshua’…or ‘Isaiah’…or forbid they ever read ‘Deuteronomy’ or ‘Judges’ (no…I won’t offer any specific verse-it should challenge the squawkers to look) nor has any of them considered that Jesus Christ Himself said (Matt.12:25) or (Mark 3:24 and 25-to give a boost) a land divided can not stand…we were ‘divided’ twice with the Bush ‘elections’
    Of course-it is easy to quote ‘air’ Bible when every one is upset by the preachings of another,but the Old Testament and all of its commandments are brutal…which is why for Peace we select the ‘dove’ as a peace symbol with out even reading the Bible close enough to realize the first bird Noah released was a ‘raven’.
    Actually-I find it interesting so many have come against this man for speaking the truth-we are a guilty land,slaves and the way we stole this land from its original peoples-and still steal it today with casinos and ruin for both sides of the isle with gamblers and those who have to feed them.
    It should trouble every one that the Bible is still used to swear in a president or any elected-because it is filled with destruction and bloodshed and most certainly not read as it was in the days of ( when we owned slaves) old.
    The Reverend Wright sounds correct to me-he is saying we have become a Godless nation,in reality-and we have,we really really have.
    I think its kind of facinating that we are now in a war in the very land all three of the worlds major religions were born…our knees should be shuddering to and fro because we are too daft to open up books of wisdom and read what this means.
    No-I’m trying to encourage the ones who yell loudest to sit back and read some of Gods Word-it should open your eyes,and…should give better foundations for those who speak out about this man.
    Racists…?? Hmmm,it was God Himself that shoved the Tower of Babel down and began the seperation of peoples,that too is written in the Bible.

  • http://Yahoo Jennfizz

    FYIO – Would you consider checking out (by Googling) Nina Simone’s “Mississippi goddam” (notice titles in this and Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermon) which I referenced in 21 March comment under the challenge for Hanninity (msp) debate. I would really appreciate feedback if you have time.

    In spite of time lapse, I find it interesting that both are expressing the very same sentiments in damning America / Missippi, as they address social injustices from a baseline of 40 years. Though the words of the song provides some insight into motivation for the recording, I think her biography is as powerful reminder of the progress, or lack thereof, as it relates to race relations in America.

    From a human interest angle, the circumstances that prompted this very talented artist to leave the United States should cause us to seriously consider America’s racial climate, and whether we are truly united, as well as provide validation to some of Rev. Wright’s views. Further, it could also serve as a tool for honest assessment of where America really stands in the grand scheme of things…if not, there is just no hope for us.

    I think at this point, America could really benefit from a “not so subtle” reality check. It is uncanny that the song /biography also mentions the other war in which we should not have been engaged.

    Since you are more likely of a different generation, the other civil rights artists / songs might also provide insight into the climate at the time.

  • Jerry Calendine

    Rev. Wright is a bigot just like the “Good “ol boys” down south, only BLACK! Teaching young people to hate, just like the “good ‘ol boys” down south.
    He had done in Obama, as white people now fear the prospect of a black man in the White House who excuses such radical nonsense!
    The question is…what will blacks do as the Clintons STEAL the nomination???

  • R. Shindler

    Roland. After reading a article entitled “Obama’s pastor’s words ring uncomfortably true” by James B. Bennett launched 03/20/2008 in the San Jose Morning, I have concluded that it was the intensity of the verbal attack more than anything else that raised so much hate and passion over Rev. Wright’s words. Had the same words been spoken in a soft whispering voiice, the message would have been supressed and there would have been no outcry, but his effort would have been all for naught. His sermon was clearly old time religion and intended for his flock only because he had to know the vast number of unchurched people in our population would take it out of context. This was a family matter and it should have been treated as such. As long as his parishioners behave in public is all we should ask. Frankly I have had a belly full of premptive attacks on the innocent. Mr. Bennett is assistant professor of religious studies at Santa Clara Ubiversity and his article found on

  • Jim in Portland

    8 O Daughter of Babylon, doomed to destruction,
    happy is he who repays you
    for what you have done to us-

    9 he who seizes your infants
    and dashes them against the rocks.

    Mr. Martin, please, I have listened twice to the entire audio clip posted here. Almost the entire clip is inspirational. I even took the time to go get the last two lines from Psalm 137 referenced in the sermon. Next time you appear on a “news” talk show discussing Rev Wright, at least make a passing reference to what Rev Wright was talking about in his sermon after 9-11. Obsessing over two or three sentences with overwrought imagery and misstatements leaves us all trapped in the cesspool that figures like Sean Hannity dwell in. Unless people like you strike back against this news cycle, Rev Wright will go down in history as an iconic ogre, a symbol of “black liberation” racism. You owe him more than that.

    Jim in Portland

  • Julia Moses

    It is unthinkable that any individual of faith would distort Rev. Wright’s sermon to imply he was blaming the victims of 911. If Americans, particularly those of faith, had heard that sermon we may have taken another path and spared more innocent lives. Like Barak Obama, I do have faith in the American people to ultimately make the right choice when given the whole story. I hope you can convince the powerful media who mold public opinion to present the whole story. It is their job.

    I am reminded of a quote: “we see the world, not as it is, but as we are” (author unknown). As Rev. Wright proposed, we need to look at what is inside us. The stronger our reaction, the more likely it is that which we resist in ourselves. The more self righteous the position the more alive it is within them. God help them, for they know not what they do. It is a subtle ignorance, for sure.

    Thank you for taking a stand for truth and understanding.

  • Deborah

    Added: March 20, 2008
    These video are on youtube with the context in which they were spoken

  • angela d-d


  • Blake

    I find this whole affair interesting. Barack Obama is criticized for having a racist pastor and for not leaving the church. I am a Christian and have been in many situations in my church where I simply did not agree with my minister or is lesson for that day. I have even contemplated leaving many times. But, I keep coming to some very simple conclusion. This is the church where I found Jesus. I have some of the greatest relationships with my spirtual brothers and sisters. My worship is about God not the minister. What is the guarantee that if I go down the street that I won’t face similar issues?

    The next realization I had is how many people attend churches that had issues, have prominent people that attend, but are not criticized for their actions. You have pointed out many religious leaders such as Falwell, Hagee, etc that have made radical charges but their congregation or supporters are not villified like Obama has been.

    I was talking to a co-worker the other day and he made this comparison. How many democrats or republicans have sinned and made some outlandish statements or actions? Then why didn’t all the rest of them didn’t leave their respective party.

