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Re-visiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons

04/24/2008 8:31 pm 110 comments

Well, since the Rev is back in the news, take a listen to his two most controversial sermons.

Rev. Wright’s 9/11 Sermon

This sermon was delivered on Sept. 16, 2001 and is titled, “The Day of Jerusalem’s Fall.”

powered by ODEORev. Wright’s ‘God Damn America’ sermon

This is the nearly 40-minute sermon Rev. Jeremiah Wright gave on April 13, 2003, titled, “Confusing God and Government.” For those of us watching and listening to the media in the last week, it is better known as the “God Damn America” sermon.

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    I am truly outraged at the Republican party, which I was a member until this election and the Clinton’s for their smear campaign tactic against Senator Obama. Between Hillary and John, they are using the News Media and others to make this race into shameful distortion of the truth of Senator Obama’s character.

    Senator Obama is a man of principals and dignity who has been running against three oppoinets, The Clinton’s, John McCain and the News Media.

    I would like to see John McCain address these issues:

    John McCain is a maverick senator, Vietnam veteran and former prisoner of war for 5 years in North Vietnam. In 2000, he nearly beat George W. Bush by being an outspoken, even honest politician, which stunned everybody. He also is known for crafting bipartisan approaches to issues such as smoking and campaign reform.

    This time around though, at 71, he apparently decided “now or never” and seems to have sold his soul, suddenly adopting a bunch of boilerplate conservative positions he was brave enough to resist 8 years ago. Now, conveniently, he’s even claiming to be a Baptist instead of an Episcopalian.

    It didn’t look like anyone was buying it for a while there, but danged if he hasn’t come back and pretty much sewed up the Republican nomination. McCain went from front runner to 3rd or 4th in various polls, spent all of his huge pile of cash and lost most of his staff, and worked his way back into a dominant position.

    Here are some negative allegations:
    Affairs — Religion Shopping — A Junkie Wife — Keating 5 — Mafia Ties — Quotes — Sources– << Return To Skeleton Closet Main Page

    That New Time ReligionJohn McCain grew up Episcopalian. He went to an Episcopalian high school. For at least 15 years, he has been listed as an Episcopalian in authoritative directories such as the Almanac of American Politics and Congressional Quarterly’s Politics in America 2008. He told a reporter from McClatchy News Service in June 2007 that he was an Episcopalian.

    Suddenly, in September 2007, he’s campaigning in South Carolina, the heavily Baptist state where George W. Bush barely managed to stop McCain’s presidential campaign 8 years ago. And guess what? McCain tells a reporter “By the way, I’m not Episcopalian. I’m Baptist.”

    When pressed, he said he’s attended the North Phoenix Baptist Church in Arizona for more than 15 years, though he has never been baptized in that church. Now see, that’s exactly the problem. Baptism is kind of a big thing in the Baptist Church. (That’s how they got the name.) No baptism, not Baptist.

    Anyway, details aside, this is one very clear indication of how McCain has changed. Now, he’s just another hungry politician, happy to pander if it helps him win. Which eliminates the very reason people were excited about him in 2000 — his honesty.

    Founding Member of the Keating FiveBack in the old days, defendants in famous trials got numbers — the Chicago Eight, the Gang of Four, the Dave Clark Five, the Daytona 500. McCain was one of the “Keating Five,” congressmen investigated on ethics charges for strenuously helping convicted racketeer Charles Keating after he gave them large campaign contributions and vacation trips.

    Charles Keating was convicted of racketeering and fraud in both state and federal court after his Lincoln Savings & Loan collapsed, costing the taxpayers $3.4 billion. His convictions were overturned on technicalities; for example, the federal conviction was overturned because jurors had heard about his state conviction, and his state charges because Judge Lance Ito (yes, that judge) screwed up jury instructions. Neither court cleared him, and he faces new trials in both courts.)

    Though he was not convicted of anything, McCain intervened on behalf of Charles Keating after Keating gave McCain at least $112,00 in contributions. In the mid-1980s, McCain made at least 9 trips on Keating’s airplanes, and 3 of those were to Keating’s luxurious retreat in the Bahamas. McCain’s wife and father-in-law also were the largest investors (at $350,000) in a Keating shopping center; the Phoenix New Times called it a “sweetheart deal.”

    Mafia ties:In 1995, McCain sent birthday regards, and regrets for not attending, to Joseph “Joe Bananas” Bonano, the head of the New York Bonano crime family, who had retired to Arizona. Another politician to send regrets was Governor Fife Symington, who has since been kicked out of office and convicted of 7 felonies relating to fraud and extortion.

    Family ProblemsMcCain has a reputation as a politician who has difficulty keeping his pants zipped, according to Republican sources. He acknowledges that his adultery broke up his first marriage. His second wife Cindy, the daughter of a wealthy Budweiser beer distributor, was addicted to prescription narcotics and even stole hard drugs from a medical charity that she ran. McCain acknowledges that she didn’t want him to run, and only agreed once he promised that she doesn’t have to go to New Hampshire or Iowa.

    And Hillary, can you please share your friends with everyone and the Fraud case that your family are in the middle of?


    CNN, MARCH 1998 – Democratic fund-raiser Johnny Chung has agreed to plead guilty to election law violations and cooperate in the ongoing Justice Department investigation into illegal campaign fund-raising in the 1996 elections. . . Chung became a major figure in the Democratic fund-raising scandal when it was learned he made almost 50 visits to the White House. During one visit, Chung gave first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton’s then-chief of staff, Maggie Williams, a $50,000 check for the Democratic National Committee. The check was delivered inside the White House. Two days later Chung was able to bring a group of Chinese businessmen to watch President Bill Clinton deliver a radio address in the Oval Office. They then had their picture taken with the president. The DNC returned more than $300,000 that Chung raised because of questions about the source of the money.


    NY POST, 2000 – Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Senate campaign returned $22,000 in “soft money” to a businesswoman linked to a Democratic campaign contribution from a drug smuggler in Havana. The donation by Vivian Mannerud Verble, first reported by The Post, was the largest single contribution received by Clinton’s soft-money committee. Verble, whose company runs charter flights between Cuba and Miami, also served as the fund-raising intermediary between Jorge Cabrera and the Democratic National Committee in 1995, according to congressional investigators. The probers reportedly learned that Cabrera cut a $20,000 check to the DNC from a bank account in which he also kept profits from his lucrative cocaine trade. The DNC eventually returned the money, while Cabrera pleaded guilty to importing 6,000 pounds of cocaine into the United States. He is serving a 19-year federal prison sentence in Florida . . . Although Verble was never charged with any criminal wrongdoing, she was at the center of one of the most embarrassing fund-raising scandals in the Clinton administration..


    JERRY SEPER, WASHINGTON TIMES, 2000 – The Arkansas Supreme Court, which is considering disbarment proceedings against President Clinton, yesterday said it also is investigating whether first lady Hillary Rodham Clinton engaged in fraud in a questionable Whitewater-related land deal. The probe, confirmed by the court’s Committee of Professional Conduct, has focused on accusations about Mrs. Clinton’s legal representation of a failed Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan Association real estate venture, which the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. called a “sham.” A major area of concern is an option agreement that facilitated a $300,000 payment to Seth Ward, father-in-law of Mrs. Clinton’s law partner, Webster L. Hubbell. The option, written by Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Hubbell while they were at Little Rock’s Rose Law Firm, guaranteed Mr. Ward a payoff and negated his liability in the project.

    Hlliary and family named defendants in Civil Fraud case!

    Voters should be aware that Senator Hillary Clinton is a named defendant in a Civil Fraud case and could possibly be charged with Criminal Perjury Charges. The Trial Date will be set on April 25th, just 3 Days AFTER the Pennsylvania Primary.The Case is filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court.You can verify this on the court website at:WWW.LASUPERIORCOURT.ORGIn the Civil Column, click on CASE SUMMARIESThen enter this case number: BC304174

  • Brandon

    You are a great asset to the whole country (Not just the African America community)
    A true inspiration, I look up to you


  • DWaff

    Good Morning! I’m loving the fact that you are a person who is thinking for yourself. You seem to be well versed in the nonsense that has taken place during this election campaign. I have voted in every election for the past 30 years except when Reagan was up for re-election. And the only reason I didn’t vote was because the media said that he had already won. I believe that was the end of projecting winner before the polls closed.

    Having said that, I am voting for Sen. Obama not because he is a black man (Black Man here), but because it IS time for a change. I will NOT vote for HRC if she is given this election. You cannot continue to insult me and then ask for my forgiveness just so you can say that you made history. I will sit out this election. It is time that everyday people are represented again. He has a vision for this country and its future. That future also includes those who are baby boomers who just want to see a woman in office before they pass on. If that woman was the better qualified person, I would support them, but I just can see voting for HRC. Talk about elitist…she and her husband act as if she is owed the presidency. Just because she lived in the WH does not give her experience. She plays on the fear of caucasion americans appealing to the stereotypes that already exists.

    As a life-long democrat I’m impressed with those who think for themselves and appreciate that fact that we can disagree but can be sensible and respectful while disagreeing.

  • julian

    I wish Hillary could listen to the entirety of these messages. I’m sure she will joint Rev Wright’s church instead! Thank you Roland for enlightening us

  • Larry Marcus

    Thanks for posting the Rev. Wright sermons. But I did have a lot of trouble finding them.

    I am a 61 year old white – born and raised in Wyoming – lived most of my life here, which is to say that I have lived a ‘sheltered life’ when it comes to understanding racial discord.

    I came away from the sermons with mixed feelings. There were two common messages – the religious and the political.

    From my perspective on the “God and Government” sermon, I felt racial bias in the Rev. Wright’s message. Half-truths were told that even Mr. Roland Martin admitted to. Most notably that the parents are not teaching their children. A portion of the ‘blame’ can be put onto the back of our government, but the greater share of blame lies with the parents – black or white!

    There is poor white trash in my family. The parents that had – and took – the time to teach their children saw those children prosper – not necessarily in monetary wealth! Education, both in and out of school, appears to be the primary factor in how well we do in our society.

    It is disheartening to see so many of one race in prison. We cannot put all the blame on government for the failure of the parents. Rev. Wright’s ‘God and Government’ sermon appeared to be have racial overtones that – frankly offended me. Not the sermon itself, but some of the explanations given. He seemed to blame government for the disparity in our prisons.

    We get out of life what we put into life. We get out of our religion what we put into our religion. We get out of our government what we put into our government. Life is not a free ride. Our children – of any color need to learn this!

    I have trouble understanding things like Affirmative Action – my “sheltered life” tells me that this is something free to one race and not the other. Nothing should be free because of the color of one’s skin.

    On one last item – the government has and still is failing its people – just the term African-American is offensive! They call me German-American. We are all Americans! Drop the African, it is a way to put one race into a box and create racial bias.

    Maybe things are different in my world – we compete for jobs on an equal basis.

    My utmost respect for Mr Rowland Martin.


  • Mac

    Although reporters and commentators frequently note that we are listening to snippets of Rev Wright’s speech, they continue to replay the same snippets. How many, I wonder, have listened to these two sermons, start to finish, or to other sermons of Rev. Wright.

    They are quick to comment on the teasers for tonight’s broadcast with Bill Moyers, concluding that Wright is calling Sen Obama’s sincerity into question. Once again, we deal with a few choice snippets of a larger work. Perhaps they should stop working with Cliff’s notes, and do their homework with the original text.

    I’ll want to hear the whole interview, but after listening to the “Confusing God and Country” sermon, I’m not surprised that, Reverend Wright says that he does what a preacher has to do, while Sen. Obama does what a politician has to do. The job of the Reverend is to teach us how to save our souls, while the job of the politician is to offer ways to save our children, our schools, and our government. The two often intersect, but they are not the same. The Pastor cannot compromise an eternal truth. Prophets, my religion teacher has explained, don’t soften God’s message, or his harsh condemnations of those who turn from him. The politician however, is of the world and must find ways to balance the sometimes competing rights of a diverse citizenry.

    “Jesus Wept.” Wright reminds us, focuses on that Bible verse. Jesus wept in the knowledge that His people didn’t see the path to peace, but reacted in a worldly way, with hate. All of us won’t agree with every conclusion Rev. Wright draws in those two sermons, but I’d challenge people to open their hearts and listen as he recounts some of the sad and tragic mistakes of our history, and see if they, too don’t feel like crying.

  • Rex L. Rice

    Thank you brotha martin for providing an avenue for the injection of truth in a truly corrupt system. The devil is a lie, GOD lives in truth. Unfortunately in todays times of uncertainty we have so called Christians pretending to honor the words of our savior hiding in our churches causing disruption.Rev Wright is only speaking truth and when the sword of truth is wielded who’s head will roll?

  • ty

    Roland…Most americans dont care..Evanglist people are running around like they do know wrong or say no wrong… Pastor Hagee said and I quote”new orleans people got exactly what they deserve b/c of SIN in that city… but when anybody say america has Blood on there hands for there sins u are called unamerican, Hateful, and all these things.. Im tired of it roland and u should be ALSO. THEY are underminding obama campaign and they say why are obama not denouncing him i dont see JOHN Mccain denouncing hagee and telling him i dont want yo endorsment.. White america dont want the truth .. They injected african american with Sphyllius would it be a far fetch that they did it with AIds aslo thats a good theory. america isnt ready ROland im sorry obama is tyring to go above this rethoric but when u have people like SEan hannity and 527 whci is Gang in my opinion.i hope hiliary wins and John take this nomination b/c america gone regret it..

  • dbutler

    Thank you Roland for publishing Rev Wrights sermons. I listened to both and he is absolutely right about how America has allowed and or permitted all this mess to happen but then cover it up like it never happened. But how did the media blog overlook the white ambassador who really said these things and only blame Rev. Wright in a couple of excerpts. Also hows come the Civil Fraud case has not been brought up in the campaign when it is a matter of public record.

  • Danielle

    Thank you Roland, you are the only journalist who was fair and balanced in this situation and attempted to put the quotes in context. You really need your own show on CNN, cause you keep it real. And another thing, YOU should interview Jeremiah Wright on CNN. Have you thought about that?

  • James Dearmon

    Rev. Wright’s comments just give it a rest

    Hey I really do not get it, why people is so fixated on rev. Wright statements. He was correct in what he said, America is so blind to fact that he was speaking in terms of the injustice and the dehumanizing enslavement of African Americans

    though his experience he was not saying goddamn America because its freedom and constitution build up but God Damn America for it’s blooded history and treatment to African Americans. People just really don’t know that growing up black in America is not easy the young white kids call you a nigger and say my dad said you aren’t nothing but a dumb nigger, what it does to a young kid it makes him feel

    inferior, hate his skin color until a preacher or parent preach that out of a black child.
    So in black churches pastor administer the word of god, he not only read you scriptures but put back in you self pride, passion and love for your self, make you under stand you are just like every body else” say it loud im black and im proud”

  • Ms. Meeta

    I would like to start off by saying for every single American who was offended by the snippeds that were being broadcasted throughout the media a few weeks ago, I strongly encourage you to listen very carefully to each of Reverend Wright’s sermons provided by Ronald Martin. I myself was not naive enough or ignorant enough to believe everything that the media portrays to the public. Being a Sociology major, I of all people understand the social injustices that occur on a daily basis in this great Country of ours. In no way was I offended by Mr. Wrights sermons because there was nothing that was said that I haven’t already heard previously. I feel very outraged that the media would mix up his words and try and confuse his preaching’s in such a negative technique. Who ever listens to these two sermons they will realize where Mr. Wright’s messages are coming from and that he is not “unpatriotic” he is a veteran himself and understands what it is like to be in war and in other dangerous circumstances.
    I feel the news & media from each station who broadcasted clips of his sermon to try and make it seem as if he was downing America as a whole, and being racist, needs to apologize to Reverend Wright and Barack Obama for being affiliated with Rev. Wright. Many people know nothing about this man and are very ignorant to give a full assessment based on media influence. It is very clear by now that the media does lie, the media tells the people what they want us to hear, and the media is biased. Reverend Wright is well-respected throughout the country and was being victimized for falsely believed attitudes and opinions.
    For those people who automatically downed Mr. Wright they need to do a self-evaluation themselves.
    For the people who did the research themselves and did not judge based on what they saw on T.V. I thank you for acting in a mature and intelligent way.

    Thank you Roland Martin for your knowledge and intelligence.

    Barack Obama will be the next President of the great country of the United States of America!!!

  • http://RolandMartinsBlog Jane Ketchum

    Dear Mr. Martin,

    Were it possible, I would be most honored and enriched by “visiting” with you. I am a white 68-year-old female, born and bred in North Carolina, who has early and indelible memories of the Civil Rights Movement. I can still “see” the White Only signs, and even more vividly recall the attitudes toward Blacks, which unfortunately, are merely lessened, but still live on.