    I am seeing some heavy double standards here and I would like to see more of Mike Huckabee and other spiritual leaders come out in support of right in this case and support justice in this issue.

  • James

    Are we listening to the same sermon? I would be ashamed if this was my Church.

  • Stephen Thomas

    Senator Obama’s speech described how barbershops/saons in the black community are places where African Americans talk about issues in a manner that is different than in the workplace or with white friends. We have used this FACT to address health problems in the black community . Issues like HIV/AIDS, Flu shots, diabetes and heart disease as well as cancer. Barbershops, beauty salons and the black church is where SOCIAL NORMS are shaped in the Black Community.

    Instead of calling such talk “crazy” we need to understand it and learn how to build the trust necessary to over come the burdens of race and history. I believe this is in fact what Senator Obama was saying.

    Below is an example of how WE HAVE TURNED THE PAGE ON RACISM without denying the history of black people in America:

    Activities in the Field

    Health Advocates in Reach (HAIR) Project

    In September 2002, the Center for Minority Health (CMH) at the Graduate School of Public Health, University of Pittsburgh launched its first health education project in three local barbershops during “Take a Loved One to the Doctor Day,” a national program designed to promote health and wellness in the African American community. The CMH version of this national initiative, “Take a Health Professional to the People,” involved health professionals providing health screenings and information to barbershop customers. This effort, known as the Health Advocates in Reach (HAIR) project, has blossomed into a partnership between nine barber and beauty shops and 100 types of health professionals, including doctors, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, health educators, and medical students.

    The HAIR project seeks to build trust between the African American community and medical professionals, especially around cancer screening and participation in medical research. CMH has even provided training to many of the HAIR project’s beauty and barbershop owners and staff so they can answer health-related questions, distribute literature, and help people find the proper health care resources. The training focuses on seven areas where health disparities are prominent: cancer, heart disease, diabetes, immunization, infant mortality, HIV/AIDS and mental health.

    To learn more about the Health Advocates in Reach project, visit its Web site at, or contact Mario Browne at



  • Ursula

    Mr. Martin,

    I am a democrat and it distresses me that the media has been biased toward barack obama since senator clinton mentioned that the press was being easy on barack obama. I thought the news was supposed to deliver the news instead of making the news.. Nothing that Rev. Wright said was wrong. How do we get the word out.

  • Teresa A.

    Mr. Martin,

    I have access to some of Rev. Wright’s sermons. I was able to get a much better measure of the man by listening. I saw you and Mrs. Buchanan debate the sermons. Thank you SO SO SO much for explaining to her (and to America) than what she saw as vitriol and hate was actually a style of preaching common in the black church. I was baptized Catholic and remain one to this day. My family on my mother’s side is 100% AMEZ – except my mother. I remember the very first time I heard my uncle (Rev. Petty McKinney) preach. I was about 7-8 years old. When we left the church and gathered at the parsonage for dinner, I asked Mother why Uncle was so angry. The whole family went up in laughter. I began to cry but Mother gently explained to me that only Catholic priests gave sermons by talking. She explained that what I had just experienced was called preaching and was also called ‘a joyful noise unto the Lord’.

    Over the years since that time I have had occasion to explain, to many people, that the preacher WAS NOT angry – he was just making a ‘joyful noise unto the Lord’.

    Please call out Kathy Hughes to play these sermons on her TV ONE network. Mother and Kathy were great friends but Mother is with God now and I no longer have contact info for Ms. Hughes.

    The snippets coming out are still not enough to show the full measure of this minister of the word.

  • Gureumi

    One of the prominent British historians (and a Jazz critic) Eric Hobsbawm
    once expressed his personal unease with giving up the notion “Negro” which
    now African Americans used be referred to as with historic pride by the
    likes of Fredrick Douglass, W.E.B Dubois, and Martin Luther King Jr.

    I think it is also of historic significance that the term
    “African-American” reflects the clear proclamation of self identity of

    It is a sad reality that the very sentiment and the way of thinking shared
    by many African-Americans is considered anti-American.

  • Stephen Thomas


    Rev. Wright’s comments on the Tuskegee Syphilis Study must not be ignored. The shadow of Tuskegee continues today. African Americans are often reluctant to volunteer for research. Such reluctance and distrust toward medical research may be due to past research studies like the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (1932-1972). This study followed 600 black men, more than half of whom had syphilis but did not know it. The study was to last for six to nine months, but became a 40-year experiment that followed these men to “end point” (death).

    The real tragedy of the Tuskegee experiment was that the researchers tried to keep the men from receiving proper medical care. When local draft boards let 50 patients know they should be treated during World War II, the U.S. Public Health Service (PHS) had the men in the study dropped so they wouldn’t see a doctor. In 1943, the PHS began prescribing penicillin to treat syphilis, but the men of the Tuskegee Syphilis Study were never offered treatment because that would end the experiment. When penicillin became the standard treatment for syphilis in 1951, the PHS insisted that it was even more important for the Tuskegee study to continue because “it made the experiment a never-again-to-be-repeated opportunity.”

    The Tuskegee Syphilis Study helped contribute to African Americans’ distrust of public health authorities and medical research today. Fear of genocide has been reported by public health and community-based professionals who work in black communities. Unfortunately, details of the Tuskegee Study are not well known and continue to be a source of distortion and misinformation.

    On July 25, 1972, the Washington Star reported on the study, which was still going on at that time. The story became front-page news and the subject of editorials across the nation. Officials in the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare (HEW) and the PHS joined the public outcry condemning the study, but made little effort to defend or justify the experiment.

    Finally, in 1997 President Bill Clinton issued the first formal apology for what the government did to the men in the Tuskegee Study. I was honored to be present at the White House ceremony. Eight men from the Tuskegee Study were still alive to witness the apology. President Clinton said that,“…what was done cannot be undone, but we can heal the pain.” So began a new chapter in our national effort to right the wrongs of the past and move forward with new resolve that all research participants would be treated ethically and with respect.

    Many people contributed to the public outrage, including Rev. Wright, that resulted in a formal Presidential Apology for the Syphilis Study at Tuskegee almost 25 years after it was stopped. But an apology means I am sorry from a president that was not even alive in 1932 when the Tuskegee Study began. What we need to do is move toward ATONEMENT … which means MAKING THINGS BETTER. This is the context in which the national campaign to eliminate racial and ethnic health disparities is part of atonement for the past in order to create a future of health and well being for everyone.


  • Dan

    Fox News is better off just saying that they are doing all they can to damage Obama’s images and distort the truth of Pastor Wright’s long history of service, instead in showing those endless loops of selective video (Fox News and Sean Hannity and basically all the Fox News staff) trying to indoctronate the veiwer as it we are in a Nazi Germany, with Sean Hannity as Hilter after Barack Obama, and all of Fox Network is trailing behind. I watch the fallout with the Fox and Friends incident and they say they were having a discussion on Race. Excuse me, how can three white people have a discussion on race among themselves hammering on one subject of Barack Obama comments about his Grandmother. This so called discussion on race went on for over an hour with them inciting the view to agree with their view. Rupert Murdock network show be call “Fix News” instead of Fox News.

    This is all about these commentator on Fox Network trying to get Barack to say Tobie…Barack’s true spirit continues to say Kunta Kinta. And now Mort on Fox is calling Pastor Wright a “Black Bigot”. These guys are trying their best to incite a racial incident. This is what you call “throwing a rock and hiding your hand.”

  • Angela Barr

    Thank You Roland,I was trying to find the whole sermon to listen to. This sermon is not racist. My spirit was lifted in Jesus name. This pastor is telling God’s heavenly truth. Thank you, Thank you, I have been supporting Obama since he visited South Carolina. I will contine to support his message. I do believe God is responding to our prayers and send Obama our way. Thank you Jesus for Obama.

  • Zelda

    Below is the link to the YouTube video of the 9/11 sermon in it’s complete context. Please view and share it with those who care about the TRUTH in America.

  • Paul

    I miss the likes of William Buckley for his honest, deep, intellectual, analytic methodology and wit. He was a staunch conservative advocate, but he was clear thinking and probed subjects with his razor sharp mind. I want to add my complements to you about your comments. Whether I agree with your views or not, I find you worth hearing out because whenever I’ve heard you, you were intellectually honest and smart. To me you stand out from most of the commentators whose words simply seem to follow their dogma or political agenda. I will be listening to what you have to say.

  • Kasha F

    Thank you Roland Martin for being the voice of reason and intelligence. Finally there is someone who understands what Barack Obama’s speech on Tuesday was about. Yes, he had to mention Rev. Wright because the media and the public demanded a response, but his speech was about so much more than the sound clips shown on television, Wright’s sermons, or why Obama chose to stay with his church. His speech was about racial relations in our country, a topic that desperately needs to be discussed for a long time to come.

    Thank you for trying to explain to the American people what his speech was about. I wish his actual speech and your analysis of it could reach millions more people. It could make such a difference!

    And thank you for challenging CNN to be the leader in providing balanced and thorough reporting. In my opinion they have not accepted the challenge. For the most part CNN and the other main stream media outlets are still hung up on the Rev. Wright issue and now the comment about a “typical white woman” and are still not facing the real racial issues facing our country.

    I am a white woman, in my 50′s, and I am an ardent supporter of Barack Obama. I have listened to what he has to say, read his books and his position statements and compared his character, intelligence and vision of our future to the other candidates. There is no doubt in my mind that the USA needs him to our next President.

    And by the way, I am not the least bit offended by the “typical white woman” comment. People need to also listen to that in its full context and then if they are still offended I request they take a deep, soul-searching look inside themselves to see why. I find that when I am deeply offended by something said it is because it touched a sore spot inside of me, one that hit a nerve.

    Why are we as a people so afraid to have the meaningful discussions, but think nothing of smearing others, distorting the truth and spreading lies? The media and the public owe Rev. Wright and Barack Obama a sincere apology.

  • Celucien Joseph

    I thought I would post here my answers to Thabiti Anyabwile’s various questions regarding Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s controversial sermon, “Confusing God and Government.”

    1.What passage of Scripture is the preacher considering?

    Luke 19:37-44 ( Thesis: y’all looking to the government for only what God can give. A lot of people confuse God with their government.”)

    2. What are the major points of the sermon?

    A)Governments lie.
    B)Governments change
    C)Governments fail

    3. Do the major points/content of the sermon grow out of the text itself? Are the preacher’s points the same points made by the text?

    •Well the major points of the sermon did not directly derive from the Lukan passage. Nonetheless, the major points of the sermon are consistent only to what the preacher wanted to communicate with the tex, but not in accordance with the message that Luke endeavored to communicate to th early christians ( his audience). Luke’s ultimate goal in this passage was to certify Jesus’ messianic status (v. 38; “Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord!) , his royal personage ( He is the Son of David, He is King), and his messianic role as the Coming one predicted by OT prophets . Luke also developed the nature of Jesus’s kingship ( i.e. they set Jesus on the colt; he rode along…) . He also told us about Jesus’ sentiment about the people, the society, and the religious system— Jesus wept over the moral decadence of the society and religious system of his time.

    •Talking about Rev. Wright’s major points: we might suggest that perhaps this particular text ( Luke 19: 37-44) bears some imperial overtones. In this regard, Rev. Wright’s points on the nature of Goverments in generally are consistent with what we know about the Roman imperial system . For example, in verse 43 Jesus predicted that, “For the days will come upon you, when your enemies will set up a barricade around you and surround you and hem you in on every side and tear you down to the ground, you and your children within you.” Christian Church historans informed us about a host of christian martyrs in the hand of Roman Goverment. We also know about Nero’s persecution against Christians, those who professed the Lordship of Christ. We also know that the Roman emprie promised peace to his people. That Rome and its citizens were the natural home of freedom and liberty. “They had established a democracy, the pretense of which was kept up throughout the early imperial period” ( N.T. Wright, Paul in Fresh Perspective, 63)
    . So Freedom, justice, peace and salvation were the predominant themes of the Roman imperalism (ibid). So Rev. Wright might have a case here but not according to Luke’s salvific message, it is rather based on the implications of the social and political structures (ramifications?) of the text.

    4. Does the preacher adequately situate the text and the sermon in the context of the chapter, book, and Bible?

    This is not clear in the sermon.

    5. How does the preacher illustrate his points? Are the illustrations helpful?

    When one studies this sermon carefully it becomes clear that the illustrations substantiate relatively all the major points of the sermon. They are as follows:

    •Government lie (Point 1)
    A) Then he gives a number of examples: (1)“This government lied about their belief that all men were created equal.. The truth is they believed that all white men were created equal. The truth is they did not even believe that white women were created equal, in creation nor civilization. (2) “The government lied about Pearl Harbor. They knew the Japanese were going to attack. (3) “The government lied about the Tuskegee experiment. They purposely infected African American men with syphilis. (4) The government lied about inventing the HIV virus as a means of genocide against people of colo. (5) The government lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq being a threat to the United States peace.”