    I was a teacher for 33 years, in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Oklahoma. I recall my “first” Black student, as well as, my first Black colleague. One of my moments of “epiphany” occurred on an anniversary of Martin Luther King’s birthday. An African American male fifth grader, as we shared “why we were grateful to and for Martin Luther King”….said (and I will never forget it)….”I am grateful to Martin Luther King because if it weren’t for him, I might not be able to come to this school”. While that was a little exaggerated, surely this would have eventually happened, it was a tender and mind altering moment.

    I participated in discrimination without giving it a thought during my “growing up” years. Later, as I began to shed the old ideas that seemed “inborn”, and learned to think for myself, I cringed to think of having accepted a judgment that was so wrong, so un-American, so un-Godly….you get what I mean. Yes, there was a long period in our history on which America can only look back on with shame….similar to the way we stole land and culture from Native Americans.

    I could go on and on about Rev. Wright’s sermons…..have watched the exerpts from his interview with Moyers, etc. I understand his anger and bitterness, frustration, etc. I believe that he has felt the way he feels for so long, he cannot understand that many, many others could never, never understand or forgive his point of view. He is huring Obama and he is making no progress in getting others to think of him in any other way except un-American. Your commentaries on CNN have been fair and honest, though difficult/frustrating for you, personally, I am sure. My God, is there any limit to close-mindedness? There is an excellent piece in the NYT about “Having a Job/Position I Would Not Have Had Were I Not Black”….or something to that effect. I was so “on”. That situation lives and breathes across America today. We have to know that and keep it quiet. Some day, perhaps, we can admit how obvious it “was”…..just not yet.

    I want so much for Barack Obama to have a dialogue with America…..”Words Count”. He could address his own words that he “mangled”…..”Words count and I was not careful with my words. I misrepresented my thoughts and beliefs with words that confused you and seemed “demeaning”….(especially when the media told you how you felt….but he should not SAY this…..then “they” would think he was saying “they” were too stupid to think for themselves)….”This is what I really thought I was saying…..I am with you, I get it, and do not blame you for feeling discouraged….I want to do all I can to restore your trust in me and in government.

    I want him to take all of these issues off the table….repeating the Rev. Wright relationship and the way his life has not demonstrated that he shares the damning of America, the country he loves and to which he owes so much, the “bitter”, etc. showing an understanding, even a humble side. This is NOT WEAK. It takes a strong person to say, “I am so sorry I used words that created a doubt in your mind that I was listening to you with care and concern.

    Look, Mr. Martin, I even understood Michelle Obama’s “first time to be proud”…..for I have not been proud of my country in a long time….in fact, I have hardly recognized my country in a long time. But this country is going down the tubes because anything that sounds critical means anti-America, especially among the uneducated and economically stressed. They become overly sensitive and direct their anger toward “other issues”. This was what Obama meant, but he did not shield them from feeling insulted. He can profusely apologize without giving up his principles. Don’t let anyone tell him to dread the backlash from that. Wow! To be called a “wimp” for trying everything to demonstrate “feeling their pain.”

    This is not just to vent. I will always be a Democrat…..However, it makes me “bitter” to have Hillary and Co. prevent something good happening in America….all of the new voters and new interest.

    If you have any inroads to the campaign, tell them what is needed….not more on the Clintons, but truly what is in his heart for “Change”……Yes We Can….what? A fireside chat from the heart of a brilliant man who can “go there” with those who are having difficulty believing.

    Thank you, Mr. Martin.



  • Diane

    It appears that Rev. Wright is angry with Senator Obama. Why else would he chose this time, when Senator Obama is in a tight race, to go public. Why not wait until Senator Obama has secured the nomination to speak out — or even wait until after the election? Rev. Wright must know that anything he says now would only hurt Senator Obama. Maybe, just maybe Rev. Wright, who baptized Senator Obama, married Senator Obama, baptized his children, received inspiration from one of Rev. Wright’s sermons to write a book “the Auducity of Hope,” a member of Trinty for 20 years, then goes on television and proclaims that he would have left the church if Rev. Wright was not retiring. Rev. Wright is angry.

  • Nana Ansah


    Competitive politics is all about formulas. Marketing the substance and image of the candidate and the political message leads to popularity. Popularity of the candidate is often based on the substance behind political messages and leads to votes.

    However, marketing is often viewed as necessary to maintain popularity of a candidate throughout the political races. And, popularity is necessary for a high level candidate to even enter politics in the first place. So, which is more important: marketing or popularity?

    The race for the Democrat presidential candidate is an internal contest. How does marketing and popularity function differently in an internal as opposed to national contest?

    Surely internal candidates vying for their party’s endorsement must be a bit more circumspect with criticism than in the nationals. All-out mudslinging is a faux pas in a race whose outcome could damage party unity.

    Nevertheless, cases for candidacy must be made, and often at the expense of others. Take for example, the campaigns of the two Democrat front-runners: Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama.

    Mr. OBAMA’s countered with the preeminence of marketing to a successful campaign: “I’m the most marketable candidate. You may be popular yet not marketable. You may be popular for the wrong reasons.” Here is where we may get an answer to our question of marketing or popularity. For one, how would popularity “for the wrong reasons” gather votes in the election? If the candidate is not well-liked—or popular for the ‘”right” reasons— then marketing probably won’t make much of a difference.

    The popularity of politicians like Mrs. Clinton and, dare I say, Mr. OBAMA’s is owed to the vividly positive personal contributions they have made and continue to make to US’s politics.

    Mrs. Clinton’s strategy, it appears, is to overturn the basic philosophy of marketing. Guinness’ popularity is not because one or two bottles may have a foreign material in them (that would be popularity “for the wrong reasons”). Guinness is popular because it is liked, bought and consumed by a lot of people (popularity “for the right reasons”).

    A product may be marketable, but not popular, and vice-versa. Yet, that marketability only proves useful after the product (or candidate) has become popular—and sales reaps the rewards.

    So if the choice is between a person who is marketable and one who is popular, I believe the easier task for the political sales executives will be to market the product that is already popular, rather than to popularize something in the course of its marketing.

    Indeed, this debate can be likened to the choice of form or substance, where popularity is the substance and marketing is the form. In the end, substance always wins.

    Perhaps it appears cynical to analyze the positions of political candidates in this fashion, but USA politics, particularly intra-party politics, is now experiencing the phenomenon of commoditization of candidates.

    Better to embrace it than deny it exists, and better to use any applicable principles to our advantage to be certain Democrat selects the strongest candidate to face The Republicans’ in the presidential race.

    Money, which Shakespeare’s Timmons of Athens called “Thou common whore of mankind” and Marx described as the “bond of all bonds, the universal agent of separation” is somewhat more necessary in trying to popularizes a commodity that might be very marketable, than it trying to market a commodity that is already very popular.

    What might that tell us about the chances of the candidates who must clinch to their marketability rather than the candidates who can embrace and work with their popularity?

    It would seem that in the internal race between the substance of popularity and the form of marketing, it is a popularity contest—so to speak. Barak Obam `08

  • J. Richter

    I really appreciate this post on the two sermons that were mercilessly clipped (2 minutes out of 60 minute x 52 weeks x 30 years of preaching) and they claim everyone should leave the church because of those2 minutes. There will be virtually no one left in any church by this standard. Please keep up the good work.

    CAN you please provide a transcript of each. Most people access this from work?

  • spider

    You guys act like this is the first time anything has been blown out of proportion in politics!

    The Watergate burglary was a joke that Nixon had nothing to do with and he was forced to resign over it! NOT overblown?!

  • John Martin

    I am a 60 year old white male living in Mississippi. I like everyone else in America who owns a TV have seen the “God damn America” clip and heard how the reverand blames America for 9/11. I have wondered in what context he said those things so I went on the web and listened to those two sermons.

    I have not been to church but for once in the past 20 years so I am not used to hearing a lot of sermons but I do try to lead a life that God would not find fault with. Now I do not believe that the US Government infected people of color with AIDS. Other than that, I have no fault with anything the Reverend Wright said. 9/11 is very personal to me as I was connected to the fire fighting service in Connecticut at the time of 9/11. The sermon about 9/11 I thought was excellent although I like almost everyone else thought mostly about revenge.

    The sermon where he says God Damn America is understandable. America has done much that it should and is ashamed of. We are ashamed of slavery, we are ashamed of how we treated the Indians and the japanese living in America. We are ashamed of the Tuskegee experiment with syphillis.

    It is important to remember that as our founding fathers said, we are trying to create a more perfect union, not that it is perfect. It is a long road to a goal that we may never reach. We have made much progress in this journey but are not there yet. We may never be there but we keep trying and improving. Sometimes we hit bumps and stumble. George Bush is a stumble. But we will recover our ballance and continue to move forward.

    Everyone wants the answeres to problems. Problems like healthcare, the economey, crime, education. No one knows all the answeres. We do know that some things we will try will fail. But that is OK because we will learn to try something else. There will also be problems that we can not even imagine today. The important thing is that we continue to have hope in the future that we will solve some of the problems. That is why we need a leader who can inspire hope.

    I trust that person much more than someone who claims to have all the answers.

  • pat

    mr.martin, you again was on cnn this afternoon, again the media is very train to ask question. for
    mr.don to say someone call him, and said why want rev.wright go away! I just think that the media
    want this to go on anyway! if they want to really help! don’t spin this! and then some will say, well
    it don’t work that way. well ok, so why not talk about the case on the clintons. so whoever is for
    obama will be! no matter if rev.wright talk now or later! but he have every right too talk about what
    was done to him and his church. and the media put it out there! if this was only about him, they would play the whole tape on all news stations. No they want do that! thank you for doing just that!

  • Greg Jones

    From Blacks4Barack…Regarding NEW STRATEGY !
    CALL TODAY !!! Stress THE FACTS to DNC & SuperDelegates !(FACT IS: Clinton Has Lost ENTIRE BLACK VOTE !)

    It is absolutely amazing how the media is spinning the Clinton victory in Pennsylvania…..regardless of the facts. First of all, although she was leading in the polls by over 22%, she won by 9.4%….not ‘double digits’ which sounds so much more like a blowout. Secondly, unless Hillary wins every remaining primary by 76% or more, it is absolutley mathematically impossible for her to catch Obama in the pledged delegate count. That’s just a fact. Obama is leading in delegate count, number of states won and popular vote, even though now she has convinced some in the media to count the votes in Michigan and Florida to claim a lead in popular vote, although the fact is…..those states don’t count.
    While the media is dissecting the demographics, for some reason they keep leaving one verrrrry important statistic out of their breakdown. The Major Fact Is…..BILLARY HAS ALIENATED AND LOST THE ENTIRE BLACK VOTE ! Where’s THAT fact ? And they have the gall to think that they can claim her to be more electable to superdelegates…….with close to zero black support……ARE THEY NUTS ???????? Hillary Clinton is the first democratic presidential nominee in modern day history to lose the entire black vote ! That, too, is a fact !


    It is time for EVERYONE to contact the DNC and every superdelegate that we can trace and remind them that due to her own actions HILLARY HAS LOST THE ENTIRE BLACK VOTE ! How in the world could she and Bill have the nerve to claim more electabilty when they have lost an entire race of people….the very group that the Democratic Party has always been able to count on.
    SPEAK OUT !!!!


    Call The DNC TODAY at 202-863-8000 or contact them at

    This is in no way meant to be racial. We are all in this together….blacks, whites, young, old, rich and poor……working together for a better America. But the fact that Hillary Clinton (wife of ‘The First Black President’, who started this campaign with 82% of the black support)has lost the support of an entire race of people….is not only pitiful…..but should be made….a very well known FACT !

    (A Multi-Racial Organization…Dedicated To Truth !)


  • Cynthia

    This Rev. Wright stuff still being out there is really sickening. If people would take the time to listen to the sermons instead of going by what the media is saying we would all be better off. And the real reality of it is that there will be some people who to lessen the guilt of not voting for Senator Obama will justify not voting for him because of this.

  • Dana

    The cable media has made Rev. Wright the problem and they have played this story to death. My parents who are older and dont have cable had not even heard of this until I told them. Lets not blame this on the republicans , unless that is what you call the CNN news anchors!! I listened to the sermons and they do not offend me althought I dont agree with some of it . I have never been to a black so called church bur If i had been in tha pew I would have smirked at a few things BUT i would not have walked out the door either !!!! I also must metion that I have never in 40 years been called for any type of poll so I will volunteer this FACT , I would never in a million cold minnesota winters atand in line to vote for Clinton !!! Please dont belittle us by saying we will all come together . I dont vote for proven LIARS, that is talked about in all churches !!! And why does the media use every word to describe the sniper fire incident BUT LIE ?? My 7 year old knows what that word means , not tired , mispoke, misremembered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fred singleton

    Roland, thanks for the access of Rev Wrights sermons. he is one great preacher and i heard it with my own ears that he ment no harm. i am sorry every one from fox, msnbc, and cnn and the nation can not take 40 min of their time and here these two sermons. my next visit to chicago i plan to attend the Rev Wrights church, he is very inspiring. and Roland, thanks for hanging in there for Obama. i know how hard it is to open the white man eyes. the whites do not know that they are inflaming the black communities by not understanding that this is a black church matter an non of their owns. keep up the good work brother.

  • http://? ALJohnson

    After listening to the entire sermon from which the excerpts of Rev. Wright were taken, I think as many people as possible should have an opportunity to learn the full context of Rev. Wright’s message. Hearing the full message is very different from hearing just the excerpts. Thank you very much for making them available on your blog. Meanwhile, I have been patiently waiting for someone in the media to ask a question of Senator Clinton. I have tried to send the question to one or two people in the media but, so far, I haven’t heard the question asked. The question is “Exactly what is the basis of the friendship between the former President and Senator Clinton and Robert Johnson, the founder of BET?” Recently, with regard to Obama’s relationship to Rev. Wright, the Senator said that “We choose our friends” and I’d like to know how and why they chose Robert Johnson to be a friend? The Senator, understandably, has a huge following among females. In addition, she has asked the country to consider her eight years as First Lady as a part of her qualifying experience for the Presidency. It seems that it was during those eight years that she & the then President developed their friendship with Robert Johnson. In the Senator’s book, It Takes a Village, she acknowledges C. Delores Tucker for the work Tucker did on behalf of children. Mrs. Tucker was also one of the first women to speak out against the misogynistic lyrics and highly sexualized images that are a large part of the Rap and Hip Hop music that played such a dominant and destructive role in the suburban as well as urban youth cultures of the 1990′s and beyond. As a result of speaking out against the explicit videos, Mrs. Tucker became a target of some rappers who vilified her in their lyrics and Robert Johnson, on his network, broadcast this explicit, misogynistic material which has had a devastating effect in any number of ways on women in general and on the youth who came of age during that time. How is it that Senator Clinton could befriend a man who would exploit women as he broadcast material that not only sullied the minds of the young people who patronized his network but had what is probably a lasting, negative influence on society in general? Much of what was broadcast on BET in the 1990′s contributed to the culture of violence, drugs and the debasement of women. Did the Senator use her power as First Lady and her access to Robert Johnson to influence him to uplift the programming on his network away from this damaging material? The former President had his Sista Soulja moment but did either of them have a BET moment with Robert Johnson? If they did, what was the result? If they did not, why didn’t they? How is it that Robert Johnson has campaigned on the Senator’s behalf and what does that say about the Senator’s sensitivity to the image of women and the perception of women that is broadcast on the station that Mr. Johnson founded? How does her apparent lack of priority on this issue square with her proclaiming that she is being treated badly during her campaign because she is a woman? Mrs. Tucker was treated badly because she was a woman who spoke out and I haven’t seen any evidence that Senator Clinton supported Mrs. Tucker beyond using her in her book as an example of a woman who worked on behalf of children.Did the Senator make a profit on that book and then not defend one of the women in her book to her friend, Robert Johnson, who had the power to make a difference for Mrs. Tucker and to vindicate her name? Mrs. Tucker was one of “those who needed a champion” (Mrs. Clinton has used that phrase in her campaign.) but the Senator did not act as a champion for Mrs. Tucker who is now deceased. Consequently, is it realistic for any woman who is not notable enough to be included in Senator Clinton’s book and who is looking for someone to support her and fight for her to assume that the Senator, as a female President, will be the best advocate for women’s issues if the Senator didn’t take the initiative in advocating for the issues of a woman she admired? Wasn’t the Senator “tough” enough to speak truth to the power of a billionaire male friend ? Did she simply choose not to prioritize the issue as being fundamental to the well-being of all women all over the world – Darfur, China, etc.? Maybe she just didn’t want to antagonize someone with deep pockets? Should women expect Senator Clinton to use her power to stand up to her adversaries on behalf of all women if she cannot or will not stand up for women and their issues to her powerful friends? She said that she was our “girl”. Is she really?