    He follows a coherent pattern in points 2 and 3.
    •Government change ( Point 2)
    Examples ,(1) “ Prior to Abraham Lincoln, the government in this country said it was legal to hold African in slavery in perpetuity…when Lincoln got in office, the government changed. (2) Prior to the Civil Rights and equal accommodation laws of the government in this country, there was backed segregation by the country, legal discrimination by the government, prohibited blacks from voting by the government, you had to eat and sit in separate places by the government, you had sit in different places from white folks because the government said so, and you had to buried in a separate cemetery . (3) “Where governments change, God does not change. God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. That’s what his name I Am means. He does not change.”

    •Government Fail ( Point 3; so the Roman Governement failed)
    Illustrations, (1) And the United States of America government, when it came to treating her citizens of Indian descent, she failed. She put them on reservations. (2) When it came to putting the citizens of African descent fairly, America failed. She put them in chains. The government put them on slave quarters. Put them on auction blocks. Put them in cotton fields. Put them in inferior schools. Put them in substandard housing. Put them scientific experiments. (3) Tell your neighbor he’s (going to) help us one last time. Turn back and say forgive him for the God Damn, that’s in the Bible though. Blessings and curses is in the Bible. It’s in the Bible.Where government fail, God never fails. When God says it, it’s done. God never fails. When God wills it, you better get out the way, cause God never fails. When God fixes it, oh believe me it’s fixed. God never fails. Somebody right now, you think you can’t make it, but I want you to know that you are more than a conqueror through Christ. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

    6. What are the preacher’s main applications? Are the applications clearly related to the main point of the passage? How would you evaluate the usefulness of the applications?

    My suggestion is that Rev. Wright wanted his audience to know that although the Government (might lie) has lied to us, (might fail) failed us and (might change) has changed or is subject to change ; God does not lie. God does not change, and God does not fail. It is also evident that the applications verify his major points. GOD NEVER FAILS is the main idea of the sermon. Rev. Contextually, Rev. Wright upholds the consistency of God in his dealings with mankind , in the midst of a changing world or government.

    7. Does the preacher make the gospel clear and urge his hearers to respond to the gospel?

    According to Roland Martin’s observation, “He (Rev. Wright) then went on to talk about the salvation of Christians through the death of Jesus Christ. The sermon ended with a song proclaiming, ‘God never fails’ “

    8. What improvements might you recommend?

    Follow the message of the TEXT! In this particular case ( Luke 19:37-44), let the message of the text consume you: your heart, your soul, your mind with the message of the cross, then you can communicate this same message to the people of God.

    I also want to add that the media has failed to read Rev. Wright in context.In the same way, Rev. Wright’s sermon has failed the message of the cross, which , Luke communicated in the relevant passage.

  • imustdog

    Just want to take the time to say thank you Roland for be true to the truth and your community. As a member of TUCC who attended bout sermons, and have review the CD’s, I knew Fox was out of pocket and it really angered me that no one would check them. I posted a wav file on site with more context but I’m sure no one listened to it. Thanks for push as thy are truly the one throwing the rocks!

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article s 9/11 sermon, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • mrogi

    Mr. Wright was claiming that Mr. Peck’s remarks bore out the truth of Malcolm X’s phrase. He was not merely quoting Mr. Peck. In his sermon, Rev Wright was asserting that America’s chickens had indeed come home to roost.

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Listen to Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s 9/11 sermon, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • Beverly


    Thank you for making this available on your website…i clears up a lot of things for me. I found this to be a very touching sermon. I am Catholic, and I went to my Bible to read the scriptures he referenced.

    It is devastating to me that Fox News (specifically Sean Hannity) has taken a sound bite to help disparage support for Senator Obama. I am disappointed that people will not hear the entire message….I just wish that there would be some way that the entire sermon could be heard by everyone expecially the Pennsylvania voters before the primary. Again , thank you.

  • Derrilyn


    Do you know if any of the guests on CNN ahve actually listened to whole sermon? Has Anderon Cooper listened to the whole thing? Has Lou Dobbs? Lou Dobbs loves you, get him to listen to the 9/11 sermon.

    I find it hard to beleive that these news organizations haven’t checked their sources. I mean, where did this footage come from? Not Trinty, because it has been edited and spliced together.

  • Rodney

    Let the truth be told, if Barack Obama didn`t have any affiliation with this church none of this would even matter. If Obama wasn`t running for president and was attending this same church, the sermons mentioned would have never reached public news. People please wake-up. This country will never unite, it was built on division, thats why blacks had to fight for equality and rights that whites had written to law. Do you honestly think that you should have to tell a man it is not right to rape my wife and ten year-old daughter for their own enjoyment, and not spend a minute in jail? Please. There are people in this country that simply don`t want to unite, and this mindset is where the hatred and divisions come from. Why are we even having this conversation? Those comments that the reverend made were those if his own mind, not Obama. You shouldn`t have to explain this to civil minded americans. He was preaching to a group of a few thousand people, not a one on one with Obama. This is nothing less than a personal attack on Obama, from the racial minds of people that don`t want to see blacks with anything. If this had been an all white election (as usual) we would be talking about the shark attacks off the coast of Florida, or somebody`s dog riding a skate board. Ask yourself why Barack isn`t classified a mulatto man, or a man of mixed parents in the eyes of the mainstream media? Even when Obama has repeatedly explained his family back-ground. Wake-up people. Lets stop sweeping this race thing under the rug and deal with this problem. Ask yourself why haven`t any of the other candidates stepped-up to talk about race. Are they like some of the people that I had mentioned that don`t want to unite? Of course, when was the last last time you seen rich folks looking for poor friends? This isn`t rocket science people. If you are part of the dying middle class (which Im sure you are) you better get real about who you vote for and not be so quick to judge. Remember what Hillary said during one of the debates? She said ” No matter who wins the nomination senator Obama and myself along with our family and friends will be alright. Its the american people that Im worried about.” Ask yourself, middle class and poor folks, what did that comment mean.

  • Rachel

    Dear Mr. Martin,

    Are you certain that the speech you link to was given on Sept. 16? Several comments Wright makes in the speech seem to indicate this is not the case. In addition, many sources claim Peck did not appear on Fox until the beginning of October, 2001. Could you recheck the date?

    Also, are you certain Peck made the chickens are coming home to roost comment? From everything I’ve read about Peck, I believe Wright got the general gist of his argument about Iraq and terrorism right, but I think the chickens comment may have been Wright’s way of paraphrasing Peck’s general assessment of the situation.

  • W Johnson

    tom –

    Roland’s agenda is to trash American government (read white people) to his benefit.

    Instead of trying to get his people to set goals and work towards their goals, he prefers to blame whitey for their failures.

    This will only bring more….failure.

    Any successful person has had goals and works tirelessly to achieve his goals. Unsuccessful people have no goals and blame others for their failures.

    Again I ask, do blacks ever wonder why Asians come here, speaking little English and fly by them (and many whites, but this is a racist page) economically?

  • Gerry


    I want to thank you for being the voice for all people on CNN! I would like you to get the anchors on CNN to listen to all of the sermon’s in question. The sermon with Rev. Wright preaching, “The Chicken has come home to roost” is him QUOTING then ambassador Edward Peck. If anyone listen to the sermon, they would know he was going off of what someone else said. Please get this information out to the people.

  • love

    Please Roland or anyone who knows how to do it,
    You have to get this on Youtube also. Youtube has been saturated with the negativity of Rev. Wright’s sermon. I think that it is very important for Americans to listen to the ENTIRE truth of what is being said. It is time for a change or America will fail. The power lies within us all. This is very powerful.

  • love

    W Johnson – you are highly incorrect. Rev. Wright is not blaming as you said, “whitey” for the failure of black people and neither do I believe the majority of hard working black people are blaming “whitey.” There is such a thing as Institutional Racism that allows many Asians and others to do well in this country as opposed to other ethnic groups, such as blacks. It has been going on for hundreds of years in this country – to address your specific concern regarding “blaming.”

    It is ignorant, shallow and small – minded of you to lack the ability to hear and understand the entire message and realize the truths in what is being said. You only hear what is convenient for you to hear.

    When will people like you realize the importance of the old cliche’ “what goes around, eventually does come back around.” Wake up, my friend.

  • Diane

    Thank you for this sermon on the website. It should be advertised on national television so that everyone is afforded the opportunity to hear what was said in its entirity before coming to conclusions. I would love to hear him when he visits the Hampton Roads area. He is truly a man of God and is concerned about spreading the Word of God to all people. The sermon was as the Word says. I looked at the scriptures as he was speaking. It was very informative and educational. There’s nothing wrong with what the Reverend says in this sermon. I found it to be quite interesting. A Blessed Sermon. Thank you again and stay BLESSED.

  • Hiram Abiff

    W. Johnson,

    OMG, which one is worst, a African American Preacher who speaks /or/ Irish Priests who bang Innocent Little Altar Boys in their A-holes and Pieholes?

    Dude no one is going to read your “Long Stupid Drawn Out Sermon Blogs”. Go have a Drink you Irish Homo, lol. Keep popping “Penis Pills”, maybe thats why you love banging Boys in their butts just as your Priest does!

    The Irish have not contributed nothing of substance to America, but a Drunk Slut of a President who had his wig split, wonder why? Long Lives the Queen of England who continues to take dumps on Ireland ;-)

  • patty

    Mr. Martin,
    Thank you for the sermon on Rev. Wright. It blessed me to hear what he had to say.
    People that listen to that massage and missed the issuse that was spoken by Rev. Wright don’t understand the massage or the massager. We are living in an evil world and America has been a blessed country. When we think of the Black American’s that had to deal with slavery can understand the massage.

    I think that Obama need to continue to be about change, this is our only hope for America and forget about what people are saying about Rev. Wright. What happen to freedom of speech.

  • Roberta Peterson

    I’m so glad that I received this email to allow me to listen to Rev. Wright sermon. It is sad that the media did not allow the whole sermon to be heard, but why should we expect anything different from them; reality television is what sells. This war just didn’t start with 9/11 it started a long time ago. Rev. Wright actually said out loud what so many people wanted to say, but was too scared to say. God’s word is what it is and all Rev. Wright did was apply it to what’s going on in the world now. Jesus is coming back and each person will have to give an account for their own soul.

  • KM

    Roland, you need to be applauded for having one of the few websites that actually posts the ENTIRE sermon. Thank you for continuing to support our community and for trying to enlighten the nation. Whether people want to hear it or not, Rev. Wright did not come up with these “thoughts” by himself. History and facts speak for themselves. Wake up people? Do you think the innocent lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and all the other countries we’ve screwed over, were deserving of an untimely end??? Or do you believe America is the only place where innocent people have died? Of course the victims of 9/11 didn’t deserve to die – that’s not what he said! He’s saying that our shady politics the past few decades have caused some backlash. WHERE IS THE PROBLEM? Michael Moore says it and he makes millions of dollars, Reverend Wright says it and he is blasted. Hmm….

  • Faye

    Roland I sent your link to a white friend overseas. This friend has never attended a Black church. His response was the same as any sane person’s would be — when the sermon is heard in its entirety or the total comment on the chickens coming home to roost, the is no problem. It is unfortunate we have a media which has become so biased that itnot only refuses to report the truth it has now taken to distorting completely the facts. What I find most troubling is the hatred I read from some whites. This is troubling because they obviously do not understand that Rev. Wright amd those like him are attempting to rebuild our communities and keep our communiteis and our families in harmony. So one must ask the quesdtion do the Hanity’s of the world really want Blacks to be self-sufficient or do they want them to be dependent.

  • W Johnson


    I give up, you are too sharp for me.

    When blacks take over, in what role do you see yourself? Shoe shine/car wash/Micky D’s, or something even more important?


  • W Johnson


    Believe me, I am awake.

    Are you saying there is a conspiracy designed to keep blacks down and allow Asians to excel?

    Sounds kinda paranoid, doesn’t it?

    I’ve never heard about the conspiracy and you would think being white I would…..where can I find out about it?

    What about a black kid who does well in school and is called “acting white”?

    Big B trashes Jews in his own special Nazi like way, but they stress and value education.

    I went to high school at Potomac High School in Oxon Hill, MD; Prince Georges county. At the time it was a fine school system. Now that blacks have moved into the county, the school is garbage. How do you blame that on whitey?

  • Hiram Abiff

    Wigga Johnson,

    I see myself pissing on Guys like you, lol ;-)

  • W Johnson


    You are a riot!

    That will NEVER happen! But, at least you gave me a laugh on a Monday morning.

    Enjoy your life, shoe shine boy schvatza.

  • W Johnson


    And you know what, I think I’ve been wrong about you all this time!

    I’m a big man and I can admit it.

    You have such lofty goals.

    You are truly a schvatza to be proud of!