  • Kay Peter

    I would like this to be put in you tube to actually listen to the whole sermon and post it in Clinton campaign site to actually liston to the sermon
    I believe Obama did not even listen to to as well he should have know how to defend this>

    I now realise there are some group who actually want to prevent Obama to become president.

  • Kay Peter

    I would like this to be put in you tube so that majority can actually listen to the whole sermon and post it in Clinton campaign site to actually listen to the sermon
    I believe Obama did not even listen to to as well he should have know how to defend this>

    I now realise there are some group who actually want to prevent Obama from becoming president.

  • Oshea

    Thank you for these sermons that Pastor Wright has given. If a person would only heard those excerpts in their entirety they’ll not continue to be misled by others in the media. I will make sure that I do my homework on these and other political matters prior to making any quick and uneducated decisions. Please check out Paul vs The Clintons and do a story on that for our concerned public….

    Thank you and keep up the Good Works……

  • Kristy Stoudemire

    Roland, I already left a message to you. I just want to add please everybody must hear these entire soundbites, because after the interview tonite on Moyer Journal, all h@@ is about to break loose, because people may not like what he say, but they are going to listen. This is an outraged how we have been convinced that Rev. Wright is full of hatred, and starting a cult. This is insane. I can’t believe how we have blantly been lied to. This interview may come back to hunt those news media who have ran this nonstop. Actually this may be something better than the Civil Right Movement, once people find out the truth, America that has hidden the truth from all Americans may regret they even ran any sounbite. All I can say Black people Rev. Wright has put it out there now what we need to do is pull out our history books, and bible and get to teaching. Tonite I have learned more than any book can teach me, and I have a Master’s from an All black school, and they didn’t even touch those issues!!! God Bless Us!!

  • Don


    I know you’ve been trying (I’ve watched you) since the begining when this contrived race baiting “Rove” attack of sound bites came out on Mainstream News Networks, but as usual, the “Gotcha” media types smelled blood & money in the story. Whether they checked the facts (or you presented to them the facts) they knew, until it was broadcast somewhere on MNM, nobody would listen to the true facts or the full sermons, unless it was produced by someone credible. I believe that person to be Bill Moyers and PBS.

    I’m a 53 year old, White Canadian man, living on the West Coast, and even I could find the real story behind these “snippets” that were being used against Senator Obama. The truth was out there (using a old X Files theme), but the media using the belief that know one would find out until it was to late, and Barack Obama was viewed as weak and not experienced enough.

    I don’t know if you can tell me this, but if this is not a “Watergate” type of criminal act to discredit a potential Presidential Candidate, in order to, in someway, manipulate the election, I don’t know what is. You can’t let this die on the cutting room floor, and let them spin this into some further confirmation that Obama is not credible. Fox knows something. Someone put this together, and pushed hard enough to have it used against him. If this dies by Mondays morning news, and you let it happen, check for your Journalistic Credentials and throw them in the trash bin. You know people!

  • Richard

    After listening to Rev Wright’s interview on moyers…he could be my pastor anyday

  • touch

    “What’s next” ** the challenge to “think” **


    Oil’s meteoric rise to near $120 a barrel looks like more than just another economic bubble — growing demand and tighter supplies are likely to keep prices high. Some analysts say even $200 a barrel would not be out of the question.

    thanks to silly, pathetic “Bush”… and his warmonger motivation… everything about the economy has crashed…

    he probably will be noted in History As, “The Man who killed America”

    the country is in economic crisis, and he’s still doing this war dance..

    Even “Sun Tzu” wrote this long ago, that a protracted war in foreign lands would bring the home front many depletions..

    he’s weaken the Military, worn out and used up the troops, and anything and everything that helps a nation be strong, he has weakened it..

    someone should put on a taped version and strap some headphones on his head… !!! and play a version of ” The Art of War, by “Sun Tzu”

    it amazes me that so many people still support this man blunders, that has resulted in a devastated nation.. now, in economic crisis, and it further wants to do nothing to support the industry in this country.and continues to send the money that would have this nation standing strong, he pumps it to his personal ego war..

    the only ones that can’t see what’s happening is the segment of the population who sit in the seats pushing paper, and crashing companies to fill their pockets and those that run up the cost of fuel by playing their futures bets.. and others who have disposable income.. the working poor, are in dire straits… and the nation is pushing another blind man who should be in the back yard sipping tea, on a personal ego mission, trying to reclaim his glory days…

    People forget, that Bush did a I’m the BIG BULLY on the block, move on Saddam, how do you tell a Leader , who is head of a Sovereign Country, that he has until sun-down to leave his land.. and then storm in and just try to take over, and claim one lie after the next as to why you are there.

    it’s absurd that anyone can be that arrogant, on a world stage, lest he thinks he rules something , beyond the land he can’t even manage to keep afloat of his own birthplace..

    it’s like the little rich kid, who screwed up something major, and daddy can’t bail him out.. people over-looked this man was a failure as a businessman, long before he stepped in this arena..

    Now with Obama, they are talking about qualification, he;ll.. Bush had, none.. a failed business man, and a Governor of a backward State.. but what they really want to say, whey they claim Obama is not qualified, they really want to say.. he’s black, he can’t possible be capable.. because this still is a nation, that black people have to be three times as good at anything and still gets the last plate at the table and is the last one served.. But Obama has more dignity, more care for the nation of people, and the other nations of the world than Bush will ever have.. Bush bullied the other nations to follow him, by threatening to impose sanction on whom ever did not support his barbaric invasion of Iraq.. and telling them, if they are not with him, he just was well consider them an enemy… see people forget this madness this man instigated.. and the current result is an America on the brink of economic collapse… and the rest of the world more infuriated and with a loss of respect for this nation…
    No president that has ever held office, has damaged this country more than this one man did .. in the past 7 years… he first insulted the election process with the debacle that happen in the same state his brother was governor, Florida… and he proceeded to attack the constitution every way he could, as if he was appointing himself king, not just of America but the world..

    people may not believe in that saying about Mad men and Fools, of which power makes such, of many,… people better wake up and open their eyes..

    but for the nature of 15 minute madness of news sound-bites, people have forgot how this country got into this mess.. Bush became so obsesses behind his oil hunt, he forgot he was over there to deal with Afghanistan.. and in the interm.. he has crashed a whole country and crippled the economies of the world in his madness.
    the first thing people of this world have to do is be open to talk.. this is another failure of this administration.. How can anyone be so arrogant they can’t talk to others.. I watched a piece on Syria last night.. and the gentleman was talking about, the overture they have made to try and talk with Israel and the US, and how the US continues to back anything that Israel does without question or without recourse toward Israel, I can’t figure out why the world panders to Israel.. they should be held accountable for what they do.. I’m not for butt kissing Israel .. and the continual play on using the Holocaust, to evoke pity, and sympathy is long ago over, the same as they tell black people don’t fall back and rely on slavery, the Israel Jews need to stop falling back on the Holocaust, there were 6 million killed, but 100mil + blacks displaced, and abused for hundreds of years.. How long will the world keep acting like the Holocaust happen yesterday… Every nation in that region, has asked Israel to stay within it’s borders,and asked it not to try to rule the region.. and when they come to terms to stop trying to rule the region then the people of the region may find workable methods to engage them.. They are hated becase they act like a Mini- US trying to control the region.. maybe they won’t have so many enemies if they work with the people of the other regional countries.
    I read something , and I can’t recall where, that said the “Jewish people think they are the world chosen people and are above others”" Well those days and delusion are long past and they need to get a new view of equal respect of all people, and not think themselves above another.. their feet walk on the earth like everyone else.

    Now the Nations of the world, who are infuriated at the brazen insult to Iraq and the stomping about as if they can dictate how these people live, does nothing but drive the leaders of those nations to have their underground summit, and stick it to the world on the fuel angle, and they will continue doing so until the world acknowledges them with some semblance of equality in consideration of person..and their right to be persons. This is not the 1910 of the US showing them how to get oil out of the ground, that phase is long past and they don’t have to pander to anyone, and they will not submit their controls to anyone.. it means nothing for OPEC to pump a few billion dollars into the continuing of the fighting, and they will continue as long as foreign people are on their soil trying to establish government..and dictate policy.. it cost them nothing to fight this war, becase all they have to do is raise the price of oil a nickel, and they can fund another 6 months of fighting and never feel a loss of a penny.

    It’s really time for other nations to step up, and talk to those the US claim they won’t talk to.. because until everyone is heard, there is not path of peace.. none are so brash to think they will get everything they ask for, but on a world stage of leaders, they are leaders why??? because they carry forth a position that many followers support.. so how can you not engage them in dialog.

    When The US get this dictator regime out of office, then people of the world can began to talk and the great minds can come together.. As Syria said, they await the administration change, because there is no hope that the current administration will talk..

    What we need in the US is the population to become more aware, and more interested in what this government does and how it does it.. people have no idea.. they believe the propoganda of the nightly news, who are spoon fed by the administration.. and discretized if they tell the truth about anything.

    people were thinking that some nice war is going on and the US was like some angle with hands of feather and a spirit of grace, until the secret prisons came to light and the act that were engaged at Guantanamo…

    first thing this country needs and the world needs to do is.. ask question when another is labeled by the so called names.. of ” Insurgents”, and other things.. people need to ask the question, who are they and what is their agenda and how do they address policy and what is the policy they seek to engage..

    The world can’t treat these people as nations of kids, that need to be corralled and dictated to.. if they wanted to be a world of humanitarians, there is .. Sudan, Darfu, the outer regions of the Philippines, Cambodia and many many places where there is dire poverty and other ailments that can be fixed and managed in a path of progressive help.. this whole issue is about trying to recondition the people of Iraq, to follow a .. “we, the US get the oil first” mindset… rather than.. to get the hell out of the way and let those people find their peace.. Saudi Arabia sits on it’s ass, doing nothing but sucking up money, but, they were wide open when they wanted their asses saved when Saddam got tired of Kuwait slant drilling his peoples oil, when he was not allowed to sell any of his own oil, to move his own nation forth.

    this nation has been in that region pushing buttons for many years, installing and uninstalling leaders, and other subversive actions, and the people in those places are aware of what goes on.. and the loud sound of ‘nightly sound bites drown out their voice” and the people of the western world swallow it up.. without ever asking the real question.. of .. what are they say and what did they actually say.. and why are they being ignored and why are they being dictated to.. why are they not part of a collective voice, about what concerns their lives..

    until these kind of questions are addressed.. and we get a leader that is willing to talk to other.. then the madness will only escalate and the economies of all nations will remained strained..

    Because now that wealth has shifted.. people are no longer going to play puppet to others.. and they will by right demand their voice is equal at the table of diplomacy..

    the continual escalation of cost of everything, till people are simply depressed and distressed, pissed off and confused..

    this silly people, sad to say much of the upper crust anglo sector of this society who don’t want to be told the truth.. are the only one’s not open to understand what Obama sad when he addressed people being angry and frustrated, and he is right, people not just in this nation but other nations too, that feel the pings of this madness, cling to guns and religion..and that is as true as any fact that exist… it’s even more true at the upper levels, who the first thing they do it cling to their guns (military might), and their religion( thinking they are the only one’s right and the most superior)..

    it’s just like everything else in this country, it can’t discuss race and the issue that need to be resolved, because many whites don’t want to be reminded of what their previous generations set in motion and the act and actions they did to keep it in motion ).. they want other to act like it never happened, but still deep within many they hold true to the thought that blacks are “less than”.. other wise there’d be no glass ceiling in corporations, there’d be no squak about who gets social aid and who does not,some (still)figure that blacks should shut up and go to the back of the line.. and other immigrants that are non anglo, are not seen as equal Americans, they are seen as some offshoot, set to the side, sector of society. None of the candidates, have made a open and visible platform that includes and places other in the front seats along with blacks and whites, they should have Asian and Latin and others.. right up in the front seats with everyone else.. this is not a nation of Black and White people.. it’s a nation of many other people too.. But this nation is so hung up on a black / white divide, and if the Asian and Other’s be quite,and keep quiet; they allow them to pass along in a neutral zone..

    and it’s not much different than it was pre-civil right declaration of 1964.. and until the hearts of people change and accept american as being .. ” people”.. not just white and black, but others as well.

    Hillary is a big panderer imaginable in the manner she only address the Latin people when she is campaigning in states where the Latin polulation is very high in numbers.. soon as she leave those states, thats the last group on her mind and the group that is never uttered a word out of her mouth about them.. And if you look at McCain, all his TV clips show nothing but Older white Americans.. no youth, no mixture of all people.. just predominately a group of white conservative puritanical right wing people, who don’t believe in inclusion..
    Obama crowds have some of everyone, young and old, white and black and Latin, Asian and others.. the only other candidate who has a mixture is Hillary..who have at least at her Rallies people from all demographics..
    McCain is not open to talk to anyone.. he thinks he’s a war master, and running on credentials of being a military pilot who became a senator becase of being a prisoner of war.. we don’t need that.. we need a Leader who is for people, about people and respecter of people, who know what is and how is hardship..and what the inner core of this nation as well as nations of the world need.. and that’s dialog and a cohesive mindset that embraces unity and the hope of people..
    the continual escalation of cost of everything, till people are simply depressed and distressed, pissed off and confused..

    these silly people, sad to say much of the upper crust anglo sector of this society who don’t want to be told the truth. they only want to hear some politically correct slant to a delusion, that avoids the truth of point fact and realism.. they run garbage in the news, trying to avoid people from seeing and understanding, blatant truths.. these right wing commentators on the news, looking for something to “spin”, are the only one’s not open to understand what Obama said, when he addressed people being angry and frustrated, and he is right, people not just in this nation but other nations too, that feel the pings of this madness, cling to guns and religion..and that is as true as any fact that exist… it’s even more true at the upper levels, who the first thing they do it cling to their guns (military might), and their religion( thinking they are the only one’s right and the most superior)..

    it’s just like everything else in this country, it can’t discuss race and the issue that need to be resolved, because many whites don’t want to be reminded of what their previous generations set in motion and the act and actions they did to keep it in motion ).. they want other to act like it never happened, but still deep within many they hold true to the thought that blacks are “less than”.. other wise there’d be no glass ceiling in corporations, there’d be no squak about who gets social aid and who does not,some (still)figure that blacks should shut up and go to the back of the line.. and other immigrants that are non anglo, are not seen as equal Americans, they are seen as some offshoot, set to the side, sector of society. None of the candidates, have made a open and visible platform that includes and places other in the front seats along with blacks and whites, they should have Asian and Latin and others.. right up in the front seats with everyone else.. this is not a nation of Black and White people.. it’s a nation of many other people too.. But this nation is so hung up on a black / white divide, and if the Asian and Other’s be quite,and keep quiet; they allow them to pass along in a neutral zone..

    and it’s not much different than it was pre-civil right declaration of 1964.. and until the hearts of people change and accept american as being .. ” people”.. not just white and black, but others as well.

    Hillary is a big panderer imaginable in the manner she only address the Latin people when she is campaigning in states where the Latin polulation is very high in numbers.. soon as she leave those states, thats the last group on her mind and the group that is never uttered a word out of her mouth about them.. And if you look at McCain, all his TV clips show nothing but Older white Americans.. no youth, no mixture of all people.. just predominately a group of white conservative puritanical right wing people, who don’t believe in inclusion..
    Obama crowds have some of everyone, young and old, white and black and Latin, Asian and others.. the only other candidate who has a mixture is Hillary..who have at least at her Rallies people from all demographics..
    McCain is not open to talk to anyone.. he thinks he’s a war master, and running on credentials of being a military pilot who became a senator becase of being a prisoner of war.. we don’t need that.. we need a Leader who is for people, about people and respecter of people, who know what is and how is hardship..and what the inner core of this nation as well as nations of the world need.. and that’s dialog and a cohesive mindset that embraces unity and the hope of people..

    the same denial mentality… is what is present.. people don’t remember , during ” Jim Crow” .. one of it’s rules was.. no person of color, was ever suppose to correct, or tell any person of white color, they are wrong about anything, no matter what”..

    now that is the nature of this country… denial.. denial it is in a depression, denial that it has lost it’s industry, denial, that we have a brutal administration’s, and are viewed as being as much a terrorist to others, as they want to say other’s are to us.. when millions upon millions of Iraq people are displaces, and maimed and killed and what ever other atrocity that is imaginable.. this nations does not acknowledge it’s wrongs on any issue, and that’s seen how quickly it will rise up to tell blacks .. to shut up about slavery, but yet.. we still live with remnants of the system that supported slavery still part of the landscape of the American system.. in practice and in the inner-recesses of many in their hearts.. that do not embrace, sharing , nor equality in their hearts and minds of others. but to address it they claim a race card is played, when those are the only cards in the deck.. but it’s a denial mentality that is pervasive..