  • W Johnson
  • W Johnson

    Hiram –

    Sorry, bro, youse be a RIOT!!


  • W. Scott

    Roland, Thank your for providing this sermon. I am a 50 yr. old white, born in the south and have never lived outside it. I can remember “white only” public swimming pools, water fountains, waiting rooms at the bus station and restaurants that served blacks ONLY “to go” if they offered any service at all. I remember mill workers who warned each other: “don’t talk about unions….they’ll fire us all and hire a bunch of * *(you know the word).

    I Remember when the “civil rights movement” came to our little town. A several young, black men, home for the summer from college, and perhaps inspired by the Woolworth’s Sit-In in Greensboro NC, staged a sit in at the local lunch counter (“staged a sit-in” sounds so dramatic…all they did was ask to pay their money and sit and eat lunch!) They were, of course arrested and taken to jail.

    My father, a local minister, received a call that day from the pastor of a black church of the same denomination as ours. It seems that the Jail personnel wouldn’t allow anyone to see the young men…not Family OR clergy, and apparently all the lawyers in town were “too busy” to intervene. The Reverend asked dad to come down and see if the jailers would refuse a white clergyman. Dad went and was allowed to see the guys, they were alright and not being mistreated, (that is, other than being thrown in jail for asking for lunch!). Dad asked if there was anything they needed and they asked for some milk, so dad went down the block and got some and brought it back. By the next day, the “Rumor Mill” (any small town’s Largest employer!) was afire with news that dad had bought them all “Steak Dinners” and probably more lies that were not repeated in my hearing.

    Shortly afterward, I was chased home from school by my “buddies”, the neighborhood children who went to the all white elementary school I attended and with whom I had played baseball and football and etc. for what seemed most of my life. They threw rocks and sticks at me and yelled and cursed and screamed: “Your Daddy’s a ****** – lover and so are you!”

    As a Third-grader, I had no understanding of what was happening, but I grew to know that I was confronting the ugly face of white racism in America. Those “buddies” are all “conservatives” and proud Republicans. Small wonder I’m an Obama fan.

  • Kathleen Feeney

    These are the greatest words that I have heard spoken on proper reflection and reaction the terrible events of 9/11.

    It is a sad case that the media tried to make this speaker look insane through excepts that might scare conservatives.

    It makes me happy that Americans did not seem to take that media bait. Maybe some fearful individuals did take that bait but those Americans would have been fear driven anyway in their thinking.

    I thank the retired Reverend for his words .. and now I am grateful that through a twisted media I did come to hear this entire sermon. Maybe Barack Obama is going to to bring about social change..peace..civility..courage..the best in all of us .. and we will listen and raise up the fearful Americans too .. and really move forward as a great nation … thank you to whoever posted this entire sermon

  • B. Shelley

    Roland, I sure hope you have time to address this or pass it along to someone. I have sent this to several black talk show host and reporters at CNN, hoping to get this story back out!! I am emailing it to everyone I know.

    The Wright preacher thing is petty and doesn’t compare to any of Hillary Clinton’s deceit. Senator Clinton and the media have ‘beaten a dead horse to death’ with the Wright story…why don’t they just bury the poor horse??! I’m tired of her trying to take the focus off herself, and her fake Bosnia ordeal. If I remember correctly didn’t she lie about her ‘experience’ in Kosavo and Ireland? Does anybody know about her receiving fundraiser monies in 2000? This story was buried by the Clintons, the judge AND the media!!

    Everyone needs to take a look at the YouTube video, parts 1 and 2, concerning the Case of Paul vs. Clinton? The Video shows evidence of donations she received for, The Hillary Clinton Fundraiser, hosted by Peter Paul in August of 2000. She is said to have received over a million dollars which she said she never took. Strangely, there were no records showing any contributions received, and Paul ended up in a prison in Brazil! This is also said to have been one of the biggest ‘election law frauds’ ever!! The YouTube video is titled, “The Shocking Video That Hillary Does Not Want You to See”. I wonder what Pennsylvania and her other loyal supporters would think about this!!

  • Greg Jones

    From: Blacks 4 Barack

    WOW ! Hillary’s Religion
    ‘THE FAMILY’ Very Scary !
    Steven G. Brant

    Say Hillary, What About The Religious “Family”
    You Have Chosen To Be Part Of ?

    “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.” said Hillary Clinton, to reporters and editors of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Tuesday the 25th.
    This is an interesting choice of words, since — while we mostly hear about her Methodist upbringing — Hillary Clinton has chosen to associate herself with The Family (also known as the Fellowship), a very conservative, fundamentalist organization started by Abraham Vereide…
    “…an immigrant preacher who in 1935 organized a small group of businessmen sympathetic to European fascism, fusing the Far Right with his own polite but authoritarian faith. From that core, Vereide built an international network of fundamentalists who spoke the language of establishment power, a “family” that thrives to this day. In public, they host prayer breakfasts; in private they preach a gospel of “biblical capitalism,” military might, and American empire. Citing Hitler, Lenin, and Mao, Doug Coe, the Family’s current leader, declares, “We work with power where we can, build new power where we can’t.”

    This quote is taken from the book on The Family by the same name which will be published in May… a book which claims to
    “…dramatically challenge conventional wisdom about American fundamentalism, revealing its crucial role in the unraveling of the New Deal, the waging of the Cold War, and the no-holds-barred economics of globalization. The question Sharlet believes we must ask is not “What do fundamentalists want?” but “What have they already done?”
    A long article was written about Hillary Clinton’s participation in this organization last September in Mother Jones, and The Family, itself, was the subject of an extensive article in Harper’s in March of 2003. And on March 21st, The Nation published an article on Hillary and The Family by Barbara Ehrenreich that was published on The Huffington Post and CBS News’ web site.

    The Family avoids the word Christian but worships Jesus, though not the Jesus who promised the earth to the “meek.” They believe that, in mass societies, it’s only the elites who matter, the political leaders who can build God’s “dominion” on earth. Insofar as The Family has a consistent philosophy, it’s all about power – cultivating it, building it and networking it together into ever-stronger units, or “cells.”…wrote Ms.Ehrenreich.

    Is it possible that Hillary’s participation in this fundamentalist group — which apparently preaches the “gospel of military might” — would help explain her vote in favor of authorizing President Bush to attack Iraq? Is it possible her pro-NAFTA stance during her husband’s administration comes from its embrace of “the no-holds-barred economics of globalization”? Is it possible that the sense some get that Hillary feels entitled to be president comes in part from this group’s belief that “it’s only the elites who matter”?

    I encourage any reporter covering Hillary’s campaign to ask her about all this.
    At a time when so many people are wondering what sort of effect the Rev. Wright’s sermons may have had on Barack Obama, I think it’s only fair to ask what sort of effect The Family’s fundamentalist mission has had – and continues to have – on Hillary Clinton. We know that
    George Bush engages in truly fundamentalist thinking. There is no person or new information capable of challenging his belief that what he already knows is right. Is Hillary Clinton like this in some way? I am not sure.

    But the opinion I have formed from this is that – while Hillary Clinton may be considered a Liberal by many – on the inside she is a deeply Conservative person… possibly as close to being a Republican today as she was when she was a young woman supporting Senator Goldwater. This helps explain, to me, why she and John McCain are such good friends. They are both drawn to the use of military power and free market capitalism… and to taking money from lobbyists. The other opinion I have formed is that those who say there are no policy differences between Hillary and Barack haven’t taken into account how their religious differences might impact the policies they would actually seek to implement as president.


    Visit: Official Site

  • kuntakinte
  • Greg Jones

    Blacks4Barack presents:
    Hillary’s Religion (cult ?) ‘THE FAMILY’
    Very Scary !
    Prays To Jesus For The Elite To Rule The World

    The media has repeatedly aired the short clips of Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s rhetoric in attempt to discredit and smear Barack Obama. But what’s even more interesting is the fact that the media never discusses Hillary Clinton’s religion, which is extremely telling and even frightening. A closer look into her ‘religion’ gives one a clearer picture of why she is the way she is.In a recent article by Steven Brandt many truths about Hillary’s religion, called ‘ The Family’ will make you shutter. The question is….where’s the media on this one ?

    Brandt writes, “You don’t choose your family, but you choose what church you want to attend.” said Hillary Clinton, to reporters and editors of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review on Tuesday the 25th. This is an interesting choice of words, since — while we mostly hear about her Methodist upbringing — Hillary Clinton has chosen to associate herself with The Family (also known as the Fellowship), a very conservative, fundamentalist organization started by Abraham Vereide…
    “…an immigrant preacher who in 1935 organized a small group of businessmen sympathetic to European fascism, fusing the Far Right with his own polite but authoritarian faith. From that core, Vereide built an international network of fundamentalists who spoke the language of establishment power, a “family” that thrives to this day. In public, they host prayer breakfasts; in private they preach a gospel of “biblical capitalism,” military might, and American empire. Citing Hitler, Lenin, and Mao, Doug Coe, the Family’s current leader, declares, “We work with power where we can, build new power where we can’t.”
    This quote is taken from the book on The Family by the same name which will be published in May… a book which claims to
    “…dramatically challenge conventional wisdom about American fundamentalism, revealing its crucial role in the unraveling of the New Deal, the waging of the Cold War, and the no-holds-barred economics of globalization. The question Sharlet believes we must ask is not “What do fundamentalists want?” but “What have they already done?”
    A long article was written about Hillary Clinton’s participation in this organization last September in Mother Jones, and The Family, itself, was the subject of an extensive article in Harper’s in March of 2003. And on March 21st, The Nation published an article on Hillary and The Family by Barbara Ehrenreich that was published on The Huffington Post and CBS News’ web site.
    The Family avoids the word Christian but worships Jesus, though not the Jesus who promised the earth to the “meek.” They believe that, in mass societies, it’s only the elites who matter, the political leaders who can build God’s “dominion” on earth. Insofar as The Family has a consistent philosophy, it’s all about power – cultivating it, building it and networking it together into ever-stronger units, or “cells.”
    …wrote Ms.Ehrenreich.
    Is it possible that Hillary’s participation in this fundamentalist group — which apparently preaches the “gospel of military might” — would help explain her vote in favor of authorizing President Bush to attack Iraq? Is it possible her pro-NAFTA stance during her husband’s administration comes from its embrace of “the no-holds-barred economics of globalization”? Is it possible that the sense some get that Hillary feels entitled to be president comes in part from this group’s belief that “it’s only the elites who matter”?
    I encourage any reporter covering Hillary’s campaign to ask her about all this.

    At a time when so many people are wondering what sort of effect the Rev. Wright’s sermons may have had on Barack Obama, I think it’s only fair to ask what sort of effect The Family’s fundamentalist mission has had – and continues to have – on Hillary Clinton. We know that George Bush engages in truly fundamentalist thinking. There is no person or new information capable of challenging his belief that what he already knows is right. Is Hillary Clinton like this in some way? I am not sure.

    But the opinion I have formed from this is that – while Hillary Clinton may be considered a Liberal by many – on the inside she is a deeply Conservative person… possibly as close to being a Republican today as she was when she was a young woman supporting Senator Goldwater. This helps explain, to me, why she and John McCain are such good friends. They are both drawn to the use of military power and free market capitalism… and to taking money from lobbyists. The other opinion I have formed is that those who say there are no policy differences between Hillary and Barack haven’t taken into account how their religious differences might impact the policies they would actually seek to implement as president.
    (end of article)

    So now a few things make more sense about Hillary. In review, she’s in a kinda power-hungry cult which is actually run by her fellow Republicans which she is secretly one of ! It also makes sense why she could care less about detroying the Democratic Party. Also, beware of her claim to work toward ending the Iraq war. That is another great lie that she is telling. If you listen to her claims she commonly repeats ‘ I will start getting troops out within my first 60 days ‘…..How many ? 3….1000…10,000 ? Don’t be fooled. Hillary has no desire to end the war. She’ll bring 5 troops home then say that she kept her word.

    The media should be called out for not exposing this cult. Problem is, they would also be revealing the truths about their fellow Republican’s plan and prayers to ‘rule the world’ by any means. So it’s up to us, regular Americans like you and I, to help spread the truth in spite of the media…..For The Re-Birth of America !

    Greg Jones
    Visit: (A Multi-Racial Organization)

  • Angelsoul

    I just spent 45 minutes listening to this Sermon. I am a woman who comes from a mixed race family and who also attends a predominately black church. I am also a Ron Paul Supporter. Reverend Wrights Sermon sounded very much like our services. I did not hear in this sermon anything different from what is preached many Sunday’s in our church.

    Has America become so arrogant that we really believe we have done no wrong? Now years after we invaded Iraq, under the guise of the WMD lie – Millions of innocent civilians are DEAD. Dr. Paul said the same thing that Reverend Wright said, and that is this- That even in 9/11 commission report cited our Foreign Policy in the Middle East as one of the primary reasons for what happened on 9/11 .. The BlowBack concept … and Ron Paul was ridiculed, laughed at and attacked for it, and the Main Stream Media twisted his words, saying that he said we provoked the “attacks”.