    Greed and ignorance.. after Enron, all financial instution were warned to diversify.. but they rushed on the Real Estate bandwagon and traded those securities till there was not equity left to trade.. and then the market collapsed, becase there were no jobs, to feed what the prop up was, of telling the next buyer, they would receive high % based on escalating interest.. but it knew it had no jobs to feed the potential for other to meet higher payments with adjusting securities..

    this was the result of text book trained gluttons .. who know nothing of real world connectivity, they come out and practice some classroom program.. and then they can’t understand why their text book formulas did not work.. it did not work.. because they are trained idiots.. who have been trained to the point to ignore common sense and trained to ignore real world economic flows. they are trained to rip and strip the last penny from anything. this is the result of so called educated professional running the corporations and the world.. based on some classroom formulas.. and it will always fail, because it ignores real life, and the nature of the common sense factor of the world.. that’s when people are being educated to a level of technical insidious resolve, that .. render them ignorant to common sense..

    it’s Like they had a group of PHd’s talking about babies. and they spent a whole volume upon volume of research, to conclude what every mother knows.. that babies will put things in their mouth, and toddlers are prone to fall, because they are wobbly during their learning stages of managing their bodies in an upright and motion process..

    many of them can’t do anything but , quote text.. and quote theories.. and they consider that educated.. but too ignorant, to know.. if you can’t translate educated learning into common sense.. then you’ve been educated to a more undissipated degree of ignorance. and we got masses of that .. wearing badges of degree’s..

    too much emphasis on that.. when the point is.. life is a continual learning process.. it’s not like you get a degree and suddenly you have all the answer.. all that should do is give you a patterned process to investigate and understand how to translate it to real world realism.. and that’s not something that should be lauded as if it’s the cure all level….

    people forget.. even doctors.. do what ?? They “PRACTICE” medicine.. and the mere point and fact of “practice” is that it’s ongoing learning..

    but in a world that worships status, find itself buried by ignorance at every turn.. to a much more confounding point.. rather than find the point where common sense is given light.. and more light and more light.. not self patronizing.. elation.. behind a stamp on a piece of paper.. if they can’t give light to common sense.. then they are doing nothing.


  • touch

    A question people are not asking.. If the bulk of the Democratic party is implying that Hillary should step down, that the negative drama which she is now noted for.. is doing damage that are not repairable..

    so the question is.. if she Ignore the party now, how much more will she ignore them if she was president. People don’t think back to see what is the future, He health care bill failed in part because of what.. “her obstinate demeanor and her unwillingness to address the Democratic party and get their support.. she tried to do it outside of the party interaction, as if she is on some person acclaim mission.

    People need to pay attention.. if one can only stand up by pushing another down.. then what will prop them up when there’s no one to push down..

    another question.. How can you blatantly “Lie” and then claim it was fatigue.. now how would that play out on a midnight phone call.. it probably would be another bad decision, made and then the claim of being fatigued as the culprit.

    People need to pay attention.. and commentators should get off this political correct delusion speaking and talk real.. this country is in denial… and we may need to see clearly if we are to move ahead as a nation.

    We have a President who has already sealed the debt for 2009, to be a 450 billion short fall, now when you screw up for 8 years and then set up failure for the coming years.. You are by flat terms.. “a destroyer”.. not a builder..

    this country has been set so far backwards that .. it will take the level head of someone who knows struggle, and who embraces the expanse of the people.. and that is precisely what Obama does..

    All this talk about, we don’t know him.. all this is, is saying.. Hey, he’s black.. and many of the people talking are over 46, which means they grew up with Jim Crow doctrines, and that is conveyed in their.. slant,s of .. he’s not qualified..
    No one who ever entered this office came with pre-qualification as President.. it’s a OJA (On The Job Action) Position.

    Mike Huckabee, talking on the biased Hannity interviews, came across and showed how much of a non inclusionist he was.. Hannity, would rather see.. a trained chimpanzee in office before he’s care to see anyone black even in the hall corridors.. He panders to McCaine,. who is so out of touch with everything, the man.. is near senility in mental conceptual awareness of what is happening in this country, and how the inter-link of the world bodies must comes together to fix this world..
    he’d try the John Wayne movie approach.. thinking he’s the “New Sheriff in town” ..

    these people need to wake up.. and see the light.. America is much to uninformed and led by the 45 second sound bites that are cycles for 3 days, and then on to another drama making “OUT OF CONTEXT” caption.. all the feed the media, so they can take a commercial and sell america another pill, and then tell them the side effects create more complication than the actual ailment they orginally had.. but what they don’t say, is a prolonged side effect, becomes a full blown effect, requiring ANOTHER PILL, and the cycle is a guarantee for the pharmaceuticals to continue to rip off a nation… and support fake drama on a 24/7 crazy making, sound bites.

    People.. this country needs a new direction, and a President that is willing to talk to people, and has a humane consideration of people, life and the nations being a nation that harmonizes with other nations of the world..

  • touch

    Hillary Rodham Clinton takes the debate dispute to a new level, challenging her opponent Barack Obama to face off with her in a debate without a moderator, Lincoln-Douglas style.


    This woman has become so desperate, she flips on anything and everything and it would be to Obama’s best interest and the message he has for the nation.. to IGNORE THIS SILLINESS.

    It’s about as pathetic as the Florida and Michigan issues.. where again she wants to over-rule the Democratic committee and the rules that were well established before this process began..

    People had best pay attention… this woman will twist anything and ignore the party any chance she gets and her track record continues to record that as fact and process of her manner.

    It is near the point of being Pathetic now.. she has resorted to now trying to play it up as a woman in the white house.. to play the gender angle..

    but if Obama tried to play the black angle.. she’d have a mental melt down.. or if McCaine tried to play the senior citizen angle.

    she continues to prove why she is not ready to be a candidate for the people of this nation.. nor can she work within the party.. with respect for the party…,

    Political pundits continue to skirt this issue and fact, but it is now.. solidified fact.. and repeated over and over to show the people this is her demeanor..

    she takes credit for stuff she was never a part of .. becase as First Lady, her role was not Presidential over-seer … she was the wife of someone who was President.. he was the person elected to the Office.. and she somehow has forgot that.. when she claims all this credit about her background..

    I doubt if the CEO of any companies wives, will be listened by the Board of directors, when they are there to related with the Appointed CEO..

    she had a sideline view, no different than looking in the window.. because she was not part of cabinet meeting, nor cabinet policy…

    Goodness people… wake up..

  • Bobby

    I noticed that since his PBS Interview, The Jeremiah Wright Story has died down, since we have found out, that Jeremiah Wright stole his CHICKENS COMING TO ROOST STATE FROM A WHITE AMBASSODOR…… BOOOO HOOOOO HANNITY AND WHINING WHITES.

  • DeAngeline

    After seeing the sermons and listening to the Bill Moyers interview of Rev. Wright, I have come to say that there is a degree of journalistic laziness in this country that is allowing and even encouraging its people to remain ignorant and ill or misinformed. When we allow 30 seconds of noise to frame our perspective on anyone or anything and act on that perspective, we become little more than a mob. This man is getting death threats because of lies being told and retold about the work that he does in his church. The major media networks constantly criticize Fox News for their bios reporting– yet they scooped up the sound bites this network produced without question and without even investigating the context or content of the sermons. Or worse, they did know the truth and withheld it from us in order to increase ratings and newspaper circulation. That would mean they were complicit. I pray nothing happens to this man because of the media’s deficit in journalistic integrity. It has been over a month since this story broke. Aside from Bill Moyers and Roland Martin, where are the voices of reason in the media? Where are the true tellers?

  • Harry Cleats

    Many thanks for posting the full audio transcripts of Rev. Wright’s allegedly controversial sermons. Please keep them up on this page, since I will direct others here. It is obvious that he has been slandered by the media, Hillary Clinton and John McCain and others who are either disingenuous, deceitful or ignorant.

    One other thing: To “spider”: Nixon was forced to resign over conspiracy for covering up multiple felonious acts. Did Nixon actually plan the Watergate break-in? The answer to that question is unimportant. He did, however, take very aggressive action to impede all investigations into the matter, including firing the prosecutor in charge of the federal investigation and effectively forcing several in the Department of Justice to resign.

  • sierra

    I watched the “God and Government” sermons, which Fox news posted in it’s entirety on their website yesterday. I was very surprised, and appalled at the way the press failed to report that Jeremiah Wright, after saying the words “God Da*n America”, then turned to his congregation and said “FORGIVE ME FOR THE GOD DAMN”.

    How is it that no one has reported this, why is it the so called press, so called reporters, did not report that Jeremiah Wright said to his congregation, “FORGIVE ME FOR THE GOD DAMN”, seconds after he had said the words God Da*m America.

    Roland I ask that you let the people know, if you need to watch the tape again, go to the Fox news site, and the part of the sermons where he says God Da*n America, and second later asked his congregation for forgiveness. It is near the middle of tape #3.

    Please Roland, tell the people, tell CNN, let them know to what extent they truly have been deceived and manipulated by those who had a agenda to derail Obama’s candidacy, the people who first deceitfully sliced, and diced, and then released the sound bite.

  • Patrick

    It says soemthing about this couple if they can’t keep the base of the democratic party together. In the 90′s they divided the nation, now they are dividing the Democratic party…Amazing people!

    Since this whole process started, i have never heard Hillary use the word “unit” or phrase “unite this country”, but i have lost count of how many times she wants to fight … fight …. fight; and she wonders why she is despised by so many, or why her likeability ratings wre so low.

    Be careful what you wish for by using devious means. Bush took the presidency from Gore, look at what he ended up with, the worst presidency in US hisotry. If Hillary thinks she can use the superdelegates to take the nomination from Barack, remember … “God don’t like ugly”. Whatever happens behind close doors will come to light. Of all people she should know, all she has to do is turn to her left or right while in bed (depending on what side of the bed she sleeps on) and the answer will be right in her face.

    It is amazing how the press refuses to acknowledge the fact that white voters are more likely to vote for Hillary, just as black voters are likely to vote for Barack. When Barack carries prdominantly black voters the press goes on and on about how Barack carried the African-American vote. On the other hand when Hillary wins the predominnatly white vote they they use phrases such as “the Catholic vote”, “the women vote”, “the blue collar vote”, “sub-urban vote”. They hardly want to mention the word white, sometimes only when it comes to the “white men” because this is an area were Barack seems to come a bit close to catching Hillary(again trying to show that white people don’t play racial politics), but you never see or hear them break down the black vote – black men vs black women( by the way i am for Barack my wife is for Hillary, and we are both black), sub-urban blacks vs urban blacks, blue collar blacks vs evangelical blacks, etc.

    One thing i will urge black folks to do is this, If Hillary does not win fair and square and steals the nomination from Barack, then we must all support the alternative – John McCain. Even though he is a Republican, we will be more served by him than by Hillary, who has a reputation for being a very vengful person (look at what they are doing to Gov. Richardson of New Mexico).

  • touch

    people forget how many Jobs moved offshore during the Clinton administration, china ramped up it’s imports multi fold during the Clinton Administration. and HIllary was 100% for Nafta, not the thinking thru of it’s long term impact, but of the present benefit they could get from such..

    Now suddenly she is pro Jobs.. and pro this and pro that.. People you need to wake up…and look back so that you can pay attention..

    Mini mall sprang up all over the place selling Chinese good, which further put American factories out of business and sent Industry off shore.. during the Clinton Administration, s. Korean goods dominated our markets, from electronic’s to automobiles and industrial equipment..

    Now she is preaching to the same people her Husband administration, allowed their Jobs to be sold off..

    Now she claims she is going to get them back… she has no plan to get them back and no money to get them back.. Bush has set this nation up on a further failure course, with the deficit for next year at 450 Billions, and China just showed a 26% increase in it’s exported goods to this country..

    This lip flapping that clinton is talking is madness.. Really the only thing we can look foreword to with Clinton is the saying.. Of.. OH’ by the way, I made a bad judgment call, OH’ I was fatigued and was not in my right mind.. OH’.. did you not know that big industry funded me and I owe them..

    Out talking to these people in the mid west as if they are idiots.. when they are looking at the person what was a catylist in the Jobs being shipped off in the first place.. the Union Busting cycle began during that term of the Clintons. Bush came and took it further because he saw the greed potential to further feed the rich… and move more labor offshore, to insure they make a society as dependent as it can be on the few wealthy of this nation.

    You don’t make a 100 million dollars without playing the game… and no person with a 100million dollars are the same as working people.. they can talk all they want.. but they are not..

    and she will say what ever sounds good, to whom ever will listen..and turn and tuck her tail, when it comes back about what she said and claim.. some excuse and then want the world to over look it, while she sits back and want to sling mud and throw stones.. but then want nothing said about the cycle of lies, she has told and followed them with a non plausible excuse.. now if ever there is anyone blind to the situation and full of themselves.. then you see it.. every time she speaks..

    with this negative driven motivation…

  • touch

    what with this waiting for moderation.. when other comments don’t have that beside it ??

  • touch

    the money that was made during the 90′swas because people could sell this stuff and make a profit, but the more profit they made selling it, the more companies here that could not produce nor compete..

    so the result of the fake spike in prosperity came at a higher cost than people are yet willing to look back and see. it came at the expense of companies being sucked up by other companies trying to survive, until they finally conceded and moved offshore… call centers sprang up in India and nothing was personal to the consumer.. they had to go thru a generic cycle to get anything.

    Bush too this, and saw it as a way to further feed the wealthy, and added his twist into the mix.. and it all has cost this nation everything…
    We have loss respect, and we have a dollar almost no one wants..

    they are giving us tax rebates off of borrowed money… which was not offered until Bush came back from Saudi Arabia, as if he had to go and ask permission.. to try to keep the dollar afloat and explain to them not to panic and give him time to make his fake stimulus last until he can get out of dodge..

  • Kevin Harmon

    What is all the controversy about? It is amazing how a few select soundbites from Rev. Jeremiah Wrights’s sermons has caused so much uproar and has been the biggest distraction in Barack Obama’s pursuit of the Democratic nomination. Those white folks who have gotten caught up in the rhetoric obviously haven’t listened to the sermons in its entirety. Simply put, those who have ears to hear, let them hear. There was a powerful message that came forth in both sermons. All Rev. Wright did was illustrate how the Government has failed over the course of American history, and if you’d took time to hear the full content of his messages, theres more truth than controversy.

  • Mike Wood

    Thank you Roland for getting Wright’s NAACP speech on CNN! Clearly they were not expecting what he ended up delivering. That was made clear when they immediately bumped Pamela Anderson to continue coverage of the speech. You and Dr. Wright make our country a better place.

  • touch

    I find it hard to believe that white people can be as dense as these commentators present on TV..

    after Sunday’s speech, they still don’t get it.. This man has a right to speak his voice, and what he pointed out .. was plain and simple and every black person in america and the intelligent whites understood it… it’s these race bating racist one on TV,… that will say and do anything, to try and care out some slot to give themselves a sense of being superior to something… It’s ludicrous..

    No wonder this country is in a mess… it’s seriously something wrong with some of these commentator they put on TV, trying their damnedest to raise controversy and make this man into something negative, to give themselves a pat on the back as if they are above realism.. If white in the media continue this method they are portraying themselves as being plain flat out dense and with an inability to deal with anything not like themselves… Goodness .. no wonder this country is so backwards in the nature of it’s media presentations…
    whites refuse to accept anything.. it’s just like Rev. Wright said.. they hated King, they hated Malcom, until it became white politically correct to face up to the realism they spoke… damn.. it took them 100 years to face up to the civil right need, and then they still fought it with dogs, fire hoses and what ever , and now they fight it with their flapping of their lips ….. there truly needs to be a re-education of what it means to be a media news spokes person… they are all only looking for a prime slot based on who can raise the most controversy… that’s all this has turned into.. a bunch of mad men and fools sitting in a seat with a tie on.. pretending to be something they are not.. with a malice motive in thier gut…

    If whites are so dense they can’t comprehend common expression and plain speaking of what they hear.. then they have a greater problem than anything in this nations and they are the problem..

    it’s just like their many clings to their in depth philosophies they used to try for the many hundered of years to claim they were superior and that slavery and segregation was right, .. they conjured anything and everything they could as long as they could to cling to that..

    they refuse to share.. this nation, and they refuse to see people as equal and that differences does not mean they are better than others… this seems to be the hardest concepts for the white media people to grasp than anything in this world…

    sure you can’t get up and say it, because they will slam you and cause your career damage.. because your position may be to speak, but you have to consider to insure that dinner can still be put on the table in your home..

    but .. until white open their mind in this nation.. this nation is in for serious troubles .. that will only prolong the agony of disunity….

    it’s not black people’s problem that whites live in denial.. they deny the economy is in crisis, they deny that white men sitting in corporations sold off and carted off the jobs of america.. and they deny that it’s white men sitting in corporations that devised these economy crashes by trying to line their pockets at the expense of anything, for a quarterly report and a bonus…

    But the world is much wiser and many other nations are now more aware .. and the less influence the white man has about the world, the more controversy he creates among the racial aspect of this nation… but … true to fact … life has changed.. the young whites don’t buy into the old whites delusion that caused all these trips.. the young whites are struggling with everyone else and now they see , and they are understanding things in broader realm… when they get some intellect in the seats of the news shows.. then things will began to change.. but these image seekers that sit there now are an insult to America… Lou Dobbs is anti, Latin people, Hannity is white right wing near to racist as anyone can get, Bill O’Riley is is simplistic and arrogant and has a holier than thou attitude, that still rings of his Jim Crow child hood upbringing.. and there are others..

    there’s another side to thing.. on the loop tape they show of the girls beating the one girl.. if it had been a black girls being beaten by other others’ they’d call it savage and anything negative they can think of, but they were affluent whites, but what do we see now, copy cat tapes of white males beating other white males.. and they want to say.. OH, they are just boys and kids, but if it was black males, they’d say .. Oh, see the blacks are just uncontrollable they are animalistic and any other stupd thing they can come up with.

    I know many white people, who are not as foolish as these on the news, and it’s sad, you give them good pay and a good suit and they become to assume they are better than the world with their holier than thou disposition… and their political correct BS, that is nothing but a new form of denial..

    if we look at the world, we look at life.. none are as brutal and then seek to justify it both in their churches and legally…. as did the whites for many many years… and they have nerves to try and attack Rev. Wright…

    goodness.. what will it take before whites look in the mirror and open their eyes and see themselves..

  • Dr. Rodney N. Tolbert, Sr.

    Grace and Peace be unto, your family and your show.

    I would like to say, Thank Jesus for Rev. Wright! He is proclaiming God’s word in the a fashion that is necessary for our young men and women to understand that differences does not mean superior or inferior.

    Rev. Dr. Wright speech at NAACP was special and undefining with white America. We must remember, throughout biblical times, ethnic racism was as wide spread as it is today. Jesus preached against racism and social injustice.

    Rev. Dr. Wright represent God, not Senator Obama; Rev. Dr. Wright preaches God’s Word, not Senator Obama words and Rev. Dr. Wright speak the truth and many of us can not face the truth because the truth is too revealing. What is in the dark, will come into the light.

    May God bless you and may God continue to watch over you.

    Thank you

  • touch

    it took me months of writing on the shreveport times comment column to put a chill to the racist commentary that was in every other posting that was posted.. I nearly had to walk the people back thru their own history, before they can see what is what… and when they kept saying blacks wanted something for nothing.. I had to remind them.. that it was whites who imported illegally black to do the work they did not want to do so they could reap something for nothing.. and then they let the plantations fail, because of the same mindset they sold off the corporations in this country.. “they did not want to share”… the plantations failed because they did not want to pay a wage to the blacks which they could sustain themselves, and when the share cropping was tried, they took what the black earned by clamming they owed it from over inflated credit charges.. which left the black share cropper with nothing, until time came that blacks cared not to be ripped and moved north to find employment..

    when Union jobs were held by white males they said Unions was the greatest thing in the nations, when the Union jobs became open to blacks and women, the white males of the establishment said.. Oh’ nO !!.. union jobs pay too much and we can’t afford to pay it.. and they went into union busting, and job selling to foreign shores..

    Americas problem is… it has in it’s core not released that concept that white is better and that white deserves and edge.. and it will cut off it’s own foot to spite the nature of any black equality…

    they will sel the very last job this country has, if it means insuring that blacks don’t get it and that it pays as less as possible..

    min. wage pays no more than it would cost a slaver owner to keep a slave, … and they can get no more with it, than a slave was given..

    America can’t let go of the slaver mentality that it was built upon.. and until it does it will find nothing but delusions and contentions.. invoked by it’s resistance to embrace equality in heart, action, acts and deed and embrace it with passion of full regard..

    now that’s a truth.. you probably won’t allow to be printed on your blog… but it’s oK… I have my own blog of which I share about many things..

  • Herman Fletcher

    I hope Rev. Wright has finally put people in their place. I, for one, was getting exhausted with the biased coverage of Rev. Wright because news commentators and reporter did not want to understand what the context of his message really was. The black church is the most honest bull pit in America when it comes to the US treatment of its black citizens. I found myself feeling like I was in church being giving a message I needed to hear despite the negative influence generated by the news media. If thestill treat Rev. Wright as they have before (Rick Sanchez showed they will by searching for salicious comments to put more fuel to the fire), it says a lot about them and not him. He should have never been an issue in the first place. Like he so eloquently explained and expounded, difference is not deficiency which is how they painted his loyalty to America. For a disloyal American, I bet President Johnson is greatful for him. Lastly, the media needs to know and should know that Black people and the Black church are the most forgiving people in this country. Our black mothers raised white children and loved them as their own only to endure the hatred of the same children she raised and loved, plus, watch the same children do ungodly things to her own children. Again, “a change is gonna come”.

    For those changed the channel, continued to spew bitter (yes, I said BITTER) comments, and decided you would not vote for Obama are just ignorant and wanted to remain so. Your mind was made up before this event obviously. The most humane and intellectual thing to do was to educate yourself which CNN gave you a chance to do, but, NOOOO, they chose to live with a closed mind and a cold heart. What is most astounding to me is that they would judge one man by what another man does or is portrayed to have done. It wouldn’t surprise me if they are the ones who use the phrase “those people”.

    I hope Obama does not address this speech by Rev. Wright simply because he does not obligated to do so. It will change nothing. His refusal to respond does not imply anything accept that he refuses to be a part of this ridiculous and sublime effort to derail his campaign. No matter what Rev. Wright does or does not do will never be enough. I heard this woman, whose name I forgot, said Rev. Wright was focusing only on himself and will benefit richly from it. If she only knew how stupid and overtly biased she is. The media put Rev. Wright in the forefront and kept him there. He, Rev. Wright, was not the producer of the shows or the host of any who put him on the national front and made him, or at least they are trying, infamous.

    Finally, most of them just won’t get it and will not try. Their learning styles are different, BUT not deficient.

  • misstraceynolan

    Roland, I just want to say thank you for posting these. You’re so often the voice of reason. Keep speaking the truth!

  • Ruby Bishop

    Mr. Martin, my husband and I just finished listening to Pastor Jeremiah Speak to NAACP Committee. I have been following the election since Senator Barack started running over the past months. He captured my attention one day while he was speaking on TV. My husband and I are Christian, infact, my husband is a Pastor for the past 11 years and he is also a Criminal Investigator for the past 35 years. Getting back to Senator Obama, he has an electrifying calling on his life that is clearing seen. I have no doubt that Barack is being used by God. And then i was more convinced when Rev. Jeremiah came on the scene. I had studied the book of Jeremiah before, however, I went back and did an in dept study and then I focused in on Baruch. Jeremiah and Baruch. (Baruch has 6 letter to his name and Barack has 6 has 6 letters to his name. The life of Pastor Jeremiah Wright and the life of Baruch correlate in such a way as Senator obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The Lord has to use people to do His work. I have always believed Dr. Kings comments when he said, we as a people will get to promised land. Change is coming because the Lord promises are true and He will bring it to pass. Everthing Hillary Clinton or McCain has done has backfired on them. I see the Lord in the midst of this campaign working it out for the good of this country. Man’s arms are too short to box with God. Hillary Clinton a type of Jehoiakim, a type of Zedekiah- a very sad case indeed

  • Kimberly

    Mr. Martin, can you point out the next time you are on CNN and Rev. Wright is being discussed, that Rev. Wright was invited to the White House to counsel Bill Clinton the week following the breaking of the Monica Lewinsky scandal. How can Hillary slam Rev. Wright when her husband’s administration invited him to help them spiritually during this period?? She is on a witchhunt, as is the media to bring down Barack and they are using Rev. Wright to fan the flames. Please bring this to light asap!!!!

  • Loyal Jane

    I can tell the Republican strategists will be very afraid of this speech. The only spin I saw they could make was that children learn differently. The speech not only showed Rev. Wright to be intelligent but it also humanized the man and not this demon caricarture created by the media. I am reminded of the scripture, God will work out (the bad) to the good of them that love the Lord and whom are called according to His purpose.

    As a supporter of Barack Obama, I feel that we have weathered this storm with him and seeing his Pastor in context also opened my eyes to the positive impact Jeremiah Wright has had on Barack Obama.

  • Nate

    I’ve been watching CNN’s coverage of Rev. Wright’s address at the NAACP banquet and I must say that if people criticize him or his comments they are truly closed minded. I am a Hispanic man from New Mexico and I believe that Rev. Wright is definitely speaking the truth. He is simply, as he puts it, a “descriptive” person. Rev. Wright is only demonized because he speaks about things that many people do not want face about in America. He explains that many people in our society have the mindset that only allows for only one “correct” way of doing things. I am not saying that I am 100% behind every comment that he speaks about, but most of it is definitely researched fact that people either do not want to hear or are too uninformed to understand. Rev. Wright is not trying to divide people, but simply bringing to light that, contrary to some people’s understanding, just because we all live in the same country, we can have different ways of learning, speaking, praising etc. This again is one of those things that I wish all people are required to listen to at some point in their adolescent educational development. I wish that all people in this country would be exposed many different cultures, educational learning styles, and religions. If this does not happen, at the very least, they should acknowledge that these differences do exist and these people are not some type of second rate/class individuals. After viewing this NAACP address, I almost want to say that those detractors that criticized Rev. Wright’s dated sermon excepts should apologize to Sen. Obama. Although that is not going to happen, I hope that many people take the time to view/listen to Rev. Wright’s most recent comments and make an objective decision about his views. Maybe one day (and I believe Obama can help bring this about) the citizens of this country can open their eyes, ears, and their hearts to each other and make this country great again.

  • http://cnn carolyn Hairston

    I had to opportunity to watch Rev Wright. I enjoyed his speeches and him answering questions from the National Press. I had never heard of him until now. He is very Heavy Man. I enjoyed the questions that were asked and how he answered them. I hear people say that he should stay silent but how can he when the media and other people keep bringing him up in their conversation. They don’t talk about the other candidates that have made comments but for some reason they are focus on him. I know how the Good Ole Boy works. When someone of color is too deep and they can’t understand then they want to get rid of him. For the White man, they (well educated blacks) are a threat and that is sad. We are still in slavery but in a subtle way. I see it everyday where I work and I see it in the media on the news. This country will never be ready no matter what you, me or anyone else say. This country was built on racism. Everything that Rev Wright has said is true and they fear him. rush Limbard can say whatever he wants, do they silence him, NO. We have to stay in our place. I understand why the young people like Obama. Because he wants to change america in a positive way. To make things better for the future. They are more diverse (young people) and more accepting of others. The Old people are set in their ways from the old days and that is why they love hillary. Plus they are out of the loop of the new generation. They don’t want to move forward they want to stay stuck in dead zone. I am 53 yrs young and want new things. I want for my grandson to be able to get equal treatment which I know it will never happen. My grandson isn’t taught to hate but he will be faced with it. It is sad when they tell you someone called them a Nigger. An adult to a child. He hasn’t done anything to get this response. This is an evil world and it will remain until we as people take a stand to stop this.

  • John

    Another filibustering poverty pimp. Do you receive a “Black Leader” card once you hit the Sharpton status. I believe this man to be a racist, which implies ignorance. Rev. Wright is divisive, that is plain and simple. More people are upset, on both sides, than they are happy about this story. I am a “typical white American” (thank you O’bama) and know in my heart this man has hate in his. Talk about how Chicago had 30 shootings this past weekend, nearly all of them being black on black. Sorry gotta go, just realized that my coherent, non-rambling statement is falling on deaf ears.

  • marium

    Roland, I am surprised that you put down Rev. Wright the way you did this morning on CNN about his speech and Q/A session. I feel someone needs to tell the truth as it is. He did not make the powers that be do what they have done over the past hundreds of years! He keeps trying to tell you he is not speaking for Obama. What did he say that was so untrue? Stop thinking that a person has to denounce someone just because they may say something that everybody does not agree with or may not express everyone’s belief. Rick Sanchez on CNN kept trying to mix what Wright was saying with Obama and the campaign. The media needs to learn to be a better listener. Stop just hearing what you want to hear and listen to what is actually being said out of a persons own mouth. I feel the media is doing a very poor job on relaying what people are saying and meaning especially when it comes to people like Obama, and Rev. Wright. Most of the media acts as though they are stuck on stupid, deaf, and dumb.

  • candis

    Roland, it was really appalling to hear you say that Rev. Wright was flippant in his answering of questions. He told the truth. Jesus was slapped across the face for making a statement a statement about a statement he made. You are suppose to be a man of the cloth and able to recognize the truth of what is being said. Rev. Wright is speaking a truth in these last days. God wants truth to run down like a mighty river. The News Media is part of a Political Beast. I know this comment will not be addressed, however this is for you Roland. Get it right. What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul. The looking glass is tilted toward America for the whole world to see. The Lord is in the midst of this election. God’s truth is marching on.

  • Bruce Foster

    Roland just wanted to let you know that I watched all of Rev Wright’s Talks; PBS, Naacp, and the press this morning and was throughly enlightened, and empressed with his delivery on topics. I’m a white Independent voter in Florida and Obama still has my vote to the very end. You can tell CNN if they are going to ask an opinion with their so called specialist like that high sofisticated bitch that was downing the Rev Wrights comments last night on Rick Sanchez’s program that she should see the entire speech before making comments. David Gergan wasn’t much help this morning either. I can’t understand why CNN has so many biased commentators againest Obama. Maybe they should go back to just reporting the facts and leave the decision making up to us viewers.

  • Lydia

    Thank you, Roland Martin, for letting me state the following views.

    Maybe I’m from outer space and I didn’t realize it, but am I the only black American that not only disagrees with Jeremiah Wright and his evil, racist views that he used a church pulpit to convey, but also he should not be receiving all of this attention from the media at this point? This media attention has turned from exposure which was good at first to now advertisement for him.

    Jeremiah Wright is a racist. He implies hatred/contention towards a certain group of people, namely, Caucasian people. As a Christian, Afro-American, I stand against this view. This view is divisive. I am so glad that the evil that many black men and black women like him across the country that have preached this evil from the pulpit and supported this evil for several decades is now being revealed. This is not true of all black American Christians.

    People like Jeremiah Wright who call themselves “Christians,” are not behaving like true Christians in any way, shape or form! I used to be one of them. I went to all-black churches that agreed with these hateful views. I used to tell people that I’m a Christian, and supported the “blackism” and “afro-centric-ism.” I no longer do this. Over the years, I have come to realize that these views are of pure evil and they have no place in a true church.

    By the way, I don’t refer to Wright as “Pastor” or “Minister” or “Reverend” because he doesn’t deserve to have any of these titles after not only the racist views he spewed from his pulpit, but worst than that the fact that he actually used God’s name along with a curse word from a pulpit! Our parents and grandparents’ generations would be rolling over in their graves right now over that! When I was a child and teenager growing up in the sixties and seventies in Chicago, a pastor, black or white, would never be allowed to say such a thing and continue preaching or pastoring! That was outrageous what Wright did and said!

    Because of the ongoing racism that we have in many of our black American churches and the ongoing racism that we have in many of our white American churches, we still believe each other’s lies about each other. That evil continues to pervade and poison the rest of American society.

    Again, thank you, Mr. Martin, for letting me state these views.