    When are we as a nation going to wake up and see the evils of certain someones (the elite) so obviously thinking that their lives are worth something, but other lives aren’t worth the dirt under their shoe? When are WE as a nation going to join hands TOGETHER and fight for HUMAN RIGHTS!

    The elite of this world would like nothing more for us to remain divided. Divide and Conquer – the oldest trick in the book. We need to LOVE our fellow Americans regardless of their race or religion, and stand together against those who would seek to take advantage of us, rip our freedoms away from us, and further divide us.

    Start tomorrow … During your normal day STOP looking at people by what they look like and realize we are ALL human beings. Stand up for injustice when you see it before it is too late.

  • Vic Manning

    How do you pass yourself off as a journalist, who, by definition, is supposed to be a non-biased participant in the process covering and uncovering news? You are biased and racist and don’t deserve the title “journalist”. I’m sure this post will be removed or not even posted in the spirit of manipulated “news” coverage this year.

  • Jericho


    If anyone ojects to anything I posted BELOW… I am only following the good Rev. Wrights lead and telling it like it is!!

    Since he is being divisive in his talk… let me lovingly return the favor. For the Glory of GOD!!

    And let me just say ….. if you TAKE OFFENSE to anything that is written below, than you are probobly just “taking me out of context” and your are probobly a racist.

    Blacks…because of the evolutionary point they were at when they were baught 500yrs ago and braught to the US…
    they were at least 700 years behind the The WHITES in Math, Science, Literature, Technology and so on. They hadn’t even discovered such things yet.

    Do you really think any Africans new what Mathmatics/Geometry or Science was 500yrs ago? of course NOT,

    Everything BLACKS in the U.S. have learned over the last 500 hundred years is because of the WHITE MAN eduacating him
    or (by Black/White teachers teaching WHITE eduacation to the Black children)

    If you look at the “whites” 700yrs ago You will see that Whites, be they.. Greeks, Romans, Europeans, Irish, FRENCH, Italians , not to mention ASIANS …..
    were already lightyears ahead of AFRICANS in their technology and evolution.

    They had already built coliseums (for entertainment), ships (to explore the planet), real HOUSES ( NOT MUDD HUTS), established goverments and so on….

    I’ve never heard of ANY Africans exploring the planet in large SHIPS they built themselves over 500 yrs ago. The WHITE MAN was.

    Africans were still in the endogenous phase of their evolution (living in huts and tribes) and some still are TODAY!

    Europeans were at least 700 yrs ahead of Africans at that time intellectually.

    Blacks were behind WHITES intellectually then and they are still behind WHITES now. That is why we are having this entire discussion! (because Blacks dont GET IT!)

    Slavery was terrible , but it got you out of Africa were you would have most likely starved to death or continued to be inslaved by Muslms and other people, not to mention your own
    African cousins at that time (read the FACTS about your history in that time) whites were not the only ones inslaving you.
    You were doomed either way (because of your intellectual and evolutionary weaknesses).

    Being inslaved by the WHITE man was hard yes, but it exposed you to a portion of the most evolved human being on the planet and because of that you were eduacated and given a spring board
    into the future (far ahead of your African cousins and brothers who stayed in Africa (includeing the ones who would have enslaved you if you would have stayed in africa)…

    the very IDEAS of…
    All of your current schools are based off of the idea and eduacation system of WHITES.
    All of your current organizations are based from the idea of WHITE organizations.
    All of your current Music is based off of the invention of WHITE/European and Asian musical instruments
    Your CAR was invented by a WHITE man.
    Your medicene that you take for your Diabetes was created by a WHITE Man…
    Your Kentucky Fried Chicken was created from a recipe by a WHITE MAN…

    and so on and so on…

    All of your GUNS…..invented by White Men
    All of your Houses were built from the Engineering technology of of the WHITE MAN..
    All of your Liquer you drink exists because of the Brewing Technology of the WHITE MAN….
    All of your “Colt 45″ Malt Liquer Beer .. which was founded in 1844 by Jacob Best (a WHITE MAN from Germany)
    Your Job was taken away from a more capable WHITE PERSON and given to you by “Affirmative Action” (because of WHITE legislation)

    You are who you are today because of the WHITE man getting you out of AFRICA and you have evolved ONLY from being exsposed to the EUROPEAN “WHITE” MAN.
    Otherwise you would still be living in MUDD HUTS and starving to death in AFRICA.

    Their’s no NEGRO College Fund or Welfare System in AFRICA.
    Your life is better in America because of the WHITE MAN…if NOT, then why arent African Americans returning to AFRICA today??
    because they have it better in AMERICA!!

    If you dont believe me just bring a group of Africans from the Sudan to the United States and observe them in our modern Society (they are LOST)

    and that’s exactly where you would be if it wasn’t for the WHITE MAN!!

    You want to bite the very hand that feeds you (through food stamps) and you want to attack the very race that made you who you are today.

    Equality is an “IDEAL” it will never be a reality for AFRICAN AMERICANS because you will never be EQUAL intellectually….maybe someday you will be equal in POPULATION but NEVER intellectually.
    UNLESS you mix marry into the white race then your Children will stand a chance.
    Such as BARACK OBAMA (he’s HALF WHITE… could that be why he was able to graduate from Harvard a WHITE college??)

    Could that be why he can talk and make sense to WHITE people and get the Majority of the vote in a WHITE state such as IOWA????

    Could that be why a Black Preacher such as Jeremiah Wright speaks and makes no sense and (all he does is MAKE ENEMIES) when he tries to speak to the same WHITE people.

  • Karen Lewis

    RE:Jericho statement saying Blacks cannot be equal intellectually to Whites, and that Jeremiah Wright speaks and makes no sense to Whites.

    Are you saying a whites higher intelligence keeps him from understanding Wright? Am I understanding you correctly? I am white and he makes perfect sense to me. Actually, I would venture to guess your IQ in no way can measure up to Wrights IQ.

  • Ms. Barnes


    The Obama supporters should march on Washington to show our Love for our President.

    We are the 51% that voted for him, and he is getting ripped to shreds. We have shown we can make CHANGE happen.

    Can we come together once agian? I think this would show Obama we are here for him and that, we understand what he is going through.

    Ronald, you have the voice to make this happen, unite us.

    Thank You.

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