    Miss Lydia Marie Farmer

  • evina

    In an attempt to disavow what Reverend Wright said during the Q & A session at the National Press Club , you stated he should be quiet and stop making speeches. Why? Race demands an ongoing conversation, if Reverend Wright keeps talking maybe America can recognize the hurt suffered by slaves in this country.
    Let him keep reminding us, let him continue to tell the story, than maybe the wounds can heal. Just think last week three New York Policeman where found innocence for the death of Sean Bell, and injuring two other males. We sought justice for the Jena 6, and this week in the draft an outstanding college graduate, one young man wrongfully incarcerated for rape has finish college and now will get a chance to play for the Dallas Cowboys. I am writing this because I have lived through that era of Jim Crow laws. In Crowdley Lousiana my father escape in an attempt to be lynch by the police. Why, beciasue he was driving a brand new 1961 Galaxie. As a young military wife in the early 70″s my husband and I were denied lodging at the Howard Johnson,why because we were black. Now all of sudden the media wants everyone black and white to have amenisia about how this country has treated blacks, why should Reverned Wright let them denied slavery and play innocence, I say no. Let Reverend Wright continue to bring this topics to the surface. The Jews reminder the holocaust and will not let the world forget, therefore we should never let the world forget injustices here in this country, in an attempt to excuse the killing of Sean Bell the judge saw that two were African-American policemen and decided there was no cause for a guilty plea. If he had known that African Americans hate themselves as a result of self hate and are so quick to kill each other. He could have reference the planned slave up rising Denmark Versy in 1822 in South Carolina, a slave told the slave owners what was going to happen. Mr. Martin do not be fool by CNN and think they do not have their own agenda, have you heard anymore about Sean Bell’s death, and aquittal of his accuser, have you? No, justice is not important, ruining a man’s reputation and life work, is so much more newsworthy. Speak up and never let anyone paint African-Americans as non-patroits, we know this is our country but we must let the world know it is not perfect and harmonious country. Granted Reverend Wright probably should lay low, but it is impossible or rather counter productive trying to prick the conscious of people that have no conscious or soul. If you would the Senator and the Socialite you would learn who white people really are, and how a race of people have survived every degrading atrocity done to a human being. Take care have a great day!

  • Vivienne


    Why don’t you ever raise this issue of John McCain’s “spiritual guide”? Barack is constantly being held to a different standard than Hillary and John. How come it is that nobody seems to be asking any questions about John McCain’s pastor? I wonder if John can be an effective president when dealing with Islam when they know that his pastor wants them all destroyed. He has encouraged war against Islam. Don’t you think it is dangerous for this man to be getting “spiritual guidance” from Rod Parsley especially if he wants us in IRAQ for 100 years? I think that this is a legitimate issue for CNN to cover. I doubt they will drag this white man down through the mud the way they did Reverend Wright. In any event, I am interested in how much scrutiny they would be willing to exercise. How you can tell if this is a worthy story… substitute Reverend Wright’s name in the article below and ask yourself, what if Reverend Wright had these views, how would the media cover him.

    See article below from Mother Jones.

    Washington Dispatch: Televangelist Rod Parsley, a key McCain ally in Ohio, has called for eradicating the “false religion.” Will the GOP presidential candidate renounce him?

    Senator John McCain hailed as a spiritual adviser an Ohio megachurch pastor who has called upon Christians to wage a “war” against the “false religion” of Islam with the aim of destroying it.

    On February 26, McCain appeared at a campaign rally in Cincinnati with the Reverend Rod Parsley of the World Harvest Church of Columbus, a supersize Pentecostal institution that features a 5,200-seat sanctuary, a television studio (where Parsley tapes a weekly show), and a 122,000-square-foot Ministry Activity Center. That day, a week before the Ohio primary, Parsley praised the Republican presidential front-runner as a “strong, true, consistent conservative.” The endorsement was important for McCain, who at the time was trying to put an end to the lingering challenge from former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, a favorite among Christian evangelicals. A politically influential figure in Ohio, Parsley could also play a key role in McCain’s effort to win this bellwether state in the general election. McCain, with Parsley by his side at the Cincinnati rally, called the evangelical minister a “spiritual guide.”

    The leader of a 12,000-member congregation, Parsley has written several books outlining his fundamentalist religious outlook, including the 2005 Silent No More. In this work, Parsley decries the “spiritual desperation” of the United States, and he blasts away at the usual suspects: activist judges, civil libertarians who advocate the separation of church and state, the homosexual “culture” (”homosexuals are anything but happy and carefree”), the “abortion industry,” and the crass and profane entertainment industry. And Parsley targets another profound threat to the United States: the religion of Islam.

    In a chapter titled “Islam: The Deception of Allah,” Parsley warns there is a “war between Islam and Christian civilization.” He continues:

    I cannot tell you how important it is that we understand the true nature of Islam, that we see it for what it really is. In fact, I will tell you this: I do not believe our country can truly fulfill its divine purpose until we understand our historical conflict with Islam. I know that this statement sounds extreme, but I do not shrink from its implications. The fact is that America was founded, in part, with the intention of seeing this false religion destroyed, and I believe September 11, 2001, was a generational call to arms that we can no longer ignore.

    Parsley is not shy about his desire to obliterate Islam. In Silent No More, he notes—approvingly—that Christopher Columbus shared the same goal: “It was to defeat Islam, among other dreams, that Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World in 1492…Columbus dreamed of defeating the armies of Islam with the armies of Europe made mighty by the wealth of the New World. It was this dream that, in part, began America.” He urges his readers to realize that a confrontation between Christianity and Islam is unavoidable: “We find now we have no choice. The time has come.” And he has bad news: “We may already be losing the battle. As I scan the world, I find that Islam is responsible for more pain, more bloodshed, and more devastation than nearly any other force on earth at this moment.”

    Parsley claims that Islam is an “anti-Christ religion” predicated on “deception.” The Muslim prophet Muhammad, he writes, “received revelations from demons and not from the true God.” And he emphasizes this point: “Allah was a demon spirit.” Parsley does not differentiate between violent Islamic extremists and other followers of the religion:

    There are some, of course, who will say that the violence I cite is the exception and not the rule. I beg to differ. I will counter, respectfully, that what some call “extremists” are instead mainstream believers who are drawing from the well at the very heart of Islam.

    The spirit of Islam, he maintains, is one of hostility. He asserts that the religion “inspired” the 9/11 attacks. He bemoans the fact that in the years after 9/11, 34,000 Americans “have become Muslim” and that there are “some 1,209 mosques” in America. Islam, he declares, is a “faith that fully intends to conquer the world” through violence. The United States, he insists, “has historically understood herself as a bastion against Islam,” but “history is crashing in upon us.”

    At the end of his chapter on Islam, Parsley asks, “Are we a Christian nation? I say yes.” Without specifying what actions should be taken to eradicate the religion, he essentially calls for a new crusade.

    Parsley, who refers to himself as a “Christocrat,” is no stranger to controversy. In 2007, the grassroots organization he founded, the Center for Moral Clarity, called for prosecuting people who commit adultery. In January, he compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis. In the past Parsley’s church has been accused of engaging in pro-Republican partisan activities in violation of its tax-exempt status.

    Why would McCain court Parsley? He has long had trouble figuring out how to deal with Christian fundamentalists, an important bloc for the Republican Party. During his 2000 presidential bid, he referred to Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell as “agents of intolerance.” But six years later, as he readied himself for another White House run, McCain repudiated that remark. More recently, his campaign hit a rough patch when he accepted the endorsement of the Reverend John Hagee, a Texas televangelist who has called the Catholic Church “the great whore” and a “false cult system.” After the Catholic League protested and called on McCain to renounce Hagee’s support, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee praised Hagee’s spiritual leadership and support of Israel and said that “when [Hagee] endorses me, it does not mean that I embrace everything that he stands for or believes in.” After being further criticized for his Hagee connection, McCain backed off slightly, saying, “I repudiate any comments that are made, including Pastor Hagee’s, if they are anti-Catholic or offensive to Catholics.” But McCain did not renounce Hagee’s endorsement.

    McCain’s relationship with Parsley is politically significant. In 2004, Parsley’s church was credited with driving Christian fundamentalist voters to the polls for George W. Bush. With Ohio expected to again be a decisive state in the presidential contest, Parsley’s World Harvest Church and an affiliated entity called Reformation Ohio, which registers voters, could be important players within this battleground state. Considering that the Ohio Republican Party has been decimated by various political scandals and that a popular Democrat, Ted Strickland, is now the state’s governor, McCain and the Republicans will need all the help they can get in the Buckeye State this fall. It’s a real question: Can McCain win the presidency without Parsley?

    The McCain campaign did not respond to a request for comment regarding Parsley and his anti-Islam writings. Parsley did not return a call seeking comment.

    “The last thing I want to be is another screaming voice moving people to extremes and provoking them to folly in the name of patriotism,” Parsley writes in Silent No More. Provoking people to holy war is another matter. About that, McCain so far is silent.

    David Corn is Mother Jones’ Washington, D.C. bureau chief

  • JOHN

    I finally got a chance to listen to Rev. Wrights’s entire sermon on God Damm America.” I must admit that I to was almost sucked in by the sound bites broadcasted over and over again on every news channel. There is a lot of truth in what the Rev. is saying. It reminds us that we still have a serious problem right here in our own backyard. This sermon remains me somewhat of a scripture that I read in the Bible. (Hebrews 4:12) For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing assunder of the soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. The truth hurts when it hits our hearts. I served in the military for 23 years of my life. I love my country, and would have died for it. However, America better wake up and brake out of this denial stage. She need to ask herself why she is hated, dispise, and can’t be trusted throughout the world. I don’t fully agree how Rev. Wright delivered his entire message, but it is a message that must be delivered more often.

  • touch

    what kind of forum is this.. ????

  • eldressg

    I’ve had the opportunity to listen to the “controversial” sermons. I understood cleary what he ministering and it wasn’t hate, but truth. I also watched Rev. Jeremiah on the PBS interview, and the message that he delivered at the NAACP (Detroit Chapter) banquet. I believe he answered the questions and got the opportunity for America to see the real Rev. Wright. He is very comical. Yes! he is very controversial, but he does speak facts and truth. However, I am not in agreement with his delivery(tone) of the message at times, but he is who he is.

    NOW…..the media put him out there, and I believe that they are somewhat sorry that they did because he is now using the media and playing them like you play a radio. He’s milking it! First, to defend himself and his former church, and to make the best of a bad situation. He is getting a lot of publicity since breaking his silence. This is not the kind of publicity the media wanted. I do agree that the attacks have been unfair to both Rev. Wright and to Barack Obama. I believe it is time to really get back to the issues.

    A big thank-you to Roland Martin for putting the truth out there and sharing the entire controversial messages with America. America is in my prayers daily,as well as the candidates. It is truly sad that the primaries have come to this point in such a historical election year. God already knows who is going to be President. Therefore, our trust should only be in Him and not in man.

    God Bless

  • Patrick

    I listened to Rev Wright yesterday, and my sentiments were the same as eldressg’s. But listening to the pundits today, man …

    As i said to some friends months ago, this reminds me of when black folks used to be lynched. White folks then needed some kind of excuse, anything, just something to hang or burn a human being.
    They are doing the same thing to Obama. They have been trying to pin something on him, jsut to say “we knew it”.

    Listening to Chris Matthews of MSNBC today, calling Rev Wright a surrogate for Obama; where does he come off with this stuff!

    So Parsley’s comment to condenm Isalm, Hagee’s comment about the catholic church are not controversial? Give me a break!

  • Kevin

    Listen folks, African-Americans who continue to go on these shows to defend Mr. Obama and Mr. Wright are continuing to keep this story alive. African-Americans need to stop and remember the bigger picture here. They are just as guilty as Mr. Wright for using this these forums to get attention. Mr. Obama can defend himself and he has but yet Many African-Americans are persuaded by the media that he has not been forceful enough. African-Americans wake up. If we refuse to go on these shows then they would be forced to change the story. A boycott is our most powerful weapon and yet we forget that. This is bigger than Mr. Obama and Mr. Wright and we have to remember that. African-Americans shut up and turn the page. Just say NO you dont want to talk about this anymore and I guarantee you how fast this story starts to go away.

  • Tiana

    The bigots who claim to have taken their vote away from Obama after Rev.Wrights speech’s are LIARS whom had no intention on voting for a Black person to begin with. Remember people like this didn’t like what Martin Luther King Jr. had to say either.

    Clinton can tell a BOLD face lie about running from bombs and Clinton supporters(including the media) turn their head as if she were lying about her age.

    How many white Americans are associated with a KKK member, skin head or someone who tells racist jokes at the water cooler or in their own living room???? Please evaluate your own actions and words before you dare to make this an issue of hatred(by the way what speech was Anderson Cooper and the rest of the so-called Political Analyst watching yesterday??). The media is sadly enough doing a great job at diverting attention. Let’s keep our focus on the candidates and the issues important to the American people.

  • Ron

    Mr Martin,
    I have been watching this stupidity unfold for the past year. You have been fair in your providing the people with information. But,, today I heard you speak on CNN, along with a few others and the only person I heard that somewhat stood up for Rev. Wright was Dr Dyson. You gave Dr Wright an “F” on his talking today. I consider that to be a slap in his face.

    For weeks the news media has been playing cut up nonsense, and fed that to the public day after day week after week. They took over 30 yrs of his work and flushed it down the drain. They took a man with a Bachlors, 2 Masters, a Doctorate and 8 honorary degrees and reduced him to a bumb. He spoke the truth on every thing he stated. Now, now “EVERYBODY” wants him to hush, go away, go crawl back to your house of worship.

    HELL NO!!!!! The media pulled him out of his pulpit so they could use him to destroy another human being,, Now they say its all his fault they had to do it. All this controversy as they say is his fault. Its his fault that the media had to use him for this evil thing. Its his fault that he has been forced to come forward to fight for what he has done for his community. Its his fault that he was vilified, abused, degraded, and made to look like he is some crazy man as some have said.

    In every statement he made there is proof. But you and the so called media cant seem to locate it. to prove or disprove it. Or dont want to locate it. But thats how the media really works,,, half a$$ed,,, whatever it takes to make a story. If its true or not.. so what. If it hurts or ruins a man, ah so what. I dont have the access or I would,,,

    This time ya’ll have woke up a LION, and there ain’t no Dr. King to calm him down.

    The people you say you talked to and said they tried to talk him out of this. Guess what,, I would have told them to go check with the devil. The people that talked all day on CNN, THEY WEAK. AND CONVIENTLY It wasent any of those whining uppity people that were belittled, that were lambasted, that were abused, or had their whole lifes work reduced to a 30 second sound bite.

  • PJ

    Being on the white side of this issue, I began this election season believing it was wonderful that finally, a black and a woman were running for President. I was disappointed that Colin Powell did not run last time.

    After all the current controversy about Obama, I wonder if he would have won all those early primaries if “we knew then what we know now”. Yes, his religious beliefs DO count. His character counts.

    Rev. Wright said White’s don’t understand black religion. He sure was right about that one! I had no idea it came from “Black Liberation” and lived so much in the past. Slavery is long over. 1964 was 34 years ago. Desegregation happened in the 1970′s. MOVE ON, you’ve have now scared white America. Was that intended? I heard nothing about working together with White America to solve problems; I heard White America being blamed for all the ills of the Black community.

    Perhaps black churches began as a way to ‘get news’, but those times are long gone. “Liberation Theology” I hear a well dressed black woman say. Liberation from what?
    Our country if full of black people, who went to American schools, right brained as they may be, and succeeded! Rev. Wright is one example; Roland Martin, Bill Cosby, Colin Powell, Tavis, and on and on. There are many, many more leading a “good life” that don’t become public figures.
    America is still the greatest country in the world where anyone, regardless of race, creed, color or sex, can get a free education and become the best they are able to be.
    Kids who drop out of school have parents who did not help them succeed; Don’t blame America, Black or White.

    I was very happy to hear Roland say Rev. Wright’s speech at the Press club was devistating. I agree. It’s too late for other Black churches to disagree with him. Obama attends Wright’s church and has heard those sermons of ‘liberation’ for 20 years.
    Now the question becomes, can Obama win without the White vote? We’ll see.

    Actually, I truly believe none of this would have happened if the states had left their primaries where they were. All those states moving them up caused a “crash course” in speeches by candidates in compressed period. Everyone in those states voted without enough information about any of the candidates. Historic amounts of money are being spent. We have never seen so many candidates drop out so soon. Neither is good for the system where supposedly “anyone can become President.” We will have to change that to “anyone with money and/or connections.”

  • James

    I am a white man and an Independent. I am aware that a gentleman videotaped himself manufacturing the AIDS virus in a lab. Him and his family were later killed. So, I believe that it is likely the AIDS virus was manufactured.

    Alot of what Wright says is true. Historical facts. Strikes real emotional chords. Talks about real life and experiences, which end up being dismissed immediately by white folks who are out of touch or can’t fathom such experiences.

    But, what’s the point bringing it from the pulpit? He sounds like a great civil rights advocate or political activist. But, why from the pulpit? I don’t see the point in preaching a sermon with 95% politics/civil rights and maybe 5% God.

    He seems religious, but God isn’t religious. Jesus blasted the Pharisees because they spoke in pulpits, wore the garb of godly men, knew the Bible (OT) backward and forward, but they were just interested in the place of influence/power they had. And they didn’t recognize God when he was all up their face.

    Wright quotes a couple of scriptures, and talks in general about a general love and counting your blessings. Stuff any heathen person does.

    He’s deep on history, politics, civil rights, civic injustice. But, where’s the teaching on overcoming and repenting of sin, crucifying the flesh, glorifying Jesus, living holy, etc? He makes general references to a humanistic sounding personal relationship with God that most heathens think they have. He talks about religiosity. But, where is Jesus in it all.

    And he definitely takes unscriptural stances. The Bible is clear that God says there is appropriate time for war. Not that all war is good or all is bad. But, some are just. Wright’s anti-war all the time stance is unscriptural. His “woman’s right to abortion” contradicts his own sermon above in which he complains of innocent children being smashed upon rocks. Abortion is murder of innocent children. That aint even debatable. If you don’t believe that then you don’t believe the Bible, or you play God and pick and choose what you like in the Bible.

    Maybe Wright has been born again. I can’t know. Only God knows. But, his fruit is that of a politician, civil rights person, who speaks on those issues from a pulpit. There’s no glorifying Jesus and a call to personal repentance from sin and denying one’s self and of the flesh. He definitiely is DEEP when it comes to social issues, politics and history and even KNOWLEDGE of some scriptures, and he’s an articulate gifted speaker. But, UNDERSTANDING of spiritual things. anointing, etc. are seroiusly lacking. Let’s stop frontin and call a spade a spade. Most of the world hates phonies of any kind. Let’s call him what he is: a politician, civic activist, social commentator, and/or historian in a preacher’s/pastor’s clothing, with a whole bunch of misunderstanding of spiritual and scriptural things.

    Traditional churchianity, traditional religiosity, titles, licenses, ordaining ain’t proof in and of itself that you saved, filled with God’s spirit or called to do what you are doing. There was a general quickie reference to Jesus to be likened to any unsaved person giving thanks at an awards banquet. Other than that, where was Jesus in this? The Bible from beginning to end is about Jesus. The Father and Holy Spiirit always want to glorify Jesus.

    Yet, this man wants to hypocritically preach about a woman’s right to an abortion, when Planned Parenthood was established in this country for the sole purpose of exterminating blacks and today nearly just as many blacks are aborted as are born. Think about it.

  • Anthony

    Let me first say I completely disagree with Roland Martin’s take on Jeremiah Wright knowing or should know how this effects Barack Obama’s campaign. You are thinking like them, thinking that if your brother is running for office and they attack you and your work you should just take because your brother is not needing the controversy. What Roland misses is that your brother needs to respect the fact that you are not running for office and could care less whether he makes it to the White House or not. This is about Reverend Wright’s reputation and as long as pundits continue to link Obama to Wright’s comments they are marginalizing Obama as a candidate into a black candidate(inference, not to be taken seriously) which I believe was there goal.

    The speech was cathartic, introspective, thought provoking and neccessary. What gets missed by most CNN pundits is that Reverend Wright doesn;t owe Barack Obama not a damn thing. This is about how the media is portraying him and the repeated attempts by the media and others to paint Obama with the same brush as Wright shows an inherent racism, bigotry and prejudice that is profund. White people have the same idiotic afflication, they see black people as monolithic. They, in their racist, bigoted, prejudice mindset do not see the difference between Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright, what they see is 2 black people who know each other and assume they think alike, act alike, etc etc.

    Obama was right about PA voters and it showed at the polls. They are bitter and angry but at him because he is educated, so they call him an elitist when both McCain and Clinton have more than he does 10 times over. These are poor whites who believe they have less because some minority took the place allocated for them. They see an educated, well to do black person and they call him elitist, uppity. They will vote for candidates that have done things to there communities to hurt them but think Obama is out of touch, an elitist, etc. Clinton supported NAFTA which took the jobs from PA, OH, WV, KY, etc but voting for a black man they can’t seem to do. They vote on “WEDGE” issues i.e. race, guns, religion, abortion, gay rights because they are so uneducated that they don’t see the people telling them who the enemy is is their enemy.

    Reverend Wright should continue to educate White America about waht they continually refuse(Like some one who is crazy) to see what they have sanctioned and allowed the government over the history of this nation to do to other countries all in the name of being american.

  • Robyn

    I too initially maintained an open mind about Rev. Wright. However, his performance before the National Press Club was unfortunate. He came across as a man with a huge ego who could not resist the opportunity to perform before that audience – knowing that a lot of people were watching him. He is having a negative impact on Obama – being as intelligent as he is and understanding human psychology as well as a Pastor should – he has to be aware that he is having a negative impact. I wonder if it is intentional. It would not play well into his arguments about racism – and yes it is alive and well – if a Black man really did become POTUS. I think Wright has demonstrated that this ego is large and his concern for him self is greater than his desire to see real change in this country. It is unfortunate and I sincerely hope that Obama can overcome this latest problem – that was totally not necessary. CNN and all the other news media will rehash and keep this alive for as long as they can – what a pity.

  • Joel

    When the WTC has been shamelessly and cowardly attacked on 9/11, America rose to an all new level of conventional thinking. The overall attitude towards Muslims changed from friendly to suspicious. Nobody complained, as it was self evident that the wounds inflicted were deep and required extraordinary measures and care. In fact, suggesting that no one should have been moved by this event to the point that legitimate concerns about relationships with the Muslim community arise would have been delusional and inartful.

    Yet, when an African American pastor dares to claim that he’s defiant and suspicious about white America because of the crimes and injustice he has suffered in the past, an angry mob is out to get him.

    There’s no way to excuse Jeremiah Wright’s most offensive and provocative comments (God damn America, America’s chicken coming home to roost, US of KKKA, American government is responsible for spreading AIDS to AA) when taken into soundbites.
    When taken in context, they still are not quite things that anyone would feel comfortable with, but just as it’s not comfortable to hear some comments that have been uttered due to this extra level of suspicion towards Muslims.

    So there’s no way to excuse either those that cling – yes I said cling – to their guns and point them at him like he was the nefarious reincarnation of Belzebuth himself.


    I hear and read all the angry reaction to his speeches, and I feel like something blatantly hypocritical is happening right now in America.

    Here we have angry people accusing someone of being angry and therefore racist.
    Here we have angry people claiming that Obama is toast because Wright appears to them more and more as a racist, a hater, despite the fact that the same angry people says that he’s thrown Obama under the bus.
    Here we have angry people assimilating a black man to another black man, as obviously they recognize that Wright’s words are his words, not Obama’s, but still blame it on Obama.
    Here we have angry democrats anguished, livid, and resentful, that fear the general election will be lost because white America will never vote for a black man because another black man said something they don’t like.
    Here we have an angry press and media corp, or maybe should I say a greedy one, not ashamed to be the vector of such a propaganda, not ashamed from the lessons they’ve learned when they where the accomplices of the shaping of the public opinion based on lies when going to war was on the table.
    Here we have angry black pundits, politicians, churchgoers, that blast a man that many times said he’s not a politician but a pastor, based on the fact that he said the attack is not on him but on the black church, and are making it look like for this only reason what he said is political vitriol?

    Tell me, honestly, who is angry now?
    America, my love, what’s going on?

    Jeremiah Wright is not a genius.
    Jeremiah Wright is not right.
    Jeremiah Wright is not Obama.
    Jeremiah Wright is not a bigot.

    None of these points are denied by anyone that has an ounce of reason and no political agenda.
    You can disagree with a 67 year old man that preaches solutions from the past, that most feel would be divisive and mostly stupid in the current state of our society, without tearing him down.
    You can present your solutions for a better racial understanding if you feel your plan is better than is, which the case is surely, let’s really have this debate and stop pretending we’ll get past those problems by simply denying they exist.

    Not because Jeremiah Wright said it, but because of the reaction of the press, the reaction of the pundits, the general reaction to this controversy, I feel now that this is an attack on me as a progressive thinking man.
    I feel now, that this is an attack on me as a universal man.
    I feel now, that this is an attack on me as a black man.
    I feel now, that this is an attack on sanity, respect, and tolerance.

    Ultimately, it’ll be up to the American people to step up and speak up. Ultimately, they are the ones that should make their voices heard, despites of the parasite noises that they’re getting. Once again, the press and the media are trying to tell to the American people what to think. They’re trying to treat the American people like kids that need to be thought how to behave. Americans have been fooled once. I certainly hope they will not be fooled one more time. This is both a bet, and a challenge. On, to and for them.

    We shall see.

  • shoreke

    Jeremiah Wright is doing everything in his power to destroy the presidential candidacy of Barack Obama. Rev Wright has devolved into a self aggrandizing, self promoting, ego maniac with no other interest in life but the advancement of himself.

  • touch

    Religion and the Texas situation..

    This is an issue that should be taken to the Supreme court, becase it involve ..”Constitutional Law” … you can’t put it in a criminal court… when it has not been resolved in the “Constitutional Court”..

    people have to take this to the heart of the matter, and their arrest is a infringement upon their constitutional right, to freedom of religion.

    people have let their emotions and mob mentality dictate the law and over-ride the constitution.. with their thinking their emotional disposition about the religious practices of others, is suppose to over-ride the constitutional laws… and that is a civil rights violation of this church, because they have infringed upon the constitutional civil liberties of these people.

    this is the same mob mentality that had lync mobs pre civil rights act.. and mob mentality that made the Jim Crowe actions accepted by the masses without regard for the constitution.

  • Kimberly

    Dear Roland:

    I have been really doing my homework this election. I am a white woman with three multiracial boys living in Alabama. I am telling you plainly the white southerns down here really want Hillary Clinton as their oponent in this election. They know that running against Barack Obama is going to be a mine field. People are still very openly racist down here both black and white. I listened to Rev. Wright’s sermons and I am appalled at how mischaracterized he has been shown. Of course, I am telling you, as someone who has to listen to “the good ole” boys on a daily basis, this is something they love. However, note that down in the South there is a change occuring all over through the avenue of television, music and school. There is progress. The problem Rev. Wright has is that he keeps going back to slavery instead of focusing on today’s issues. I am of Irish descent. I can tell you now–none of my ancestors owned any slaves. None of my relatives have been given any extra hands up. So those of us who don’t see being white as any special priviledge can’t relate. What we can agree to is how the government is pushing classism to the extremes. Many low income whites aren’t feeling so fortunate in this economy. Even now with health and dental insurance, I still can’t afford to go to the dentist or get new glasses.

  • Mike

    Hi Roland,
    My name is Mike, I’m writing you this because I feel that you are the only one who talks the truth now on CNN. They now seem too censored and with some kind of agenda.
    The following, below, is an email I have sent to Anderson Cooper based on one of his blogs today. I was hoping you could actually start a dialog about that issue, tonight? I’d hate to think people who watch the news are stupid and are not seeing what is really going on.
    Thank you and keep doing your thing!

    Hi Anderson,

    My name is Mike. I just was visiting your Blog Spot and read about the media fueling racism. I totally agree with you on this and wonder if there’s a hidden agenda that no one is bringing up, not even you or CNN. First of all, I love your show, been hooked for years, have actually written you about a talking point before. Lately though, I’m noticing a trend in the show. A trend that seems to be coming from higher up….

    Let’s look at Rev. Wright: The media (you guys too) are using him to hurt Obama (more so FOX aka Fake News). Seriously, why is he still being given his 15 mins? It’s over!

    Keeping him in the news doesn’t say anything more about Obama or him, but says more about the news outlets’ agenda. Think about it, McCain has a controversial preacher, who actually said that Christianity was invented to wipe out Islam. The other one who said Katrina was a good thing, said bad things about Catholics and gays. Really, where’s the outrage?? I don’t see the coverage on that from you nor Wolf. I’m not an angry supporter, but merely a political observer pointing out what a lot of my circle of friends and business associates have been feeling, hearing and talking about. We watch the news for news, not to be swayed by some corporate agenda. If that’s the case, might as well glue ourselves to the Fox network.

    So, I ask you Mr. Cooper, could you & CNN prove us wrong? Even bringing up this issue itself would be a great step.

    Thank you,


    Comments Spark Denunciation

    Wright’s incendiary comments on Monday came just a few days after he addressed a crowd of 10,000 people at an NAACP dinner. There, he said, “I describe the conditions in this country … I am not running for the Oval Office. I’ve been running for Jesus a long, long time.”
    For this historical presidential election of 2008, some obviously got the latest “Change” in social information and some obviously did not. Let’s consider this and take a good look and compare the quick studies and the slow learner.

    Didn’t we all get the E-Mail of 1 Thessalonians 4:11 “And that ye study to be quiet…” How many got the message of 1st Timothy 2:2, “All that are in authority; that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life.” Didn’t we all get the memo of Peter 3:4, “The ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price?”

    The senior quick-study leaders including Father Pfleger and Minister Faracon in the “Black Church” should hold a private forum of respectful support and instruction for Pastor Wright with no politicians or media allowed! Give an agreed upon written press release and let it go!

  • HUGgy bear, GOD’s Leading Lady

    The ALMIGHTY GOD will make every thing plain.

    My friend, Brother Jeremiah Wright, is fulfilling his mission. May he be blessed.

    Please, p-l-e-a-s-e remember these statements:
    “A DOUBLE-MINDED man is UNSTABLE in all his ways.”
    “What He says we will do, where he sends, we will go, NEVER FEAR, ONLY TRUST and OBEY.”

    I pray you find the strength to make the decision to come over to the side of The ALMIGHTY GOD and stay there at ALL TIMES. Truly, it will be hard for a rich man to enter into The Coming KINGDOM.

    SPIRITUALLY, “THE BLACK CHURCH” does not mean ‘Black Social Organizations’.


    What in God’s Name are you talking about HUGgy Bear, GOD’s Leading Lady? Some people are too heavenly minded to speak any earthly good!

    Pastor Wright embarrassed himself and now many others who understood him by lowering himself to the level of his original accusers that included all who are opposing Barack Obama’s presidency. God has an elevated standard that all must maintain or be baited into the negative affects of retaliation that include making a futile attempt to defend oneself. I am sure the Bible even says let the fool (media) remain a fool. Our American media has made a constant fool of themselves for a long time now with “sound bites”, and now Rev. Wright has joined them in giving them negative media frenzy ammunition.

    Who is winning? The Republicans are winning! If we (Democrats) don’t pull it together and help Senator Obama quickly win this Primary, Senator Clinton is a sure loss to John McCain. For example: Senator Clinton’s choice of husband who has lied as President of U.S.A. regarding his affair in the oval office with that young lady under his desk. The American people have been disgusted by President Clinton’s display of adultery and lies. Remember he constantly said he did not have sex! He has never changed his story. Commander and Chief – Senator Clinton can’t even command a good marriage.

    I am buckling down my financial hatch for the continuing ocean bottom dive in the American economy with President McCain. However, there is still hope (Senator Obama) if we can understand the wisdom of Ecclesiastes 4:5-6, “The fool folds his hands together and eats his own flesh. Better is a handful with QUIETNESS, than both the hands full with travail and vexation of spirit.”

    It is God’s intent that we would take authority and DO. God has done His part on the cross. Let’s put our reconciled connected wisdom to WORK. Shut-Up!

  • Ron


    First let me correct you if I may be so bold. It is Minister Farrakhan. Now, if it were of any other venue I would agree with you. This time I have to disagree. Think about this for just a minute.

    Whoever went thru over 30 years of Reverend Wrights sermons to find the things that were put together out of context is nothing short of a coward. The individuals responsible, the entire news media, and some of the uppity so called analyst, who day after day, night after night berated besmearched and tried to ruin this pastors life is criminal and animalistic.

    Read my short esay above yours,,, :) These animals, news media, went into his house of worship, found the churches bullitins, and called sick people to try and get some kind of story.

    This type of action is exactly what Minister Farrakhan had spoke about in a sermon he gave. He said that the human race had not evolved yet. They were still in the animalistic stage. Action speaks louder than words sometimes.

    How does a man with this pastors credentials, learning and the community he has helped, stand by and be used to not only destroy and hurt another human being but to have everything he has worked for ruined because of a vile bitter bigoted group.

    Thank you for the scriptures, always inspiring
    a humble student
    In the Fathers Service

  • Angela

    Thank you Roland on your assessment of Jeremiah Wright’s answers to the media’s questions. I know that you have been fair in your treatment of Wright and I saw you give him the benefit of a doubt. I’ve watched some other programming that you have done on “The Church” and I found it very enlightening. I think that “The Church is on trial”. Wright made statements about this being an attack on the “Black Church”, who is he talking about. Even though I am African American I am not part of the “black” church but a part of a mixed congregation of all races of people, but being black I understand where he’s coming from. I’ve heard this type of preaching as a child. What really got me was the way he handled the situation by making fun of the questions and answers, he did fail that. I really pray that this doesn’t do a lot of damage to the Obama camp.

  • J-Dog

    I am a Democrat from Ohio. I am white. Like Rev. Wright, my father is a minister in the United Church of Christ, and like Barack Obama, I am a member of the United Church of Christ. If I had the opportunity to speak directly with Rev. Wright, I would say this: “With all due respect, please zip your lip! You are going to blow it for all of us! The last thing we need to do is help George W. McCain! Please shut up!” Rev. Wright sounds like someone who would burn his own house down just to cook a steak!

    Thank you for the forum, Mr. Martin!

  • Alex Williams

    Please don’t Rev Wright under the bus because you feel it is the politically right thing to do. What he said yesterday was no different then what he said many times before. He speaks the truth and it hurts. Isn’t it the conscious for the clergy men among us to speak honestly? Please let me know what changed since he heard his words before. Martin spoke lovingly about Rev Wright a few weeks ago and now everyone hates him. Now everyone in America will condemn him. The O’Riellys and Hannity will have a field day crucifying him.

    We should point his errors but not disown a great leader among us. Let us not be polarized again by the white media. They love it when we condemn our leaders and they will glorify folks like Martin who will sacrifice our own. Wake up folks and be smart about this. Obama can win without throwing Rev Wright under the bus. Let us be smart about this.

    Alex Williams
    Dallas, TX

  • Alex Williams

    Please don’t throw Rev Wright under the bus because you feel it is the politically right thing to do. What he said yesterday was no different then what he said many times before. He speaks the truth and it hurts. Isn’t it the conscious for the clergy men among us to speak honestly? Please let me know what changed since we heard his words before. Martin spoke lovingly about Rev Wright a few weeks ago and now everyone hates him. Now everyone in America will condemn him. The O’Riellys and Hannity will have a field day crucifying him.

    We should point his errors but not disown a great leader among us. Let us not be polarized again by the white media. They love it when we condemn our leaders and they will glorify folks like Martin who will sacrifice our own. Wake up folks and be smart about this. Obama can win without throwing Rev Wright under the bus. Let us be smart about this.

    Alex Williams
    Dallas, TX

  • HUGgy bear, GOD’s Leading Lady


    Satan, the disputer of this wicked-world, never quotes the Scriptures for the purpose of educating The Children Of GOD ALMIGHTY. The devil quotes the Scriptures To TRICK, To TRAP, To DECEIVE, and TO MIS-EDUCATE.

    Since you love to quote the Bible, note that it is also written:
    “To every thing there is a season, and a TIME to every purpose under the heaven.”
    “A TIME to keep silence, and A TIME TO SPEAK.”
    “A TIME OF WAR, and a time of peace.”
    Now go and learn what this meaneth.

    How many of the disciples of CHRIST Jesus stayed with Him when trouble came? He said if “THEY” did it to Me, “THEY” will do it to you too.

    My Father in Heaven, forgive them for they know not what they do.


    A time to keep silence — thank you.

  • TJ

    I think there was a question looming about why Rev. Wright chose to give an interview with PBS/PRN/PRI. Is there a Tavis Smiley connection?

  • W Johnson

    After the past week, seems you need to readdress this issue and apologize to all those you implied were hysterically biased against Rev Wright.

  • HUGgy bear, GOD’s Leading Lady

    GOOD! So YOU keep silence and LISTEN to Brother Jeremiah Wright S-P-E-A-K The TRUTH that others will not speak.


  • Kimberly

    I listened to Rev. Wright’s sermons, his interview, the NAACP speach and the press club engagement and on the whole I have agreed with him. However, when you start to dip into craziness like saying the US gov. invented AIDS to kill black people, I have to say that’s enough. He was doing well until then. Now I can honestly see that after the syphillis experiments how a person could invision something far more sinister being possible. I think he would have been better to have said that the US Gov. has been neglible in their handling of AIDS from the beginning but back then it was mainly affecting the gay community so I imagine the government wasn’t in a rush to help them either. The US Gov. has been neglible in the research, treatment and prevention of AIDS. That is a true statement. Surely, it would have served Rev. Wright better to say that than to make himself look like a lunatic by stating that the government invented it. Again, I am a white woman and I for the most part agree with Rev. Wright but when you alienate white people by accusing us of inventing AIDS, you lose your credibility. I agree with Rev. Wright about a governmental apology for slavery. I believe there should be reconciliation. I want to believe when I tell my boys that they can be whatever they want to be when they grow up–it’s true. Barack becoming president is a vital and necessary first step. Critics who say Barack is not qualified need only look at our current President Bush. What significant achievements did he make acedemically or professionally before he took office? None. Barack’s hard work speaks for itself.

  • kathleen

    It is very important that journalists not be afraid to speak up and support Obama Right now it is too easy to “take shots” at the front runner and miss the issues. I appreciate your column which clearly articulates the differences between Obama and McCain. I wish you would be as forceful on television.

  • Paula Diane Harris

    I think one thing the media needs to report nationally is that the person who invited Rev Wright to speak before the press club was and is a stron supported of Hillary Clinton. I do believe it was their ides to have him invited to speak and to get him stirred up against Obama. The sad thing is that they are good at using the Jim Crow methods and those methods still work today painting one Black against another. Rev. Wright should have been smarter and the organizer a Black woman who supports Hillary who was the organizer should have not invited Rev. Eright under the Clintons wrath. We can only hope that Obama can again rise above Jim crow again.

  • HUGgy bear, GOD’s Leading Lady

    By the way, THANKS RENEE for your statement: “Some people are too heavenly minded to speak any earthly good!”

    That is because these HEAVENLY-MINDED PEOPLE are not ‘good’ for any form of WICKEDNESS in this WICKED-WORLD. HEAVENLY-MINDED PEOPLE are ANTI-WICKEDNESS!

    Some people are s-o-o BIBLE-BOUND, that they cannot RECEIVE THE TRUTH, THE WAY, and THE LIFE.


  • BuffDaddi

    Forgive the preamble… I’m not a christian. I was brought up in the black church. I tend to like having all the information of any subject matter prior to making blanket judgement calls. I’m a black man that lived in the projects as a child, graduated from an all black high school, attended Cheyney Univ (the first black college) and have experienced racism in all forms. I’ve taken the time to listen to many deep thinking black, educated folk along with reading texts such as “The Miseducation of the Negro” and “Isis Papers”. These experiences allowed me to looking into controversial topics like Reverend Wright, Cassius Clay, Dr King and even Minister Farrakhan. In this society, Minister Farrakhan can have 85% of a speech hitting undisputable truths about racism in America and all of it’s impact upon people of color… say one thing that maybe over the top and all the other 85% of relevance subject matter get lost because white media and white American with ignore it while pouncing on the one thing that is gravely taken out of context. I took the time to watch the interview of Reverend Wright on PBS. I’ve watch the onslaught of media attention of individuals that spend many hours replaying sound bytes but not a second of their time was spent objectively watching and listening to the words spoken during this interview or complete recording of the sermons. Many of these people are well educated and well read white media folk and some to my dismay black, that have taken the position of listening with set agendas to condemn prior to listening with open minds and ears.

    Lastly, I was on the fence about Mr Obama from the beginning. I seriously didn’t believe that he’s capable of being the “Black Champion” that so many black folk needed from Jesse Jackson when he ran. I thought I was wrong in my thinking once the Reverend Wright mayheim began because I thought… wow… perhaps Obama can be that champion that will go to the mat for black folks. The latest denouncement of the reverend let me see that Mr Obama is what I thought he’d be. He’s like most of us black folk that go into the white work force and put on that mask to make sure we can still pay the bills and not offend too many white folks that could affect our income and opportunities to expand… Reverend Wright just didn’t start to deal with and enlighten his congregation with thoughts that will wake us all up that the struggle and mental enslavement isn’t long gone. He may not have heard the specific sermons that were played, but he heard and was exposed to sermons that were ultimately said to wake up folks that America is a powerful entity that has produced a lot of good, but is built over the blood, tears, death, deception, evils of hundreds of years and hundreds of thousands of people of color native and shackled from abroad… that white America would seriously love to forget about despite the residual effects live amongst us everyday.

    Free the chains on the brains and think…


  • http://none paddy

    Roland you are the best you have said the truth about Rev WRIGHT what he said is the gospel truth yet these white guys will never accept cos Wright is black. I listen to racist white men and women who are filled with hate for blacks delibretaley brought on CNN to come and say nasty things about Wright please i wish you could leave your talk show and lead Obamas team cos you say the write things and you know the facts

  • Reverend Charles Houston

    I am a bit turned off by some of what I am hearing from you about Reverend Wright. I am usually with you, but I believe you and some others are mis-characterizing him as regards to his Press Club lecture and Q & A session. Here is the bottom line – Anyone who really understands what Liberation Theology also knows there would be no Barak Obama rising up out of the south-side of Chicago if it had not been for the prophetic preaching of Reverend Wright. Pastors have done and will more for people than any president has done or ever will do! It was a HUGE mistake for Obama to burn the bridge that facilitated his ascension to even think of the very possibility of becoming the President of the United States of America. What he did is something you just do not do to the Elders! I am hurt, angered, enraged and now I question if I should vote for Obama. I am messed up over this circus in front of White folks who pulled the oldest trick in the book – “Divide and Conquer”! African Americans with power in the media should have resisted playing into this as well. Come on, help me out here.

  • HUGgy bear, GOD’s Leading Lady


    I heard you saying that Brother Jeremiah Wright crossed the line. What line, and who established such a line? This is a warfare between T-R-U-T-H and ERROR.

    Error has been on ‘stage’ for generations. It is TIME for T-R-U-T-H to get on the ‘stage’ and you are saying, TRUTH has crossed the line; stay in the closet. May the GOOD Lord have mercy upon you.

    Before any Black Bible-Bound Preacher quote any scripture to Brother Jeremiah Wright or Brother Louis Farrakhan again, let that preacher first obey his/her Bible that they call their supreme authority, by returning to his/her slave master; he/she has no business trying to occupy Pharoah’s seat. Let the whole christian body return to The CATHOLIC CHURCH and submit to The Pope! Then they can quote from Genesis to Revelation to themselves.

    GOD ALMIGHTY will get “The POOR” out from under the bridges. Their GOVERNMENT will not be upon the shoulders of Obama, Clinton, or McCain.


  • Concerned Voter

    I have been trying to get in contact with a prominent CNN democratic strategist to confirm this. I hope that Roland will be able to talk to Andrea Mitchell and confirm that she actually said this.
    On April 21, 2008, I heard Andrea Mitchell report that Bill Clinton got irate with an interviewer when he was asked about his racist comments comparing Obama’s win in SC to Jesse Jackson. Andrea Mitchell said that Clinton denied he even made those comments and later, when he though the mic was off, he said that he hoped that this comments didn’t get him in too much trouble with the “NIGGERS!” I almost fell out of my seat when I heard it.
    This is not a rumor that someone told me. This is something that I heard on either CNN or MSNBC on April 21, 2008. I can’t remember which channel it was because I often switch back and forth. I do know that Andea Mitchell reported it and I know that it occured sometime between 12 and 2 PM.
    Roland, please ask Andrea about this. I have tried to obtain the transcripts from CNN that date, but have been unsuccessful so far. I have emailed Andrea Mitchell, but I haven’t received a response. I have searched for hours on the internet for some verification of this, but I was unable to find anything.
    I am shocked that this was reported for all of 5 minutes, and then I have not heard anything about since! I am starting to wonder if I am crazy. Please, please, please verify this story and let the voters across American learn about this story. All of the blacks who continue to support the Clintons, should know how they really feel inside.
    Also, I find it strange that Bill Clinton’s racist postcard has not been mentioned throughout this process. The media focuses so much on Michelle Obama’s comments, but no one has even talked about the post card that Bill Clinton sent his grandma. I have included the link for people to see. Please respond! Thanks!

  • Lydia

    …I’m going to say the same thing to you, Roland Martin and your staff, that I said to Anderson Cooper and his staff. My comments are “awaiting moderation,” and have been “awaiting moderation,” since April 28th because you don’t like it when an Afro-American has conservative views! Just like I asked Anderson Cooper and his staff to do, I am asking you to do, give us conservative Afro-Americans our voice, too! You also do not show to be as diverse as you claim to be!

  • Ron

    EVERY BODY,,,,



  • Barbara

    BuffDaddi – your comments are right on. Some of us are so accustomed to putting on the mask everyday, in order to continue to enjoy our lifestyles, that we sometimes forget who we really are, let alone the other black folks in the same position as we are.

  • Surafel Melakku

    You know most people in high power are extreme’s in pro/cons; there is no middle ground. My point is J. Wright was right, die on, when he talk about US foreign policy, drug, race, and 9/11 “terror”. But he took it far, so far, when he talk about HIV and such.

    Let’s see our self as an Iraq citizen, Afghanistan citizen, Somalia citizen with pride and privilege of race, faith, religion and such. What do you think of American when they come in and out to bomb the city whenever they want too? You hate them, you think of them as enemies, as terrorist, right? That is the message that I get from J. Wright speech on 9/11 and foreign policy, and he is die on.

    Race! I don’t understand why it is a bad thing to talk about race. We should not be shy, ashamed, and scared to talk about race. We should be open-mind and have respect to one-another, unlike J. Wright blunt talk which offend not only white American but also black Americans too. J. Wright is naïve, he is still living in the ‘60s.

    The real questions now should be the church and its leaders. Politics should not be a subject for any church or pastor to talk about or take side or be a part of. I go to church to learn and lessen God word. Once again he is wrong.

    One last thing though, I admire him for what he did, he open up a lot of issue and raise eyebrow to discuss and face reality. It takes a lot of guts and effort to say and still stand up to defend himself.

  • Daniel

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  • Dave

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  • touch

    watch how quick white people accept Hagee speaking, they won’t go and nit pick this and make a mockery out of it the way they did the Rev,. Wright…..

    now people will get a chance to see how biased and full of BS, that whites are… now they will accept this and then applaud him for speaking, and not turn and make a label attachment to McCaine.

    now the truth of this nations bias will be put forfront and the double standards of how they deal with stuff.

  • Daniel

    I couldn’t understand some parts of this article Re-visiting Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons, but I guess I just need to check some more resources regarding this, because it sounds interesting.

  • Dave

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  • jack

    now people will get a chance to see how biased and full of BS, that whites are… now they will accept this and then applaud him for speaking, and not turn and make a label attachment to McCaine.
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  • Thomas Leachman

    Roland I sitting here wondering what the so calles exports have to say now about Jimmy carters talk on raicesiem in america after what happened here in liuisiana the other day . It is almost unbelievable that these so call educated specilest think that racesiem in this country is dead deing yes but not dead. and I say goodridence when it dies.

  • Thomas Leachman

    Roland as for rev,wright he didn`t say anything that wasent true he just picked the wrong time too say it. One of my white friends asked me if black people realy think like that my response was no we don`t think like that we know that. but a lot of us are trying to get over it and leave it in the past and move on , but the man didnt lie

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  • Politics Rick Perry: Obama Birth Certificate ‘A Good Issue To Keep Alive’

    Rick Perry: Obama Birth Certificate ‘A Good Issue To Keep Alive’

    Source: Luke Johnson / The Huffington Post Texas Gov. Rick Perry said the birther issue was worth “keeping alive” in a CNBC interview Tuesday morning. “It’s a good issue to keep alive. It’s fun to poke at him,” said Perry, according to host John Harwood. Perry also spoke evasively about President Barack Obama’s birth certificate in an interview with Parademagazine published over the weekend. When asked if he believed the president was born in the United States, he said, “I have no reason to think [...]

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  • Video What Did You Think Of The GOP Debate? (VIDEO)

    What Did You Think Of The GOP Debate? (VIDEO)

    CNN’s T.J. Holmes caught up with some folks just after the Las Vegas GOP debate ended. WATCH: Sphere: Related Content

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  • Video Poverty Rises For Blacks In Omaha (VIDEO)

    Poverty Rises For Blacks In Omaha (VIDEO)

    CNN’s Thelma Gutierrez reports on the disproportionate rate of poverty among African-Americans in Omaha, Nebraska. WATCH: Sphere: Related Content

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